Recently in the United States on the other side of the ocean, an avant-garde artist, in five major cities in the United States, including New York, San Francisco, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Seattle’s bustling commercial streets, simultaneously held a grand public exhibition of President Trump’s nude sculptures. A funny name was called "The Emperor Has No Eggs". As a result, this move attracted countless people watching, cheering, and taking photos.

As a person who has traveled to more than XNUMX countries, I just want to say, I can only say that the American society is open enough and quite tolerant. This is quite different from our China. You can see that our comic dialogue and sketch actors are all eloquent on TV, but if you lend them XNUMX courage, they dare not laugh at the leaders, but satirize the powerless and powerless bottom.

In this regard, as a comparison, although American society is tolerant on the surface, American tolerance is humanistic. In their media, you never see people who laugh at people with physical defects, never take this as a laughingstock, demonize them, such as stuttering, dumb, and disabled legs, and never laugh. This is very different from our media.

In the American media, you can’t joke about women and children, you can’t joke about the bottom group, you can’t joke about the disabled, you can’t joke about fat people. In short, it is safe for you to only scold the president. Scolding the US government will not cause trouble. So American talk shows often make fun of the US president and the US government, because the president and the government are used for supervision.

The woman in the picture above points to her nose and scolds Obama.

This woman is Jane Brewer, Governor of Arizona.

Why scold the president?

Because this female governor wrote a book, the book writes American President Obama quite poorly. For this reason, Obama was very embarrassed and wanted to do work for her, but the woman suddenly became angry and pointed to President Obama’s nose sharply and said: "Mr. President, are you teaching me? Who do you think you are? , Do you have this qualification?"

Here is a topic:

As a country, why can the United States lead the world?

Its source of strength mainly comes from freedom, innovation and patriotism from the heart. These are not slogans, but actual actions.

Americans have a characteristic that has been so since the founding of the nation:The people are vigilant about their government every day.A popular TV drama in China is called "House of Cards", which was filmed by the Americans. This TV series mainly talks about the ugly political-business relations in the U.S. House of Representatives; but the TV series also has another subtext, that is, our political system has problems, but our people have democracy and freedom, and the government is supervising the government and the government can accept criticism.

A country is like a person, every cell is a part of the body, and every person is a part of the country. To have a healthy physique, a person must be checked frequently; if a problem occurs, cover it up and hide it to prevent others from pointing it out. Sooner or later, the disease will spread throughout the body. In the end, it is everyone who is unlucky. Therefore, Americans have accepted this point of view from the bottom of their hearts: true patriotism is blame or even severe criticism.

A number of institutional surveys have shown that although Americans pick the government’s faults every day, they are patriotic in their hearts and identify with the United States in their hearts.

In the United States, creativity is amazing. Many articles have analyzed the reasons, but the fundamental reason is the freedom of speech and the freedom of fault tolerance; even if you are wrong, you must protect your freedom of speech.

At the same time, the American society as a whole is more tolerant of bizarre theories and seemingly absurd ideas, but correspondingly, a few people are not allowed to influence the thinking of the entire society. Many analytical articles believe that this is the basic reason for the success and prosperity of the United States.

In life, American society has given me more choices, more responsibilities, and more confidence.Those Asian upstarts who came to the United States for the first time soon realized that they didn't have the envious eyes around them, and they couldn't help feeling disappointed. So they distributed business cards with various titles at any time, and it didn’t work. So, they spent a lot of money and bought the famous Huawu car... The annoying thing is that the Yankees who lived in the small room and drove the car still stayed still, no Ken admires the boss who passes by in a Mercedes.
In the United States, the appeal of high salaries, Chinese houses, and famous cars is not as big as in the newly rich countries.Is there anything in this world that is more tempting than our own? of course not. Many Americans, as rough workers, are contented. When you enter and exit the luxury hotel, the boy who asks you for the car is neither humble nor overbearing, polite and thoughtful, you will feel his confidence.He may not envy the path that you and I choose.

Thousands of Americans have chosen their careers according to their actual conditions, have chosen all aspects of life, and have also lived out their confidence. As a result, the nobles who live in their own country lose their arrogance when they arrive in the United States.

An Asian official visiting the United States said:"When I was in China, people nodded and bowed when they saw me, but in the United States, even those who pick up the tatters have their waists straight."

Yes, when an individual cannot be prestigious, the whole nation can be prestigious.
In this land that advocates free breathing, when you and I understand and respect the choices of others, you will not use Mercedes-Benz to make an old car that has passed the market ashamed, and use a Chinese house to make an uncontested neighbor short of breath .

In this life, what are you pursuing? name? Lee? right? Potential? Will anyone bow to you when you catch it? A group of people bows to you, and you bow to another group of people, what are you after?

He will never lift his head up all his life. Such a life is without construction, meaning and dignity. Only by living with self-confidence can life be colorful, otherwise it will be pale.

Tell an old joke from the former Soviet Union:

Someone wants to immigrate to the United States. An official from the former Soviet Union Immigration Service asked this person:

——Are you dissatisfied with this country now?

--very satisfied.

——Are you dissatisfied with the leadership here?

——Also very satisfied.

——Then what are you dissatisfied with here?

——I am satisfied with everything.

——Since you are satisfied with everything, why emigrate?

This person who wants to immigrate to the United States said:Because you can say "not satisfied" there.