For all Chinese studying abroad, wandering outside is the most worrying for domestic parents.

Is its own safety problem;

However, this world is not always as beautiful as we think!

On the night of last Saturday (March 3),

A piece of news about Chinese students being kidnapped,

Immediately screened the Chinese Moments of Friends and major social platforms!

According to the police, the Chinese student was named Wanzhen Lu (Wanzhen Lu).

A 22-year-old Chinese student studying in Canada.

At around 3 pm on March 23, when Lu was in the underground garage of the apartment building he lived in, he was about to go home on the elevator with his female friend.

Suddenly from inside a black van,

Rush out three masked kidnappers!

After the three people got out of the car, holding stun guns, they rushed straight towards Lu.

From the monitoring screen of the parking lot, it can be seen that the three kidnappers locked Lu's body with their elbows.

During the period, stun guns were used many times,

Electric shock Lu.

Although the victim resisted fiercely at the time, unfortunately he still failed to escape the kidnapper's control.

In the end, the kidnapper threw the unconscious Lu into a black minivan,

He drove away and quickly fled the scene.

When tied up, Lu was wearing a black hoodie, black jeans, and white running shoes. He has short black hair and black-rimmed glasses~

据了解,陆某所住的公寓,位于多伦多万锦市中心Hwy 7& Warden东南角Water Walk Drive 15号,

From the surveillance video of the parking lot, it was discovered that the kidnapper’s black Caravan had passed somehow before the incident.

Enter the underground garage of the apartment,

And waited for Lu to appear in the garage;

Moreover, the police paid special attention to the fact that the car the kidnapper was driving was from Caravan 2008-2010.

没有前车牌,后车牌显示的车牌号为 CEAR350,

It was confirmed that the license plate was a stolen license plate.

In addition, through the monitoring screen, you can see that on the window of this car,

Affixed with a "disabled vehicle" logo,

It is hoped that this logo can provide more useful clues for police investigations.

According to clues provided by the Toronto police, the kidnappers were actually four men. In addition to the three kidnappings, one was responsible for driving.

Afterwards, the police determined the appearance and characteristics of the three kidnapping suspects through monitoring pictures:

The kidnapper on the far left was wearing a black and white jacket, blue pants and black Nike sneakers:

The second kidnapper, dark skinned, wearing a black Canada Goose jacket:

Another kidnapper, dark skin, black shirt, dark blue jeans, black shoes.

The other driver was wearing a yellow-green shirt.

It can be seen from the kidnapper’s deliberately covering his face that this kidnapping case,

It may be a long-planned!

And one of the kidnappers also had a taser (stun gun).

This morning, the Toronto police have already dealt with this matter,

Notify the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto.

The Chinese Consulate General in Toronto has also initiated emergency response and related consular protection work in the first place.

At the same time, police officer Andy Pattenden said that at the time of the incident, the female friend who walked to the elevator with the victim witnessed the whole process.


The girl was not harmed;

And she immediately contacted the apartment security and called the police.

At the same time, the police also appeal to the general public if they see any Dodge seven-seater SUV with a "disabled vehicle" logo,

Please call York Police:


Contact the police immediately.

If you find a suspicious person or suspected suspect, do not act rashly.

Call now911 call.

More than 24 hours have passed since Lu was abducted.

Regarding the kidnapper’s motives, the police are still fully investigating.

Here, I hope that Lu can be found as soon as possible.

Hope he is safe!

At the same time, the editor also hopes to use this matter to remind all Chinese friends studying abroad,

When going out, remember to "safety first"!

Because in recent years, Chinese students have frequently encountered various misfortunes overseas,

There have even been several young girls in bloom and youngsters of patterns, leaving us!

German female student was kidnapped and raped

2016 year 5 month 11 day,

Li Yangjie, an architecture student studying in Germany, went missing after a night run.

The police on the 13th,

After a mobile toilet not far from his residence,

Found Li Yangjie’s body,

The autopsy report released by the police showed:

Li Yangjie suffered a sexual assault during his lifetime,

The cause of death was a violent blow to the head!

The police found the suspect’s DNA in Li Yangjie’s body.

After the news was released by the media,

The murderer Sebastian surrendered to the police station on the 23rd.

In search of excitement, he and his girlfriend lured the kind-hearted Yangjie into the abandoned house.

Beat it brutally!

Including beating! rape! Torture!

The tragic behavior lasted for more than an hour,

Then he dragged the dying Li Yangjie to a tree outside,

The two left the scene!

And because the two suspects are both under 21 years old,

According to local laws,

The maximum sentence is probably only 15 years!

Chinese students show off their wealth and were torn apart

In September 2015, a rich second-generation Chinese student was kidnapped and ripped off in North Vancouver.

One of the suspects involved was Zhang Tianyi, a Chinese resident of Richmond, Vancouver.

This tragedy, rumored to be caused by showing off wealth, caused a sensation in the entire Canadian Chinese community.

According to a previous supercar club member who gathered for the second generation of rich Chinese descent,

The cause of the case was a Chinese student attending a party with a friend accused of acting arrogantly.

The friend annoyed the local Peranakan "dao brothers" and was beaten.

Then this student was taken away in the middle of the night.

Afterwards, "the world evaporated" bizarrely.

According to some media reports, this rich second-generation overseas student from China is named Sun Peng, 22 years old when the case occurred.

Attend a large party with another Chinese friend who drives a McLaren supercar with more than 20 Canadian dollars.

The McLaren supercar is very valuable. The picture shows one of the sports cars on the McLaren website.

However, because this friend who drove a supercar was accused of being arrogant, he offended a group of local Chinese "Road brothers" on the spot.

As a result, the friend was beaten severely at the party, and the McLaren supercar he was driving was also damaged, and the car doors were removed.

A few days later, Sun Peng went to North Vancouver alone to attend a dinner, and was subsequently kidnapped by several people.

In the early morning of September 2015, 9, the police found the body of a man in a luxury car on a quiet street in the North Wenlin Valley area and arrested four men at the scene.

It was later confirmed that the deceased was Sun Peng.

After the kidnappers took the hostages, they demanded a ransom of 20 Canadian dollars, but after receiving the ransom, they thought it was "not enough" and the hostages were killed when they fled.

The police said at the time that Sun Peng's body was found in a white Bentley or other vehicles on the scene. A white Bentley, a black BMW XNUMXWD and another Chevrolet were towed away by the police.

这一案件中的4名被告全部来自列治文市,包括华裔疑犯张天一、当年21岁的希斯科、20岁的Dyllan Green及18岁的Jacob Gorelik等4人。

The police have not disclosed details, including the details of the case such as whether the deceased and the defendant knew each other.

Show off wealth, Chinese students kidnapped by friends

The 18-year-old Wu Lishui studied at a business school in London. He made some friends who were engaged in the Chinese food industry in London, but these friends were "not enough friends."

As early as November 2009, this group of people conspired to kidnap the wealthy son Wu Lishui for extortion.

They rented a house in Huddersfield as a "base" for this kidnapping operation.

In addition, according to police investigations, the gang had already bought wires, screwdrivers, nylon gloves and other crime tools in the supermarket.

But Wu Lishui was still in the dark.

On January 1 this year, Wu Lishui, who wanted to buy real estate investment in the UK, went north to West Yorkshire to "see the house" at the invitation of this group of friends.

He and two of them, 26-year-old Guo Tingfu and Xue Qun, ate together in the last building of a row house on Manor Street in Newsome District.

After the meal, Wu Jing couldn't help "persuade" and smoked the marijuana that the kidnapper had already prepared.

After that, he fell asleep. When his friend Xue Qun turned on the light in the room, Wu Cai woke up.

He saw a sharp knife pointed at himself,

At this time, he was lying on the bed, his hands and feet were tied up with five flowers, his mouth and ears were stuffed with cotton and toilet paper, and his head was also entangled with "unknown things".

Two friends threatened him:

"If I make a noise, I will kill you."

After that, the two dragged Wu Lishui to the attic and tied it to a chair. Guo Tingfu and Xue Qun told Wu Lishui that they owed a large debt for gambling, and now they need some money to "fight the fire."

The two also took turns to torture the Wu family’s income and property. After bargaining for a while,

The ransom was set at 200 million US dollars.

Then the two pointed at Wu Lishui with a knife and forced him to call his mother, saying that he had been kidnapped and asked for money to redeem his life.

The next day, the kidnappers bought Chinese takeaway food for him to eat, and moved him from a chair to a bed, while the others laid mattresses and slept on the floor of the same room.

This situation continued until the early morning of the fifth day, when a group of heavily armed British police smashed open the door and rescued Wu Lishui.

When asked about the kidnapper’s motives, the kidnapper said that Wu Lishui "childishly showed off his wealth."

Not only was he wearing a brand name bought from Harriods, but his wallet was filled with 50 pound notes.

Wu's parents operated shipping domestically. According to the information provided by the court, his family's total assets were about XNUMX million pounds.

Wu's expenses for studying in the UK were all supported by his family. In addition to the rent, he also gave a pocket allowance of XNUMX pounds.

According to the explanation, many Chinese students from superior backgrounds lived in the UK "chillly" and squandered money, giving other ethnic communities and locals the impression that "Chinese are very rich".

As a result, hidden safety hazards have been planted, and some students have weak security awareness, making them easy targets for criminals.

Wu Lishui from a wealthy family also taught local students an important lesson: don't expose money and make friends with caution.

Deliberately rear-end a rich Chinese girl and kidnap

Another incident occurred in Toronto last year when a Chinese female student was deliberately rear-ended and kidnapped.

The victim was 26 years old. According to the police, the victim in this case was a wealthy Chinese female student.

In the early morning of December 12, when the woman was driving a luxury four-wheel drive vehicle through a certain intersection, she was hit by a dark Volvo S-15 from behind.

When the woman got out of the car to check the damage to the car,

He was swarmed by three or four men.

The kidnapping was stuffed into the Volvo car.

According to the local police, this type of modus operandi has rarely been encountered before. The victim should have been targeted by the culprits and deliberately caused a rear-end collision to prompt the woman to get out of the car and then kidnap her.

Police advice: If you live overseas, especially a girl, drive alone in the middle of the night, do not get out of the car lightly.

The police officer also pointed out that some students are from wealthy families and are not hesitating to buy luxury cars and brand-name clothing, but they are likely to be targeted by bad guys.

Seeing what happened to these overseas Chinese students, we, as Chinese, are deeply saddened by this.

But both are international students,

We should learn how to protect ourselves!

No matter what happens alone,

Life safety should always come first!

We need to know that there are still parents and relatives who worry about us at home, but we only have awe and respect for our lives.

To have a better life!

Finally, the editor hopes that Lu can be recovered safely.

I also hope that such things will not happen again!