Going home late

Something happened at Sydney Airport today!Around 11:40 noon,

The entire Sydney Airport is grounded!

As it involves dozens of international and domestic routes, the entire Australian transportation network has


The Australian media was also shocked by the incident:No plane can fly in and out!

It is reported that the cause of the paralysis of the entire Sydney Airport is:The control tower suddenly smoked.

A battery in the control tower failed, started to smoke, and triggered a smoke alarm.

After the incident, The entire control tower is closed,20 staff members were asked to evacuate.

Due to the unmanned control of the control tower, all aircraft that should take off and land at Sydney Airport have been affected. Except for a few planes that have arrived over the airport, they were able to land,No plane can take off or land at Sydney Airport.


By the time Xiaowei’s press release, firefighters had arrived at Sydney Airport to start fire fighting.

Many passengers tweeted that their flights have been postponed.

At present, there are still some planes hovering over Sydney Airport.

At 12:37, AirservicesAustralia said: Firefighters have approved the control tower staff to return to work. Within 10 minutes, the control tower will resume operation.

The delayed flight will depart from Sydney Airport in the afternoon at the earliest. Passengers please stay calm.

Xiaowei hopes everyone can reach their destination as soon as possible.

Source: 9 News, the Guardian, ABC News

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