Summary:The massacre under Christchurch.

The massacre under Christchurch.

I once read a legend about Christchurch, New Zealand,

It’s said that a long time ago, evil spirits were so high here, and there were often spiritual incidents. A pastor discovered this secret. It turned out that this place isIn the gap of hell, ghosts escape. In order to suppress this gap, people built a cathedral here, sealed the gap with the divine power of the Lord, and named it:Christchurch

Since then, Christchurch has become a symbol of peace and tranquility, with lush vegetation and blooming flowers, and has been called by countless people"The Garden City. "

However, at 2019:3 pm on March 15, 1, Christchurch, because of a few demons,Become hell again.


The worst shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand

Not long before the shooting, a white man calling himself Brenton Tarrant typed a line on the live broadcast website:

"Let the party begin."

No one knew what the party he was referring to, untilMore than 50 soundsThe gunshot sounded over the two mosques in Christchurch and the Christchurch Hospital at the same time.

The flustered people realized that

Where is this ordinary party,

It's a gameSlaughter feast

The first shooting occurred at Al Noor Mosque

At the time of the shooting in Masjid Al Noor,There were more than 300 people at the Hagley Park nearby for afternoon prayers, including children!

And the Bangladesh cricket team members who are on tour in New Zealand are also praying

Witness Ahmad Al-Mahmoud described:

At least one gunman walked into the Al Noor Mosque at 1:1 pm and shot.

One of the shooters is the white man who calls himself Brenton Tarrant. He is armed with a helmet and bulletproof vest!

At the same time, the assault process was carried out onlinePresentLive broadcast :

(Drive a gun)

(Shoot with a gun)

And the other man who had escaped from the temple nearly roared and howled:

"I saw my wife was dead, she just lay on the sidewalk like that,"

It can be seen from the video that the gunman was extremely cruel, not only did not let the children let go, but also made up for the people who had fallen on the ground.

Scene photos:

After the incident, more than 20 armed police arrived at the scene of the Masjid Al Noor shooting. About four to five men were taken away with their hands behind their heads.

The second shooting occurred at the mosque in Linwood

At 2:31 pm, there was also a shooting at Linwood Masjid.

However, according to the Herald, a Muslim prayer then fired back with a rifle or shotgun.

A witness at the scene of the Linwood Masjid mosque shooting said:

At that time, a man wearing a helmet and glasses wearing a military jacket entered the Linwood Masjid mosque and strafed the crowd.

And then

There are more than 110 people present!

A famous local Muslim believer rushed out to chase the gunman and fired two shots at the gunman as they drove away.

He told the police that the gunman was driving a silver Subaru.

"All of us are running around, seeking cover."

"Some people had to break the glass and ran out. After a while, they ran back with all their blood. This is a disaster!"

"The police came in 5 minutes before we were saved."

"Everyone experienced a nightmare for 5 minutes!"

Mark Nichols, manager of Linwood Premium Tyres and Auto, said he saw gunmen running past his shop.

He heard 5 gunshots in the direction of Linwood Mosque.

Then I saw the two wounded being carried by on a stretcher, and both seemed to be alive.

"I saw a man running on the road with a gun. He has been shooting, probably five shots. This may be a shotgun. Apparently someone in the mosque was shot and a policeman was shot."

Later, outside the Christchurch Hospital, it was reported thatThe third shooting. There is also news thatCar bomb

After the shooting,According to witnesses:

"There are still many children present,

They actually shot the children! "

"A lot of people are lying on the ground,

There are corpses before my eyes! "

"The scene of blood flowing in a river is terrible!"

As of press time,At least 30 people have died,

More than 50 casualties,Including underage children...

According to news, at least 9 gunmen acted at multiple locations in this shooting.

The police confirmed that

Four men and one woman have been arrested.

At the same time, more suspects are being searched.

This shooting,

Since New Zealand became independent in 1962,

The most people involved,

The most casualties,

The worst impact shooting.


Prime Minister of New Zealand: "Today is the darkest day in New Zealand's history"

The Chinese Embassy and Trump immediately expressed their views.

After the incident,New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern cancelled his trip this afternoon.

And delivered a national speech.

She said: "It is currently impossible to confirm how many casualties there are, but there is no doubt that this is a very serious incident!

Some injured citizens may be immigrants or refugees. They chose New Zealand and thought it was a safe place. However, they did not expect to encounter such a terrible incident. We deeply regret them and their families. I will be there as soon as possible.

"This will be the history of New Zealand

One of the darkest days! "

After the incident, the Chinese Consulate General in Christchurch solemnly reminded Chinese citizens in ChristchurchPay attention to safety, stay away from the incident, avoid going to crowded places, try to stay at home or stay indoors and do not go out.

There have been no reports of casualties of Chinese citizens.

In case of suspicious circumstances, report to the local police station at 111.

Not long after the embassy issued the reminder, U.S. President Trump reposted news about the Christchurch gun case on Twitter:

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison also sent a message to express his condolences.

The Islamic Center in Avondale, Central Auckland, announced the cancellation of all activities tonight.

All 25 mosques in Auckland have also been closed.

Air New Zealand provides flexible arrangements for customers booking to or departing from Christchurch.

If the customer needs to make changes to the travel booked today, the airline will waive any change fees and fare differences.


One of the gunmen is Australian,

Suspected of targeting all non-whites.

According to the media, one of the gunmen is believed to be Australian and he wrote an 87-page combat statement and plan.

The suspect’s 37-page statement stated that “this is a terrorist attack”.

It is reported thatThe gunman wrote on the magazine: "Here's your migration compact!" (This is your immigration treaty)

The gunman wrote the name of the gunman in the terrorist attacks in Canada and other countries on the magazine as a "tribute."

In addition, there are also social media accounts of suspected gunmen that appearPhotos of vehicles, guns and weapons and ammunition.

What’s more frightening is that the gun was carried,The shooting was aimed at all non-European ethnic groups.


Guide to life-saving in the event of a shooting

At the time of the shooting, the United States announced three guidelines:RUN.HIDE.FIGHT (flee, hide, fight).


The first is to escape. When encountering a gunman, the first reaction is to escape as much as possible without hesitation. Choose a route to avoid blindly following the crowd. When you encounter stairs, storage rooms, and exits, stop and observe to make sure you can pass quickly.

Be active in thinking. The door is not the only way out. If necessary, break the window and smash it by aiming at the corner of the window. If the ceiling falls down, see if you can find a hiding place or escape to another room. look down. If you are trapped on the second floor, see if there is sand around you, and you can jump straight down.

If the floor is higher, choose this method carefully. Keep quiet and calm. Try not to attract the attention of gunmen. Remember that the two ends of the stairs are relatively quiet. When passing the window, be sure to bend forward.


The second is hiding. If you cannot leave the scene immediately, try to delay as much as possible to plan how to escape and wait for police rescue.

If it is not in a public place but in a closed space, lock the door immediately.

While locking the door, use a chair or table to hold it against the door. Under normal circumstances, the gunman will not forcibly enter a room that cannot be opened.

Turn off the lights to avoid making sounds. Call the police in time to inform all the specific details of the location of the crime and the clothes of the gunman. The idea is to block the window to ensure that the hiding place cannot be seen outside the window. Don't choose plastic furniture, choose solid wood furniture or metal shelter as much as possible.


Rebel against the worst option. Unless you are facing a gunman head-on or are in danger of life, don't choose this path lightly.

Once you choose to resist, you must take advantage of the gunmen's unpreparedness and strike quickly. In addition, it can create chaos. Throwing things at the gunman, whatever he caught, while constantly moving. Movement will prevent the gunner from aiming. Make noise to distract the gunman. If there are a large number of people, a few people flock to it.

In the case of a large number of people, when the gunman comes in, try to snatch the gunman's gun as much as possible and overwhelm the gunman. Attack. If there is no other way, find weapons as much as possible to attack.

Remember these three:


This is the darkest day in New Zealand history

May the dead rest in peace

I hope the injured people will be safe

God bless New Zealand!