Husband, the water is about to boil, help pour the flour!

and many more! Pour flour next to the gas stove, you will die!

You might say, stop teasing, how can flour explode? It's not a joke. On August 8, a dust explosion occurred during a "color party" held at a water park in Taiwan, killing 27 people and injuring more than 10 people. The source of the explosion was flour.

Today, I will reveal the mystery of the dust explosion.


What happens when you turn on the fire while pouring the flour?

When the raised flour meets a flame, the flame instantly rises. The investigator replaced the flour with starch and coffee powder, and the results were the same.

The experiment proved: When we are turning on the gas stove, don't sprinkle flour!


If it is in a confined space, the situation will be even worse. The crisis investigator poured flour in an acrylic box.

The flour was blown up with a blower, and the electronic lighter was turned on by remote control. As a result, the acrylic box exploded instantly.

Experiments show that when the flour particles reach a certain concentration, an explosion will occur even if they encounter a trace of open flame.


There is no insurance outdoors, just look at the following experiment.

First, the crisis investigator sprinkled colored flour on the ground.

Then, turn on the industrial fan to diffuse the colored corn flour throughout the experiment site and turn on the electronic ignition device.

Experiments have proved that even outdoors, when flour particles reach a certain concentration, they will explode when exposed to an open flame.

Friends who have watched the TV series "The Pretender" should remember the fragment of the Fried Flour Factory, right? In order to destroy the evidence, Ah Cheng blew up the flour mill. However, he didn't use explosives and gasoline. He just scratched a few bags of flour and spilled the flour into the air.

Then throw the lit lighter into the flour.

Bang! The flour mill exploded!

This segment uses the principle of "dust explosion".

  • What is a dust explosion?

The dust suspended in the air reaches a certain concentration to form an explosive mixture, which causes rapid combustion or even explosion when encountering a fire source. The chemical reaction of dust explosion is extremely fast and has strong destructive power.

  • Why does dust explode?

Dust explosion is similar to gasoline explosion. Gasoline is a gas molecule that volatilizes into the air and explodes when it reaches a certain concentration when it encounters an open flame. Dust explosion is a very fine dust particle that diffuses into the air. When it accumulates to a certain concentration, it will explode in fire like gasoline.

In addition, in the kitchen where there is an open flame, you can neither sprinkle flour nor spray pesticides!

A housewife was cooking in the kitchen and found a few cockroaches by the sink. She grabbed a bottle of insecticide and sprayed it at the cockroach. When the cockroach ran under the gas stove, she turned the insecticide nozzle on The burning gas stove was sprayed, and as a result, there was an accidental explosion. The kitchen was quickly hit by a fire. Soon the poor housewife caught fire all over her body. The burn rate reached XNUMX percent. She died of heart and lung failure when she was sent to the hospital.

The burnt kitchen has changed beyond recognition

This living example tells us that we must know the common sense, please remember:When there is an open gas flame in the kitchen, never use any pesticides!

We have to understand: insecticide sprays have highly volatile and flammable solvents. The sprayed particles spread extremely quickly, and only a small spark will ignite this explosive mixture in oxygen-containing air. Common mistakes can occur in any family.

Hurry up and tell those around us about this knowledge, and don't let tragedies happen again around us!