-Here every day, meet life, meet art-

Guan Zi life is ordinary and ordinary, but art has taught me to discover truth, goodness and beauty in life. In life, there is no perfection, but in the perspective of art, pure beauty can always be found.

It is always said that art comes from life and is higher than life, but if you do not love life first, then whether it is to appreciate art or artistic creation, it is always empty or boring. Therefore, I pay more attention to life and pay more attention to the details of life.

Therefore, I also have my own attitude towards life: Jian Jing. Simple and quiet is a wonderful attitude to life, simple and quiet, abandoning complicated etiquette, natural and comfortable, free to come and go, and no dispute with the world. But nowadays some "arts" (the reason why I call them "arts" is entirely out of a gentleman), is destroying the simplicity of the human soul. Those who pursue fame and fortune and create complex "arts" are really resenting. However, how can this prevent us from pursuing perfect art!

Master Hongyi said: For art, kung fu is beyond the pen and ink. Art and cultivation of mind are sometimes more important than cultivation of skills. Only a noble soul can appreciate and create noble art. Since being with art, he is doomed to practice for a lifetime.

From birth to death, from ancient times to the present, human beings have never stopped the excavation of art, and art has never stopped making up for the human soul. She freed the human soul from vulgarity and barbarism. She gave the human soul a place of sustenance and habitation, becoming noble and elegant.

When you devote yourself to art, there is nothing but nothing. In the realm of nothingness, look for the appearance of the soul. In the state of selflessness, we find pure and authentic beauty. I just wish to be with art every day, so that my soul will become more and more beautiful and noble!

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Author: New elderly Source: New elderly (ID: xinlaoren)

Love in the world is for the purpose of gathering, but the love of parents for their children is for separation.

My child, time flies so fast. In a blink of an eye, I am into old age, and you are about to leave and start your wonderful life. So, there are some things I have to tell you earlier.

We always hope that life is happy and beautiful, but there are always some things that we have to face.

Like what I’m going to say to you below, maybe you don’t like to listen, but we all have to face it bravely, don’t we?


My child, now that you have grown up and become independent, you will be responsible for whatever you do in the future.

The sign of a person's maturity is to begin to know how to be responsible for his life. You should understand what you like, what you want, and what kind of life you want to live. Only by working hard in these directions can you be successful and live the life you like.

There may be something you don’t understand, you can ask me.

But I can only give you an opinion and will not make a decision for you.

You still have to make the final decision, because the final result is your responsibility, not me.


Child, I also hope to take care of you forever, but this is not realistic. So, when I'm not by your side, you have to take care of yourself.

Eat seriously every day, and do not sloppy three meals a day. Treat yourself better, start by eating better.

No matter how stressful your life is, you cannot work overtime for a long time and stay up late. It is very unwise to exchange life for money. The body is always the most important thing.

Child, you have to know that if a person is unable to take care of himself, then he has no way to take care of others;

If a person cannot be responsible to himself, how can he be trusted to be responsible to others?

There are too many people in this world who need us. The people we love, the people who love us, can only be responsible to them if we are responsible to ourselves.


My child, when you have your own small home, I will not move in to live with it, whether you invite it or not.

The education your generation received is very different from our generation, with different lifestyles and different perspectives. If two generations live together, there will inevitably be frictions and contradictions.

Although they are the closest relatives, don't live under the same roof. They have independent living spaces, but they can get along better.

Moreover, I am also reluctant to leave my hometown. Having lived here for decades, whether it is an old friend drinking tea and chatting, or familiar plants and trees, it is difficult to give up.

When I miss you, I will visit you and live for ten days and a half month;

If you are homesick, you are always welcome home.


My child, I am willing to spend money on my grandson, and I am willing to help take care of my grandson, but I do not want to take my grandson all the time.

My age is growing, and my body is overwhelming. Please understand and consider this point.

More importantly, raising children is your responsibility and your will, just as we raised you back then.

Your child needs you just as you need us when you were a kid.

I can only help you at critical times, not replace you.

There will definitely be hard work and exhaustion, but I believe you can be a good parent and cultivate excellent children.


Child, I will not ask you to support me for the rest of my life. Similarly, I will not support you for the rest of your life.

In the early years, I saved a little money for myself, which I used to provide for the elderly. At that time, I was thinking about relying on my own to provide for the elderly, so that I would not burden you in the future. Now, this idea can be considered part of the realization.

I will plan my later life and take care of myself, please rest assured.

And now, I have left my job and have no additional income.

Child, for the rest of your life, I won’t be able to support it.

Therefore, you have to cheer and strive to live a happy and happy life.

In this way, I can rest assured.


My child, the world is so big, we want to see it too.

I have been busy for decades in my life. Twenty years after retirement can be said to be a prime time that truly belongs to me.

I want to go out and see the world and appreciate more beautiful things.

The world is like a book, if you stay in only one place, it is equivalent to only turning one page.

In my lifetime, I don't want to miss it anymore.

If something is particularly good, I might choose to live.

But no matter what, I will pay attention to safety, you don't need to worry; including the cost of "residential", I will also bear it by myself, don't worry about this extra burden.


Child, if one day I fall, I beg you to treat my death that must come in a positive energy way.

No matter what serious illness I have, please choose the least treatment,

No major surgery, no life-sustaining tubes...

I hope to enter another world with ease and beauty.

When I close my eyes forever, don’t cry for me, rejoice for me! I finally finished this hard journey!

I am leaving, I will rest in peace, praying for you in heaven.


My child, there are still some things I want to tell you.

I won’t tell you these things, maybe others will never tell you so seriously.

  • Life is alive, nothing can buy health and happiness.

This is what my decades of life experience told me, and I hope you can understand this one day soon.

  • A healthy body is the capital of hard work.

In the days to come, we must strive to protect this "capital" and be able to spend more time with each other. Time is precious. Divide it to reliable people and things.

In a person's life, time is very limited. How you use your time, you will have what kind of life.

  • Friends don’t need too many, just sincere.

Sometimes, the larger the circle of friends, the easier it is to lose yourself. This limited life is only worth sharing with worthy people and things.

  • Life is short, so learn to cherish it.

Life is short, we must do it and cherish it. First of all, you have to cherish life. Instead of looking forward to longevity, it is better to enjoy it earlier.

  • Second, you must cherish fate.

There is only one fate for relatives. No matter how long I will get along with you in this life, you must cherish the time together. In the next life, whether we love or not, we will never see each other again.

This article is sincere, and I have a deep feeling after reading it!Not only does it speak out the voices of countless elderly people, but it also gives people a lot of inspiration, suitable for everyone to see!