This video is from the record of the "National Geographic Channel." There are some alarms and shouts in the middle, which are real recordings of the cockpit before the fall. This is how people reacted in the last ten minutes of life.

The impermanence of life does not change due to the level of a person's career achievements, and a person's most precious wealth is his life.

Many times, we always feel that Japan will be long.

There are still many people who are good, enthusiastic, cute, capable and strategizing in the workplace; they also take good care of their families, they are good daughters-in-law and good mothers, but they have less and less time for themselves.

There is no country in the world that regards "making money" as important as China, and no nation can contribute all of its life's income to a 70-year property right house.

Many friends around me often say, “They want to save money for another big house, then they want to change a good car, give birth to a healthy baby, wait for the child to become independent, and start to enjoy life when the deposit reaches 100 million!”

Respect their dreams and pay tribute to their dedication to the family, but who knows which one will come first, tomorrow or accident? If you do not grasp the present moment in time, the truth of one's life will pass quickly.

When life is suddenly drawn with a rest, will you regret and regret because it is too late to enjoy it?

Where is the time? We are all looking for it. The year is full of anxiety and waiting, but always helpless.

Going and coming, life continues, time is drifting, we still look for it.

If the Eastern Star did not sink,

If Malaysia Airlines can return safely,

If, those who left live.

Do they still "worry" because their career is not going well?

Will they still "distress" because of their emotional entanglement?

Will they still "depress" for gains and losses?

People always discover after losing:

Life is unpredictable...

You never know,

The choice at any moment will become the "eternal formula".

Those quarrels, complaints, suspicions, troubles

Is it that important?

You will know when you lose:

In the ordinary days with family and friends,

It was so short.

You will "feel":

Tolerance should have long been used to treat each other well;

You will "enlighten the Tao":

We argue, right or wrong, there is no point in it.

I just want to see your face,

I just want to hear your voice,

I just want to hold your hand,

I just want to hold you tightly in my arms...

Can we:

Do not wait until the time of loss, to know that I love each other deeply.

from now on,

Just love yourself and the people around you.

Although you are still very happy right now,

Only when lost,

You will perceive the value of possession.

There is a picture,

It was shocking to see:

After reading it, do you feel emotional, even tears in your eyes...

How much power do you have in your life? Have you calculated carefully?

How do you plan to use the remaining power in your life? Do you want to buy food, cook and clean every day, or go out to see the big world, or spend more time with your children and grandchildren?

  • The remaining power of life must be fully used

Make full use of this golden time to be able to control yourself to do things that you originally wanted to do but couldn't do. To fulfill those years of dreams, so as not to regret when lying in bed and unable to move.

  • Use the remaining power in your life happily

The greatest pursuit in life is happiness, and one must pursue happiness while alive. At our age, it means to live a day and enjoy a day; enjoy a day and earn a day.

  • The remaining power of life should be used beautifully

No matter how old you are or how ordinary you are, the love of beauty cannot disappear. Every day, I have to make myself beautiful, refreshed and welcome.

  • The remaining power of life should be used autonomously

Don't fantasize about how society treats you well, don't fantasize about how your children and grandchildren will be filial We can't put "happy old age" on our children, but we must arrange our own life in old age according to our own conditions and social reality.

  • The remaining power of life should be used healthily

Health is the biggest capital, and people can lack everything, but they cannot lack health. Who can rely on for one's health, think about and rely on yourself.

  • The remaining power of life should be used easily

When you are old, you can choose not to contribute to society, not to work for your children and grandchildren, not to earn money, or to save inheritance. When you are old, you should try to live a free and relaxed old age: travel around the mountains and rivers, rest forever, and fully enjoy your sunset life.