The love and killing of the Australian people and spiders...

On a quiet night, father finished humming a sleeping song to the child, and the child fell asleep quietly. Everything should have been well, and the hard work of the day should be ended.

As a result, this Australian dad suddenly discovered that

There was a big gray-black long-legged spider that quietly climbed onto his son’s pillow...

Seeing Xiaowei feels creepy.

But this father totally disagrees.

On the contrary, I was very happy and posted a post on Facebook,

An Ran said:

"With the protection of this pretty girl,

Don't worry about my baby being bitten by a disgusting bug. "

As soon as the post was published, netizens immediately attracted comments.

"There was one of this style in my house the night before. It was eating other spiders."

"The huntsman spider is very good."

"Burn it! Sacrifice the child if necessary."

"I also like hunter spiders, but don't show up in my house, thank you!"

"I also found out when I was washing clothes recently, and then led them out, lest my two-year-old want to play with them."

Netizens' comments make people laugh or cry, but what is the sacred "hunting spider" in their mouths?

It turns out that although Huntsman Spiders

It looks ugly, but has the ability of a hunter and is a good hand at catching mosquitoes.

It is the largest spider in the world,

He is also a good friend of Australians.

In the midsummer season, mosquitoes are very rampant in Australia, and people always sleep well at night. So they thought of a way:Ask the huntsman spider to help the night watch.

Hunter spiders are devoted to their duties and stay up all night. They can quickly extinguish mosquitoes and other insects in the dark, allowing their owners to sleep peacefully.

Therefore, Australians have a nickname for it:Guardian of the dream.

It’s no wonder that this Australian dad can post to Moments with peace of mind.

Praise this "pretty girl" and let it guard her baby from mosquito bites.

This giant huntsman spider is a relatively common species in Australia.

Especially in the midsummer season, all animals can't bear their temper and come out for a stroll.

The season for spiders in Australia is here!

No, an Australian driver staged a battle of wits with spiders.

Lachshmock posted on his imgur, saying that a giant huntsman spider was found in the car, larger than the palm of his hand, and it is estimated to have been dormant in the car for up to a week!

I don’t know what this big brother did,

Finally the giant spider was caught in the crack of the door.

Many netizens commented, let Lachshmock get a new car,

Never open the door even if you burn the car!

It turns out that although hunter spiders are mostly beneficial to humans,

ButIf you get a bite, although it is not fatal, it can still cause diseases such as headache and nausea.

The relationship between the Australian people and spiders,

Can be described as falling in love and killing each other!