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The immigration road is more difficult...

onThis morning, Australian media swiped the screen to report a piece of news that broke the hearts of all those who dream of immigrating to Australia: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed that

Reduce immigration share to16 million!

Although related news has also been reported before, the Prime Minister announced that this is the first time and it is sufficient to prove that the share of immigration is really going to change.

The estimated share of 16, and considering the actual distribution, the number of immigrants in Australia in the next financial year may only beAround 15Hovering.

Afterwards, the major news media all swept their screens frantically. This was a big event that could affect the future of Australia!


SBS News

In this official announcement, Morrison, in addition to announcing the reduction of the immigration share from 19 to 16, also specifically emphasized this sentence:

The government previously announced that the plan for immigrants to go to the mountains and the countryside will be implemented soon. The main purpose is to move new immigrants out of Sydney and Melbourne to remote areas.

At the same time, many international students are also attracted to study in remote areas.

In order to enable the migrants to go to the countryside and the mountains to be better implemented, the government will allocate funds1940 million Australian dollars, established a special supervision organization.

In this announcement, Morrison emphasized that this policy is to comply with public opinion.Most people in Australia no longer welcome immigrants.

This is not racism, but because capital cities are overwhelmed, especially the pressure on infrastructure and public transportation caused by a large number of immigrants and temporary visa residents.

At the same time Morrison also made this explanation:Australia's opening up of the immigrant share has nothing to do with the contribution of immigrants to the country. Only the population issue affects this figure.

Australia’s population officially exceeded the 2018 million mark in 2500. Because of the large number of immigrants, Australia has become one of the countries with the fastest growth in the number of immigrants in the world.

Restricting the number of immigrants and relocating them to remote areas can not only alleviate the population pressure in capital cities, but there is another point that new immigrants can make a great contribution to the economic development of remote areas.

Immigration plan

This plan was formally proposed in May 2018. In October 5, the Minister of Citizenship Alan Tudge officially announced in his speech that this plan will be enforced!


(The Australian)

Most of those affected by this policy are independent skilled immigrants, mainly forStudents, About 25% of employer sponsored visa holders are not affected by this policy.

The specific figure is that 45% of immigrant applicants will be forced to live in remote areas for 5 years.

Citizens Minister Tudge said in a speech at the Menzies Research Centre in Melbourne today: Although net immigration now accounts for 60% of Australia’s population growth, it accounts for 84% of Sydney’s population growth. According to statistics, 75% of the total population growth is mainly concentrated. In Melbourne, Sydney and southeast Queensland.

Simply considering the number of new immigrants, Australia has ranked second in the world!

The influx of people is increasing, and they are all rooted in capital cities, coupled with the increasing resistance of local residents to immigrants in Australia.

The population is concentrated, so transfer is imperative!

New immigrants were moved out, refugees flooded in

As Morrison said, the only basis for designing the immigrant share is the population issue, which has nothing to do with the contribution of immigrants to Australia. However, there is a group of people who do not need to accept strict immigration policy requirements and can easily obtain permanent residency status in Australia and even Australia. Country of Citizenship.

Earlier, the Australian government heard that South African whites were discriminated against and threatened on their own land, and directly stated that Australia is a democratic and peaceful country, based on humanitarian principles.Will admit 1 South African white refugees into Australia, Let them enjoy a quiet and peaceful life.

White people have not always been discriminated against in South Africa. White South Africans who are descended from the Dutch and the British have also fully enjoyed the privilege of being a colonist. Even so far, the South African white community still occupies a large amount of land in South Africa.


However, the "apartheid policy" once promoted by the South African authorities withdrew from the stage of history amid criticism in 1991. As the black community regained power in South Africa, the ethnic policy of the South African government began to gradually tilt to the other end of the balance, while whites, mainly descended from the Netherlands and Britain, seemed to be enveloped by a new round of "apartheid policy". !

The British media made relevant statistics in 2017. In the 1990 years from 2012 to 20, about 1544 South Africans died on the farm, of which 62% were white and 33% were black.

And along with the large-scale departure of white people who understand technology and have capital, South African blacks are left with a large number of technical jobs that can't be transferred at all. As a result, South Africa is rapidly moving toward a second-tier country, and more and more citizens have to deal with desperately between a more corrupt government and a more turbulent society.

In order to demonstrate Australia’s peace-loving and international status,Peter Dutton decided to admit white South African refugees into Australia.

But the total number of immigrants is only that. As refugees increase, other immigrants must decrease.So new immigrants must make way for refugees.

Finally, Morrison said that Australia will withdraw from the Global Migration Agreement and Australia will refuse to accept refugees.

As a result, as mentioned by the Labor Party, refugees will have a new way to stay in Australia for a long time. As long as refugees apply for medical treatment in Australia, they can ignore the ban and live in Australia for a long time.

When refugees apply for medical treatment in Australia, the government will not only reimburse medical expenses, but also provide good living allowances.

According to a set of data released by Daily Mail: In the past five years, the Australian government has spentA$14 million, To resettle refugees from Manus Island and Nauru offshore detention centers to Australia for treatment.

These refugees live in hotels with 4 stars or higher, and refugees live in townhouses leased by the government.

A residence in Meriton Parramatta, west of Sydney. According to reports, this residence was provided by the government to a refugee and his family receiving treatment. The room is equipped with a flat-screen TV, unlimited Wi-Fi network, and a fully equipped kitchen and laundry room.

Most importantly, most of these refugees who entered Australia under the banner of seeking medical treatment did not get sick at all! They took advantage of legal loopholes to extend their stay in Australia, and then took up a lot of social resources.

In the media investigation, the unknown side of refugees gradually emerged...

According to reports, a 19-year-old Iranian girl entered Australia on the pretext of treatment and has lived for 10 months since October last year.Her illness is only constipation.

There are too many similar examples...Perhaps refugees choose to enter Australia for a better life. But for Australian residents, some refugees mean a time bomb.

Terrorist attack case

In November 2018, the terrorist attack in Melbourne CBD is still vividly remembered. Fortunately, the bomb on the car did not explode, otherwise the consequences would be even more tragic.

2016/8, Mia Ayliffe-Chung, a 21-year-old Asian mixed-race beauty who traveled to Australia, was stabbed several times by a 29-year-old Middle Eastern man Smail Ayad and died on the spot! It is reported that the murderer shouted: "Long live Allah!"

2016/9In a park in Minto, Sydney, there was a "lone wolf" terrorist attack. A 22-year-old Middle Eastern Muslim named Ihsas Khan carried out a crazy attack on an innocent Australian man: 59-year-old Wayne Greenhalgh.

According to reports, Greenhalgh was seriously injured. Several fingers were brutally cut off, and his chest, arms and neck were also severely stabbed.

In addition, the Australian media "Daily Mail" reported a horrific rape case that occurred in a Chinese landlord, Joe Chen, in a rental property in Blacktown, NSW. It is reported that the perpetrator is also a Middle Eastern refugee.

2018/10, This 29-year-old refugee named Rashadul Islam imprisoned a 15-year-old girl in his rental house and repeatedly raped it for a month!

2017 year 6 early month, A terrorist attack occurred in Melbourne, causing 2 deaths and 4 injuries. One of the deceased was an Australian Chinese! The criminals are refugees from Somalia.

And a large number of terrorists entered Australia under the cover of refugee status...

Australian Attorney General George Brandis once said: Australia is also likely to face large-scale terrorist attacks, and children may be targeted.

from2014/9Since then, Australia has blocked12 timesLarge-scale terrorist attack.

There has always been a high level of opposition to new immigrants in Australia. Australian local residents believe that new immigrants have taken away their jobs and increased housing prices. Many people even complained that they can’t see much in the car in the CBD. The figure of a white man.

Some politicians believe that this is a demographic aggression. The number of immigrants in Australia must be strictly controlled.

The general election is approaching, in order to cater to the wishes of the people, Morrison announced the reduction of immigration, while implementing the policy of going to the mountains to the countryside.

Perhaps it is a final fight for the general election, and immigrants have once again become the victims of politics. As a minority group, new immigrants have no way to voice their voice in Australian politics.

When immigrants have made great contributions to the Australian economy, politicians only want to use immigrants as a bargaining chip...

Allowing a large number of excellent and high-quality talents to flow out and introducing refugees... For political purposes, these talents really ignore Australia's future!