so horrible! It's so annoying!

The recent news about sneaking the camera is really one after another!

First not long ago,The rooms of 30 hotels in South Korea were found to be equipped with sneak shots!

Then it broke out that the home cameras installed by Melburnians in their homes will be connected to the Internet, and live broadcast your every move at home 24 hours a day!

right now,

A man in Hong Kong was arrested again

Install a camera in an Australian hostel

Candid photos of women's privacy!

The first person who discovered this was a female backpacker from France.

Last Sunday, the 27-year-old girl travelled to Australia and booked a youth hostel on Lamrock Avenue near Bondi Beach.

At that time, she was assigned a multi-person suite,Share a bathroom with another strange man.

The picture shows the incident hotel

At around 10 o'clock this Monday evening, when she finished her shower and put on clothes in the bathroom, she suddenly discovered that the bathroom supplies bag on the sink looked a little weird.

The deodorant inside seems to contain a...

Hidden camera...

Network Map

This discovery shocked her.

If it is really a camera, it means that she goes to the toilet... undresses... takes a bath...

Everything has been secretly photographed!

Network Map

She quickly took a photo of the deodorant with her mobile phone, and then immediately approached the hotel staff for help.

The staff comforted her while calling the police.

The picture shows the staff

After 10 minutes, the police arrived at the scene and searched the bathroom.

But it was strange that no hidden camera was found.

As the police were about to leave, they suddenly noticed that the man living with the girl behaved suspiciously.

So the police searched his room, and as a result,

Found a camera that has been shattered

The police then further checked the man's luggage.

If you don’t check it, you don’t know.

The police found out in his luggage

Lots of hard drives and other storage devices!

And inside

All are secretly filmed videos of various women!

In other words, he does this kind of thing,This is not the first time.

If it weren’t for this time, I don’t know how long his nasty behavior will last, or how many women will be victimized...

According to police investigation, the man is named Charles Chung, 36 years old this year,From Hong Kong,married.

He came to Sydney to attend an IT conference, and this was his first time in Australia.

The police arrested him on the spot and accused him of possessing and installing illegal filming equipment.

On Tuesday, he appeared in the local court for trial. The case is still under trial.

Such news is terrifying.

You are staying outside in a hotel or hostel. Someone may install a camera and take pictures of you in a bath and sleep.

You go to a public restroom outside. Someone may install a camera and take pictures of you in the toilet.

Even if you don't go anywhere and just stay in your own home, it's not safe.

If you do not change the default password of a home camera used to prevent thieves, someone may be connected to the Internet.Live for 24 hours!

Everything you do at home can be seen clearly!This includes walking around naked and even intimate behavior between partners.

I'm really scared of thinking...

Does the development of science and technology protect us or make us more insecure?