"We cannot ask others to be too high,

In this society, most people can only live through ordinary and ordinary”

This sentence comes from "Wandering Master"——Shen Wei

Shen Wei became popular on the Douyin platform

So it attracted various Internet celebrities to take photos with them

Article source: Mr. Wang Er (lD: huangezishiba)

Author: Mr. Wang ear

The wandering "master" Shen Wei suddenly became angry.

A week ago, someone uploaded his video to Douyin. In the video, he is dressed in ragged clothes and obsessed with picking up trash, but he is full of poetry and books and speaks amazingly. The huge contrast attracted onlookers.

Countless people ran to the place where he wandered in Shanghai just to take pictures with him. One night, his video screen was swiped.


A reporter's investigation found that Shen Wei was 52 years old this year, graduated from a university in Shanghai, and used to be a civil servant who was on leave for some reason. Now, reading and picking up rubbish are the main content of his life.

In fact, as early as a few years ago, someone at a nearby subway station met Shen Wei who was concentrating on studying. His video was posted on the Internet at that time, but it did not attract much attention.

No one thought that just this year, Shen Wei unexpectedly became popular.

No one thought that the ugliest scene appeared after only 7 days.

In order to keep up with the traffic, Internet celebrities and anchors from all over the country flocked to the places where Shen Wei wandered.

They surrounded Shen Wei, changing from different angles, and filming the video, but no one was looking at him.

They surrounded Shen Weili from three to three outside, but no one noticed his boredom.

Until the early morning, where Shen Wei wandered, there were still people who had not dispersed, and Shen Wei had been tossed to almost collapse.

According to statistics from netizens, more than 1000 people use Shen Wei's photos as the avatars of their Douyin accounts, claiming to be "Disciples of Vagrant Master" and "Master Shen's Agent". Some accounts have millions of fans.

And just before, Shen Wei emphasized that no one was authorized to use his image for commercial communication.

Seven days ago, Shen Wei was still the tramp, dirty and messy, and onlookers were afraid of him and avoided him.

Seven days later, Shen Wei was like a rich mine suddenly discovered, and everyone wanted to make a profit from him.

Shen Wei is still Shen Wei, but the onlookers have changed their faces.

Countless people are chasing him, no one cares about eating. After getting what they wanted, they dispersed again.

When the tide goes down, you will know who is swimming naked.

Seven days after the wandering "master" Shen Wei became popular, I saw the greatest coldness in the world.

What is the greatest evil of human nature?


It is you, for your own selfishness, to overrule others' lives at will.

Just like, some time ago, the Qingdao Daxi Ge incident was raging.

At that time, he was disguised as a woman, just like Shen Wei today, he quickly became popular.

In the hustle and bustle, many well-meaning people appeared, claiming to provide him with work and housing.

Who knows, these kind-hearted people stopped helping when Daxi had just moved into a new house, resumed men's clothing, and was ready to meet a normal life.

The reason is simple, there are fewer people paying attention to Daxi brother.

In the eyes of these people, if you lose traffic, you lose usable value.

So, half a year after "returning to normal", Daxi brother started picking up waste again and became a "woman" again.

No one knew how sad his heart was at that moment. But even if you know, who cares?

At the beginning of the Chongqing bus crash, the female driver who crashed was also watched and insulted by the entire network.


"It was caused by the female driver's retrograde"

"Women shouldn't drive!"


It only took a few hours from the panic to the whole network condemnation.

We don't know what she experienced as a victim?

We only know that the videos that are onlookers and spread rumors are easily played on 10W+.

In the end, the truth came to light, and the crowd of onlookers suddenly dispersed, but no one apologized for the previous remarks.

There are even a small number of people, for good, the living can use it, even the dead can use it for consumption.

Chai Jing said,We have no right to only know consumption, do not know how to restrain, only know how to complain, do not know about construction.

However, in this era when traffic is king, some people are using the upper limit of traffic to refresh the lower limit of morality.

Shen Wei is reading. Figure / Network

"The Ferryman" says:

The highest level of life is empathy.

But this is precisely what we lack most, a luxury in this world.

In the novel "Kill a Mockingbird", there is a weird person, Radley.

He has a weird temperament and has lived in seclusion at home for decades, and almost no one has seen his true face.

Because of this weirdness, he became a freak in the eyes of the whole town, and also an "evil and dangerous weird."

When something bad happened in the town, he was the first to be suspected; the fruit of his walnut tree fell, and the children did not dare to pick it up, because they were afraid that they would die if they eat it.

In order to satisfy their curiosity, Scout and her brother spied on Radley's life time and time again.

But in fact, Radley is not a villain. He only saw the darkness too much before choosing to stay at home and mix with each other.

He would cover the neighbour's children with blankets on cold nights, and would quietly give away their own treasured gifts, and finally walked out of the house and stood up when the Scout brothers and sisters were in danger.

Yes, the world is so big, it's mostly things you don't know, and many things you don't know.

Just like those Internet celebrities who were crazy about shooting Shen Wei, they never knew that Shen Wei never cared about traffic, he just wanted to read a book quietly.

Just like the people who entertained Brother Daxi, they never thought about it. Even if he suffered from ups and downs in his life, Brother Daxi still has a soft heart, and he still believes that there are good people in this world.

But they don't care.

They insist on exposing their ignorance and ugliness.

As the saying goes:

Your various interpretations of me do not constitute one-tenth of me, but you are in a glance.

In this world, there is a lot of excitement and many onlookers.

But there are too few people who are willing to be a quiet and clean onlooker.

And the best thing you should do is to close your mouth at the right time and control your eager hands.

Otherwise, you will never know what kind of harm it will bring to others for the sake of arrogant interests.

Remember, the suicide of a female doctor in Deyang?

Because of a clipped video, because her husband beat a child, and because of her public position with her husband, she was regarded as the perpetrator. Many netizens verbally criticized them.

In a hundred mouths, Dr. Ann chose to commit suicide.

But the truth?

Soon after Dr. Ann died, the full video was released.

The cause of the incident turned out to be that two 13-year-old boys violated Dr. Ann’s private parts while swimming, and also made some insulting actions.

In anger, Dr. Ann's husband made a radical move, but he apologized immediately afterwards.

But those netizens don't care about this. They deliberately ignored this detail and attacked Dr. Ann and his wife.

They claimed that, as public officials, Dr. Ann and his wife had a big deal with the children.

There is actually only one reason for them to do this: to attract traffic and grow fans.

In the end, Dr. Ann was overwhelmed by language violence and chose to fight in the most decisive way.

What's even more ironic is that after the truth came out, the netizens who scolded Dr. Ann and his wife even said that the condemnation of them now has a serious impact on their normal lives.

They never thought that what they were bearing was less than one-tenth of what Dr. Ann had originally.

Professor Dou Lingcheng said: "The current conflicts between people are mainly due to the fact that there are so many people who are used to measuring others by the standards of saints and demanding themselves by the standards of slut."

Those who only demand others by the standards of saints will one day hurt themselves.

No one is an island.

We are all closely connected, so we must be kind to others.

When you want to disrupt other people's lives for traffic, for money, for venting emotions.

Think about it, if your life is arbitrarily overridden, what kind of feeling is it?

Think about it, if your life is morally kidnapped by others, what kind of pain is it;

Think about it, what kind of anger would it be if you were on the road and were innocently captured 10000 videos, accompanied by foul language, and sold for money?

It is a disease to overrule others' lives at will.

There is no bottom line for selfishness, and it is the evil hidden in the depths of human nature.

Do unto others, do not impose on others.

In this sense, I admire "Wandering Master" Shen Wei.

Faced with the flood of photographers, he said seriously, "It is better to read more than to pay attention to me."

There is no flow, it is immortal.

No success built on the lives of others can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

There will be nothing to support your good fortune in your life except for the inner education and knowledge, and the correct three views.

If you still cannot read this sentence, then please remember:

Do not disturb, not easily offend, is your last tenderness, is your deepest kindness.

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