Huawei announced overnight, 17500 yuan! The whole world is boiling! !

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

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Time, it started!

This moment is a moment of pride made in China, a moment that the Chinese will never forget!

When Huawei Yu Chengdong, holding Huawei's first 5G folding screen mobile phone HUAWEI Mate X, steadily stepped onto the world-class stage in Barcelona, ​​when the European audience screamed and China was boiling!

When Huawei HUAWEI Mate X marked the price of 2299 euros (about 17498 yuan), it will sell at high prices abroad, but it may sell at low prices in China!

It is estimated that the world has never expected that this 5G revolution, which is the most cutting-edge technology in the world, will be led by China and a Chinese company-Huawei.

It is estimated that the whole world has never expected that China has grown from a laggard, chaser, and imitator in the era of international communications to the leader of today.


the first! the first! Still number one!

Traditional mobile phones have never been so scared as they are today: If we say that the previous Huawei mobile phones and Apple Samsung are more on the same track; this time, Huawei completely left Apple.

1. The fastest 5G mobile phone in the world!

Huawei Mate X is the fastest 5G mobile phone in the world, with a peak download speed of 4.6Gbps, and it only takes 1 seconds to download a G movie.

2. The world's strongest 7nm 5G chip!

麒麟980、巴龙 5000!华为Mate X里搭载的,正是这颗具备5项世界之最、1个世界领先的7纳米多模5G芯片。

This is a true and complete Chinese core! Apple and Samsung use Qualcomm chips, while in Huawei phones, it is their own chips that beat.

3. The world's most exquisite folding screen phone!

In the unexpanded state, the Huawei Mate X has a screen on both sides of the phone, which is about the same size as an Apple phone.

After unfolding, the front has a full eight inches, and there will be no gap in the middle when closed, and the appearance crushes the Samsung fold.

Look at the thickness again: when Mate X is opened, the screen thickness is only 5.4 mm, which is thinner than ipad; after folding, the thickness is 11 mm, which is not much thicker than normal phones.

What is ingenious work? This is called ingenious work!

4. The fastest charging in the world, crushing Apple!

It can charge its 30mAh large battery to 4500% in 85 minutes, and the charging speed is nearly 6 times that of similar products.

   Beihuangming really wanted to die.He usually prides himself on being witty, but just now he was so stupid that he even forgot about the temple's declaration of war on the great wilderness.He turned around instinctively to run, but at the moment he took his leg, he suddenly stopped. "Ahem, the temple did declare war on the great wilderness, but now it is in the holy ruins. There are many people in our great wilderness, but there are few people in your temple." "You made such a big noise here just now, there must be some Our people heard the movement and were rushing here..." Bei Huangming said while quietly observing the expression of the master of the temple.But you can't just be scared away, if the temple sub-temple master is pretending, you must observe it.Sure enough, hearing his words, the expression of the temple sub-temple master changed slightly.But almost instantaneously, he let out a sneer, and his expression became hideous again. "Even if you people from the Great Wilderness World come, what can you do to me unless you are the absolute powerhouse of the Void World!" "Besides, they can't get there, I don't care, but now I want to pinch you to death. "Boom!" After speaking, the body of the temple sub-temple master suddenly shook. Hearing a boom, surging power erupted from his body.The power of that weird temple, like a cloud of black mist, surrounds his body, making people feel hideous and terrifying!The supreme powerhouse in the late stage of the longevity world, wanting to kill only the peak of life and death, Beihuangming, is easy to turn against. Beihuangming feels that if he launches an attack, he can't even do any resistance, he will immediately say goodbye to the world .What nonsense, run!Beihuangming turned around and ran away without saying a word. He finally came to the Holy Ruins, but he didn't want to die before leaving the teacher. "Bang!" But as soon as he turned around, Bei Huangming directly ran into a person, and stepped back a few steps before he could barely stand firm.

Even the iPhone Xs Max can only be filled with 40% in half an hour, which is almost directly thrown out of Yangzhou Road in the spring breeze~

Once 55W quick charge is released, who will compete?

5. The world's strongest camera, real-time preview on front and rear dual screens!

4000 million wide-angle lens + 2000 million super wide-angle lens + 800 million pixel telephoto lens. When taking a selfie, you can take the back shot and use the front screen to view the view;

For another example, you can see yourself through the screen behind when someone else takes a photo for you, scratch your head and pose without worry!

From today, Apple can no longer breathe peacefully:The emergence of Huawei Mate X is a thrilling leap for Huawei mobile phones and a dimensionality reduction blow for Huawei mobile phones to Apple and Samsung!

Chinese mobile phones are beginning to take their own unique path!


Surpass Samsung and catch up with Apple!

Step by step research and development, step by step approach, step by step beyond! Today, Huawei's self-confidence is only a microcosm of the rise of domestic production; Huawei's glory is just an excellent endorsement for the continuous upgrading of China's manufacturing and its step by step to the top!

In the future, all aspects of your life will be inseparable from domestic production:

You must use Huawei's mobile phone, WeChat Alipay must be used when you go out, and Didi must be used for taxis. Even if you buy a BMW, the system is also Jack Ma's.

Your home furnishings, home appliances, even a lot of imported brands. In the future of the Internet of Everything, it will also be connected to Huawei 5G, and it will also use Ma Yun's cloud computing.

You take the subway by CRRC, the high-speed rail is the Harmony, the sky is the BYD cloud track, and the takeoff is a large domestic plane, even if you leave the earth, it is the Shenzhou X.

Yes, friends, embrace our domestic production. At present, Chinese companies are beginning to pay more attention to intellectual property rights, R&D and innovation, and are moving toward a higher level in the industrial chain. These ten years will be the ten years of domestic phoenix nirvana!

Yes, friends, let's put out our efforts. Don’t you hear Ren Zhengfei’s words: "China’s 13 billion people, each of us 13 billion does one thing well, and together we are the great motherland."


Come on, Huawei! Go China!

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