The number of jobs in the Australian construction sector plummeted by 20% last year (photo of the Daily Mail)

The downturn in the Australian real estate market has had a devastating impact on the employment prospects of construction workers.

According to the "Daily Mail" report, data released by the Australian recruitment website Service Seeking on Monday showed that the number of jobs in hundreds of construction and service industries in Australia dropped by 20% last year.

Adelaide's decline was the most significant, with construction technician jobs dropping by 23%. Sydney followed closely with a 19% decrease. Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth all showed a downturn, with construction technician jobs decreasing by 16%, 14% and 11% respectively.

Service Seeking CEO Jeremy Levitt said that the real estate market "free fall" has a significant impact on construction technicians.

Levitt said: "Although construction technicians may still be busy working until the end of FY18 and the beginning of FY19, the reduction of new job opportunities will put pressure on their future income and drag the economy into recession. ."

Data shows that the number of jobs for construction technicians in some urban areas in Sydney has decreased by as much as 64%, while the decrease in some urban areas in Melbourne and Brisbane has also reached 74% and 63%, respectively.

Melbourne's Bannockburn and Sutherland Creek were the hardest hit, with job losses of 74%. And Brisbane's Burbank (Burbank) also recorded the biggest drop of 63%.

Levitt said: "Mundaring (Mundaring) is Perth's most affected suburb. The Perth market has been declining for many years, and it may not have bottomed out." [New Express]