Start tomorrow! The cold current swept Australia, and Melbourne ushered in a big cooling! Showers, hail, thunderstorms are all on the road! It's time to prepare for the winter!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Recently, the weather in Melbourne has been hot and cold. I believe that many friends are just like Xiaobian Mo.

It has always been "thick coat + short sleeve" random switching mode...

But from tomorrow

Everyone's short-sleeved shorts can be collected!

Early this morning, Australian media issued a weather warning to everyone:

A large-scale cold current swept across Australia!

Will cause a big cooling of about 10 degrees!

Outbreak of "out of season" cold brings winter weather to South Australia

Daily Mail

Winter has arrived early! A large-scale cold current hits the whole of Australia, the temperature drops by 10 degrees, and it may snow

From the weather forecast map, we can see that this cold current erupted from southern Australia and moved along the northeast direction.

Approaching Melbourne step by step!


Already surrounded by this cold current!

Meteorologist Tom Saunders said,This is a typical strong cold front in winter, and usually does not appear in autumn.

Now it comes early

It also indicates that winter will come so quietly!

It's so unprepared!

The Victorian Meteorological Bureau also predicted for the first time,From Friday to Sunday, Melbourne will usher in the first cold weekend after the autumn, and a wave of super cooling is waiting for you!

The lowest temperature dropped by 5-7 degrees!

The maximum temperature dropped by 9-11 degrees!

It is already very cold during the day, and the temperature drops even more severely at night! Experts predict: The temperature will be relatively low this weekend, especially on Saturday.

It may be as low as 4 degrees at night!

4 degrees!

Isn't this the rhythm of a night into winter?

Melbourne really does not deserve autumn!

In addition, meteorologists said that because of the impact of this cold current,It will still snow in some mountainous areas in Australia, and the temperature may drop below zero by then!

This is only April!

Do you want to see the snow scene before the maple leaves have time to see it? !

Do you want to wear a padded jacket if you haven't worn much autumn clothes? !

Go on like this

I am afraid that this winter in Australia will be cold again!

What needs special attention is that the currently predicted temperature is only the data on the instrument.The body temperature may be colder by then!

So when I go to school tomorrow

Don't be fooled by the highest temperature of 27 degrees!

Remember to bring a jacket before going out!

The warning for this winter came too suddenly, and Melbourne’s response was also very strong, in order to let everyone experience the real "Winter is coming",

It’s not enough just to cool down

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