Suicidal life, starting from installments

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Hi everyone, I’m Brother Pei.

In fact, people are like frogs. In a big environment, you will not be prepared for danger in times of peace, just because you are in line with the public, you will not consider risks at all.

Finally found the reason for being poor↑↑

Recently, Xiao Jia, a girlfriend, is particularly short of money. Every time his salary has not been paid for a few days, he starts to borrow money for turnover.

After asking several times, she hesitated and told me that it was a bit cruel to buy things some time ago, and now, once the monthly salary is paid, she has to pay back more than 4000 installments.

In fact, there are many people like Xiao Jia. There are even narratives on the Internet that the greetings between people should be "Have you paid back the flowers?" "How many installments are left?" "Is there any balance left in the white bar?"

Installment consumption is too common. In first- and second-tier cities, more than 70% of young people have used installment.

The economic pressure is eased easily, and the poor can also afford it.

Even with the latest iPhone, as long as it is divided into 12 installments and a monthly return of 895.74 yuan, an ordinary white-collar worker can also use Apple's top-of-the-line mobile phone.

Even so, I still want to stage it today, let you take a look, this seems to be such a convenient way, in fact, there are hidden mysteries.

For many people, installment does not allow them to save a lot of money using the dividends of inflation, but it can easily become a pit.

You have to believe that how cool you are when you install the installment, and how salty your tears are when you repay.

Save money, just look

As long as you shop, businesses are changing tricks to encourage you to install.

When shopping, various zero-interest installment advertisements constantly tempt you to buy and buy;

When making a payment, one-click installment button, as long as the amount is enough, installment can be made;

After swiping the card, there will be a text message prompt immediately, you can choose to install quickly;

When repaying, there is also an option to install bills, telling you that repayment doesn’t have to be too hard...

So much fanfare is to make money on you.

Because, it seems that the zero interest installment is actually very expensive.

Although, when instalment, financial institutions will emphasize that there is no interest, but they will still charge a handling fee, which is actually interest in disguise.

Take the mobile phone mentioned above. On the official website, its price is 9999. If you install 12 installments, the monthly repayment is 895.74, the total repayment amount is 10748.88, and the handling fee is 749.88.

According to the installment publicity, the annual handling fee is only 7.5%, even the interest is very low.

But if you believe it, it would be too naive.

Because you are repaying every month, the arrears have been decreasing. In the last month, the principal was only 833.25 yuan, but the handling fee is still calculated based on the arrears of 9999 yuan.

In order to figure out its real interest rate, I specifically consulted classmates who work in the bank. After I calculated, the real monthly interest rate was 1.13% and the real annual interest rate was 13.57%, which was almost 15%.

You think the installment is very cost-effective, but in fact it is almost on the verge of loan sharking.

Moreover, there are still many banks. Even if you interrupt the installment and want to pay off in one go, you will still charge the handling fee, and it's not a lot of money.

I have read a set of data. Relying on this instalment business, a bank's personal loan business reached 5454.07 billion yuan in one year.

Now you understand why these financial institutions always change ways to let you install installments, not because the profits in the middle are very objective.

It's very simple! The bright face is to let you realize your dreams in advance, and the secret is that the salesman's performance is guaranteed.

Pay back in installments, but desires are hard to fill

Maybe you would say that the installment with no interest and no handling fee is just borrowing money for you to spend. Such an opportunity must not be missed.

Even so, my attitude is still no!

Because once you have tasted the sweetness of installment, even if there are interest and handling fees in the future, you will still divide it.

Economist Prelec found that people can experience a strong "happy consumption" when paying with credit.

This kind of pleasure of buying someone else's money makes it easy to feel a joy.

Although it hurts when paying back the loan, it is nothing compared to pleasure.

Like all girls, Xiao Jia likes to buy some good things to reward herself.

Because the salary is not high, in order to use her favorite things early, she began to use installments. "It's great to realize the wish in advance, and the pressure can be shared!"

With a little money, you can use the Dyson hair dryer, lamer face cream, and ex-boyfriend mask. Soon, Xiao Jia fell into a hilarious stage.

At first, she would still care about the handling fee, but then she simply ignored it, and felt that it was worth spending a little more.

As a result, more than a year has passed, and many good things have been put on hold, and the skin care products for ladies that have exploded on the Internet have not turned her into Brigitte Lin.

In psychology, there is a term called the ratchet effect, which means that people's desires will continue to expand. At first, they just want a lipstick, but later they want the entire color lipstick.

Many businesses take advantage of this kind of human psychology, first let you taste the sweetness with 0 interest and 0 handling fee, and when you can't stop, they will start to profit and collect the handling fee.

Don't think about how strong your willpower is.

Many times, we are just little fish in the pond. We have clearly seen our companions die because of greed for a while, but when the hook comes down, we still bite on it without hesitation.

You are not just spending tomorrow's money

Still breaking tomorrow's road

You might say that the joy of life is buying, buying, buying, then I also advise you not to rely on installments.

On the post bar, I saw such a story:

Netizens were about to buy a house, the deposit was paid, and the contract was signed, but the mortgage was not approved. In the end, the house was not bought and tens of thousands of dollars were lost in vain.

The reason for the bank's rejection of the loan was that her credit information was not good.

Netizens are very depressed. They used to use credit cards before. Although they were paid in installments, they repaid on time each time. It would be a bad idea to check credit.

As a result, when she asked a professional, she knew that her credit investigation was ruined by her previous installment habits.

Instalment is actually a loan. If the borrowing institution is a formal bank or financial institution, it will be reflected in the credit report as a loan.

But if you buy a mobile phone, make beauty, and take English lessons in installments, most of what you owe is some private small loan companies, which not only have high interest rates, but also show small loans on credit, which is better than regular banks. It’s a bit more lossy.

Moreover, in many cases, there will be a query record for each installment.

So, even if you pay it back on time, to the reviewer, he will feel that you are so poor that you can't even buy things for thousands of dollars, and you have to pay in installments.

It takes 5 years for bad credit information to be eliminated. Generally, mortgages refer to records within XNUMX years.

Don't think that if you don't buy a house in the future, it doesn't matter if you have a credit report. When you use the credit report, it will be too late to regret.

At that time, it was only possible to find more silly small loan companies.

Don't be confused by the outside world

It's time to escape

On Double Eleven last year, a new term "moohuahu" appeared on the Internet.

It refers to some people who don't have much money themselves, but are very daring to consume, and can often spend a lot of money inexplicably.

The main reason why these people dare to spend is that the whole society is advocating "buy, buy, buy".

"Packages can cure all diseases. If one package can't cure all diseases, then buy two", "Live a quality life, only then can you be worthy of yourself", "A woman who doesn't wear lipstick has no future"...

No money, as long as the small hand clicks a little, the account will be thousands of dollars in a few seconds; as long as the small hand clicks, no matter how expensive things are, you can afford it in installments.

In such an environment, young people buy with peace of mind and owe them honestly.

This is like a frog soaking in warm water. When the water temperature rises a little bit, they not only did not escape, but also enjoyed the pleasure of warm water.

I think I am at ease, but the reality is full of crises. In the end, I can only be cooked in happiness.

In fact, people are like frogs. In a big environment, you will not be prepared for danger in times of peace, just because you are in line with the public, you will not consider risks at all.

Just follow the people around and live in self-healing, without knowing that if you don't run away, you will die.

This is the status quo of young people nowadays, being coerced by all kinds of buying, buying and buying, being seduced by installments within reach.

But the more at such a moment, the more young people should stay awake, and the more they should stay away from such easy pleasure.

The so-called temptation

Just magnified by you

There was a group of economists who followed up on the poor in India for several years and found that the poorer the people, the easier it is to consume impulsively.

The reason is simple, the unobtainable is always in commotion.

Human nature is like this, it will unconsciously magnify the advantages of things that are not available.

Xiaojia said that the first thing she bought in installments was a set of skin care products for ladies, which cost more than 10000.

At that time, all major beauty bloggers were recommending this skin care product, saying that the skin is particularly good after using up, and everyone can instantly be more than 10 years younger.

After reading a lot of recommendations like this, Xiao Jia was very excited at the time, biting his teeth and buying a set, divided into 24 issues.

Xiaojia was so happy when she finally got what she was thinking of, but it didn't take long for her to find that the effect was average, and it didn't improve her skin much.

It's not because of how good that thing is, it will make you think about it; but because you unconsciously exaggerate the happiness of having it, and exaggerate its function when you are thinking about it.

Just like your male/goddess, when you don’t get it, you wear a filter to look at the other person, thinking that he/she is the best person in the world.

As a result, when you have worked hard to get it, you will find that they are just ordinary people. They will hiccup, fart, and constipation in the toilet.

Pursuing life is a good thing, but you must not be enslaved by your own desires. Especially, after you amplify the temptation, you must stay calm and rational.

Otherwise, you will find that the monster of desire can never be satisfied. In front of it, you are just a scum, and a bite can't even fill the gap between the teeth.

Everyone is moving forward

But don't let yourself be crushed

Once on Zhihu, I saw such a warning that young people should understand that they are different from others as early as possible.

Perhaps your colleagues and you both have a monthly salary of 8000.

But you can't watch your colleagues buy, buy, buy, buy and buy unscrupulously.

Because everyone has different things on their backs, maybe his girlfriend does not need him to buy a house; his parents have pensions and do not need him to support...

And your girlfriend not only needs a garage, but also a huge gift money; your parents will lose their labor in a few years and can only rely on you to support them.

What a person is most afraid of is not the burden, but the inability to recognize oneself, blindly follow the crowd, and finally get crushed by the burden.

Of course, you don’t want to kill the installment. As long as you are rational enough and interest rates are appropriate, installment is also a way to allocate resources.

But before staging, please ensure three points:

① See the installment interest rate clearly, don't make money by your own hard work, and give others a bonus for nothing;

②Be rational before buying, and don't spend your credit line as your own money;

③ If you must install installments, the interest rate of each institution is different, and the interest rate of each term is also different, compare several companies before starting;

The staging is really cool, but after all, this coolness is just a shadow on the ground. It will never last forever. Sometimes it only takes a dark cloud to disappear without a trace.

If your short youth is ruined by this illusory thing, I feel unworthy for you.

– END –

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