The mother-in-law changed the garden into a vegetable garden, and the foreign son-in-law looked dumbfounded: "My romance is ruined by your garlic!"

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Diligence is a traditional Chinese virtue, and the belief in "do it yourself, eat and drink without worrying" has always been deep in the bones.

Growing vegetables, drying bacon, and hanging salted fish in our backyard seems to us to be normal, but many times, foreigners will look strangely!

No, a few days ago, Ms. Yang from Sydney put a video on the Internet: her mother came to Australia to visit herself, and by the way, she changed her husband’s carefully-built garden into a vegetable field, and lived a comfortable rural life.

Ms. Yang said that her husband is British. The two have lived in Australia for 10 years. Her husband is very romantic and likes to plant flowers and trees in the garden.

One day, my husband said that he wanted to take a look at his garden. It didn’t matter if I looked at it. I saw that all the colored flowers and trees in the garden had disappeared!

The so-called drip can wear stones. Every day when the husband goes to work, the mother-in-law starts to pull some flowers, cut some trees, dig a hole, and bury a seed.

Over time, the original beautiful garden has become a vegetable garden in front of me, and the original rose flowers have become the current coriander garlic.

The foreign son-in-law looked helpless, looking at the other end from the garden, he was really speechless...

When the Chinese arrived in Australia, they saw that the price of vegetables was more expensive than meat. It is indeed very common to use their brains to grow vegetables at home.

Australia also strongly encourages citizens to be self-sufficient, and all kinds of vegetable seeds can be bought in supermarkets.

Both Ada and South Australia have such a small roof, encouraging students to grow vegetables by themselves~

However, the soil for growing vegetables is not just digging from the side of the road for use!

In March last year, an expert from the Australian Department of Agriculture stated thatSome soil in Australia is being polluted!

The reason is that many houses in Australia use paint for anti-corrosion. Before building new houses, many developers will tear down the old houses and bury them directly on the ground, and then build new buildings on this basis.

Over time,There is in the paintToxic substances seep into the soil, Resulting in serious lead and mercury content exceeding the standard!

If you grow vegetables in contaminated soil, it is absolutely harmful to human health.

Vegetables with high levels of suspected heavy metal residues are:Root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes, as well as common leafy vegetables such as lettuce and fennel.

The purpose of growing our own vegetables is to reduce the damage to the body caused by pesticide residues, so don't be greedy for petty gains, and be sure to go to a regular gardening store to buy nutritious soil!

The original text is taken from Youtube

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