Canadians have always been proud of its free public health care,

But everything has advantages and disadvantages,

Free medical expenses are saved,

It’s just that the hospital system has a heavier burden,

And Canada has been facing doctors

And the shortage of nurses.

In this way, "waiting" has become a Canadian hospital

The normal state of medical experience.

It’s not like in China,

Patients can basically see a doctor when they go to the hospital for registration.

Instead, make an appointment in advance.

As for how many days the appointment will board,

That's hard to say,

Anyway, people often report,

If you wait for the day of the appointment in a Canadian hospital,

If it is not a serious disease,

I've always been sick long ago.

Even if he finally entered the hospital,

Congratulations, there is a new round of waiting to welcome you.

The waiting room is overcrowded,

The doctor doesn't know when I will see it.

Even if you are already in pain,

It will not increase the priority of seeing a doctor.

In public hospitals in Canada,

"Waiting for the dead" is no joke.

A tragedy broke out in a hospital in New Brunswick recently:

A female patientAlready seriously illin the case of,

Forced to wait 11 hours in the waiting room.

Did not receive any treatment during this period,

Unfortunately, he died in the hospital in pain.

The unfortunate patient's name isMarianne Porter.

Last Saturday, March 3,

She feels unwell,

So accompanied by my sister Bordage,

Go to the localMoncton HospitalSee the emergency room.

When Marianne rushed to the hospital,

The body is already very uncomfortable,

Feel a strong pain.

According to her sister,

At that time she had already experienced blurred vision,

Can't stand up, can't eat anything.

In the video shot,

It can be seen that she is very painful.

But despite this,

She was not treated in time,

I waited a full 11 hours.

At first Marianne thought she had a hernia.

But after the doctor checked her blood,

Only to find out that she gotAcute renal failure,very dangerous.

I don’t know for so long,

How did she survive.

After the diagnosis, the doctor gave her an overnight emergency,

But it’s too late,

At 9 o'clock the next morning,

Marianne eventually died of a serious illness.

Although Bordage believes,

The doctor has tried his best in the rescue process,

But the waiting time in the hospital is too long,

It is undoubtedly an important reason for killing my sister.

And this one that happened,

This is not the first time this problem has occurred.

This hospital is on google review

The rating is only 2.4 stars,

Among them, the worst thing is the long waiting time.

A Chinese netizen went there to see a doctor for his son,

The child has a severe fever and coughs up bleeding.

I was delayed for a long time before being cured,

The doctor even said it was all right.

Angrily he scolded:

"If it weren't for 0 stars,

I really want to give this hospital a 0 star."

The reason why this happens in this hospital,

According to media investigation, the reason is related to its overburden.

Hospitals are often full of patients and operate at 100% full load.

There is also a shortage of medical staff,

It's simply too busy.

The one-star Chinese netizen said with emotion,

As long as the efficiency of medical treatment is higher, people can see the doctor quickly,

Even if the doctors and nurses are more aggressive,

Be short-tempered,

I can accept it,

I am most afraid of encountering such a friendly and good temper.

However, the work speed is very slow,

Or want to be faster, but there are too many patients,

It's a helpless doctor.

This must be the voice of many Canadian patients.

Countless people have complained about it, Canadian hospitals,

The wife is too slow,

This is really disheartening,

It can be seen that the free lunch is not so delicious.

Some people feel that since they are afraid of waiting in the hospital,

Isn’t that enough to call the emergency room?

However, in the face of reality, this idea is really naive.

Many netizens reported that

Even if you are really sick and go to the emergency room,

Was thrown in the treatment room and waited,

It is also a normal thing.

Although Moncton Hospital was on the website

Advised patients how to distinguish themselves

Whether you need to see an emergency department,

To reduce the pressure on the hospital,

The reading volume of the article is not small,

However, in fact,

The pressure of visiting this hospital has not eased.

In short, even if you go to a Canadian hospital for treatment,

Also be prepared to suffer a bit there.

However, Canadian hospitals are basically public.

The same problem exists.

Therefore, in desperation,

Some people will choose to fly to the United States,

Even China went to see a doctor.

Why does this problem occur?

It is said that this is related to the Canadian medical system.

For many years, the Canadian Union of Doctors

In order to protect their own interests,

Measures have been taken to limit the number of doctors,

Also strictly control the number of medical students,

This leads to a serious shortage of medical staff in Canada.

On the road to the achievement of "difficult to see a doctor" in Canada,

The doctors' union can be described as "a great contribution."

Counting on the reform of public hospitals,

I don’t know which day I have to wait,

Fortunately, some time ago, the Ontario government

Let us see a glimmer of hope.

The Ford government has stated that

Medical privatization will be implemented in the province,

Replace more public hospitals with private hospitals.

Although the plan is still under discussion,

But it is indeed planning carefully,

Maybe one day in the future,

If the locals don’t want to wait in line in a public hospital,

There will be more choices.

The same pressure from public hospitals

It can also be divided by private hospitals.

Heard this news,

Many friends from other regions may envy it,

do not know either,

When can BC wait for such a day?