In fact, we have been reluctant to write, and we really don’t understand why it suddenly became popular. Some of our colleagues actually knew him a long time ago, and have seen him several times on the road, but I don’t know why it suddenly became popular. Many N students, especially those who are not in Shanghai, want us to write about him. Everyone is full of curiosity.

Of course we can't go to the scene. We don't join in the excitement. In fact, we know a lot about him intermittently. Let's talk about it roughly. Of course, we will definitely not reveal the privacy of him and his family.

Many classmates asked us whether he was from Shanghai or not, especially many students in Shanghai felt very skeptical and thought how this happened.

We are very clear on this point to tell everyone that it is indeed a native of Shanghai, born and raised in Xuhui, and the specific address will not be mentioned. It is meaningless to not talk about such things as a person born in 67. His ancestry is Jiangsu. Yes, it can’t explain anything. Our office is all from Shanghai. Except for a local colleague in Jiading, the ancestral homes of everyone else are all different.

Someone asked whether he graduated from Fudan University, how miserable his wife and son, etc. We told everyone clearly, none of them, a very ordinary university, and he has never been married.

In fact, the neighborhood in Xuhui knew about this a few years ago. Later, the house was demolished and moved to Pudong. There are also old neighborhoods in Pudong. We also know the specific places. At present, many netizens and even reporters don't know where they are on Pu X Road. Of course, we don't want anyone to disturb his family.

Family abandon him? Actually no, it is really called no way. This is a scene of people picking him up.

What did he actually say since he was a child... We were also quite embarrassed when we discussed.

Many younger friends may be a little vague about history. Everyone now knows that he used to be a public official of a certain bureau. Many people are very curious about this.

In fact, this matter should be considered in light of the historical background. At that time, college students were very valuable. "College students = the proud son of heaven" refers to their group.

Now college students are everywhere, of course the value is too low. At that time, entering university was basically equivalent to holding an iron job.

So many young classmates asked us, how could this happen if he can take the civil service exam?

In fact, this is not the case. First of all, the treatment of civil servants in that era was not very good. What was the most popular thing at that time? State-owned factories, such as textile factories and chemical factories, have high incomes, good remuneration, and stability. The concept of civil servants is not prominent, especially after the reform and opening up, doing business to make money is the most popular, civil servants are not the best choice in terms of salary or under various circumstances.

The Xuhui unit he entered at the time should be package distribution. What is package distribution? That is, as soon as college students enter the school, basically the professional counterparts are almost fixed. There are only a few companies that will collect people at that time. There is no job interview for the current children, let alone the so-called civil service examination and interview. The army crosses the single-plank bridge. Kind of.

Therefore, at this point, many students misunderstood him. He didn’t know that he was directly assigned after graduation in 86. It’s not like our current civil service examinations. However, it was a great thing to be able to go to university at that time. Now many middle and high-level companies are actually from his time. That group of people.

Is he a psychopath? At least we know it is indeed counted... Maybe many people have misunderstandings about this mental illness.

Mental illness is not the same as mental disorder. In our daily lives, many people with mental illness actually look like ordinary people, and some aspects may be a little "abnormal".

This is a matter for the hospital. Whether it counts or not, we have no right to judge, so we will tell everyone what we know.

This matter about him is related to his dad. The old neighbours also said it before. When he was young, his dad seemed to ask him to "eat life". In fact, his dad was strictly speaking, he was a college student in an earlier period, and theoretically more valuable. Generally, every unit will be regarded as a treasure, but in reality, his father’s job is not doing well (Maritime work is related to rank. Many things in China are not clear. You can’t go up with the ability and certificate. Of course, there are some gossips I won’t say), if you don’t go up, the whole person is depressed.

Then pin all hopes on him.

According to our current words, he has been under great pressure since he was young.

His dad often forced him to study, and it seemed that his dad's relationship with his family was not very good. He had quarreled every three days, and the neighbors around him knew about it.

In fact, after we discussed it, he has actually had a special hobby since he was a child. We can't say that this hobby is not considered a mental illness, but it can only be discussed by everyone.

He was the only one who had been picking up "trash" when he was playing with everyone since he was a child.

There are many online sayings about how poor his family was when he was young. In fact, what we know is not this. Everyone should know, what era was that? In 1960, in 1970, whose family was particularly rich? The era of eating big pot rice is basically the same. Material is inherently scarce. It is true that he liked reading since he was a child, but his dad would not let him read other books or give him money to buy them.

Then, he picked it up by himself. It is difficult to judge whether the picking was due to "no money to buy books" or "special hobby", but the feedback from the surrounding old neighbors was indeed not good and normal. A child picked it up all day. "Trash" is indeed more puzzling.

He himself said that he bought books, but in fact we are more inclined to a "collection addiction."

Our view has always been that anything out of dose to talk about toxicity is a hooliganism.

It does not mean that a person has a collecting addiction is mentally ill. This depends on the degree. Of course, many collectors are not mentally ill. This must be clearly distinguished.

His thing has become "picking everything."

Some people say that picking up trash is crazy? This is not a joke?

In fact, it's not. Everyone has overlooked one point. He can think of picking up trash as his own business. The question is where did he pick up the trash and put it? Where can I put it for him? Have you thought about this problem?

According to the memories of his old neighbor, in fact, his family had already mentioned this problem. You really had to pick it up the same day and sell it and pay the money back. A lot of trash was piled up at home, and there was no air conditioning at that time. Now I can’t stand the air conditioner. Many of the things that people throw away are very dirty. He picked them up. After a long time, the house was full of rubbish.

We don't know if this hobby is born.

The result of the discussion in our office is that it is very likely that it was not born but was made by his father later. The oppression was too strong, causing the child's unsound mind to be distorted.

What does it feel like?

Dad doesn't give what the child wants. Over time, he can only pick it up by himself. This behavior is a manifestation of "giving myself a sense of security". I feel safe with the things I pick up. The more piles I have, the stronger my sense of security, especially some of the garbage and some people come to collect and sell it, it is a good "excus" for this behavior.

But he didn't think of the consequences, that is, where is the garbage dump? Will anyone dislike it? He didn't think about it. According to the living method of "pigeon cage" in Xuhui Old Town at that time, it was indeed a headache. Students who are not familiar with that era can look at this picture. This is the housing conditions in the old Xuhui area. Of course, the Xuhui District is now relatively tall.

In fact, this habit he developed from childhood directly affects his future.

An old schoolmate of his (now he is the father of a colleague’s classmate, and he is at a different level from the same school, but he knows him) said that he has been picking it up in school.

But at that time, thrift was advocated, so the school didn't say anything. Most of them were picking up paper, which was nothing.

When it came time to work, the problem came. He chose his major according to his father's wishes. He didn't like it or was good at it. He still picked it up when he got to the work unit. Many colleagues couldn't bear it.

In fact, at this time, he no longer has the financial burden. Although there is no money in that era, it is at least a very legitimate and stable job, better than many people.

But he still picks up, basically uncontrollable picking up trash.

Just like the feeling that many people can't control their lips, he still picks it up there.

In all fairness, many people think that he has no mental problems. If there is such a person who has been picking up trash by your side, do you think it is acceptable?

The result of the discussion in our office is no, at least hygiene is too much, right?

At first, my colleagues just thought he seemed to be more frugal, and nothing happened, but later found out that something was wrong.

At that time, there was no "toilet paper". We in Shanghai called it "pasture paper." People may not use up the used papyrus completely. They only used a small part. He would pick up and tear off the unused ones and collect them. .

Many colleagues were dumbfounded.

He himself psychologically found a very suitable mouth for this behavior:

1. Picking up garbage and environmental protection.

2. The person who throws the trash doesn't investigate why it is said that I have a problem with picking up the trash?

3. What's wrong with selling rubbish for money?

4. Never waste anything.

Many netizens think that these ideas are "not mentally ill at all, they are very righteous!"

Many netizens' opinions are based on the subjective belief that "he has no influence on other people." In fact, it did have an influence.

A question that he didn't realize since he was a child: Where is the garbage he picked up and collected? Will it affect others? Especially when he goes into the bathroom to pick up rubbish, what will people think of him?

Nun and Nun are not the Virgin, nor will they be kidnapped morally. You can ask yourself, can anyone who goes to the bathroom to pick up toilet paper bear it? Especially if such a colleague is still around?

In fact, many people did not push him out. They persuaded him not to pick it up at the beginning, but he just refused to listen and still pick it up.

Everyone, notice that his picking is completely different from others picking it up and throwing it in the trash can. He will either pile it at home or in the office. Over time, who can stand it? Many colleagues went to talk, but he still didn't listen, and insisted on his theory.

Only believe in one's own theories, and only follow one's own lifestyle without considering the impact on others. Is this behavior considered a kind of mental illness? We cannot judge.

He has always believed that he did not pick up trash for the purpose of selling money or worshiping money, and he also saved resources for the unit. What was wrong with him?

The problem is that these things are not something that the unit needs him to do, and what is more terrible is that they do affect the entire environment. Who can bear it if there is a person who hoards trash around him?

Similar to his situation, there are too many, and we can search for a lot of related news:

The basics are exactly the same, to a certain extent, they are basically exclusive, because no one can stand it? Whether it is family members or colleagues.

So it seems that he went home in 1993.

We won’t talk about the subsequent house demolition. As for why we broke off with the family, it is still because of this matter. Desperately picking up rubbish, it seems that the neighbors can't stand it in Pudong, and they have complained to the property several times. It seems that conflicts arose several times.

But he still didn't change, still trying to pick it up.

He did stick to his own ideas, which sounded very positive.

But he didn't consider other people's feelings, and compared everyone living together.

He constantly finds reasons for picking up rubbish. When he was a child, it was to sell money, when he grew up, it was to terminate the contract for the unit, and now it is for the garbage and environmental protection, but in fact, when we think about his behavior carefully, we will not misunderstand why the identification is made. The agency identified him as mentally ill.

Of course, his kind of "paranoia" is not the kind of completely insanity. As long as you don't talk to him about picking up trash, everything else is normal, far beyond everyone's understanding of "traves and mental patients."

But if you invite him home, we can assure you that you won’t be able to bear it in one month.

He later rented a lot of houses, but they were all driven away by the landlord. No one could eat it. There was a lot of garbage, and there were hidden dangers to hygiene and fire safety. This is repeated many times.

He turned a blind eye to this issue, only insisted on his own views, and did not see the impact of his behavior on others.

Therefore, we do not believe that there is an error in his identification. The "paranoia" obsessed with excessive garbage collection can indeed be judged as a kind of mental illness.

Going back to what we said at the beginning, many people like to collect things, but collection also has a "degree". The bottom line of this degree is that it does not affect others. It is ok to collect figures, stamps, antiques, strange stones, flowers, etc. The bottom line is wrong.

Finally, like many paranoid collectors, he is lonely.

We do not blame him at all for this matter, nor do we blame the people around it, it is a tragedy in itself.

Everyone can take a look at his place, piles of garbage, and ask, if these things are piled up in your home or your office, can you bear it?

Of course, a problem in one part of the spirit does not mean that it affects the entire operation. Other parts of him are normal, such as raising stray cats. Therefore, many people have misunderstood that he is a "master" and "hidden in the city." , The fundamental reason was to use the standard of "insanity tramp" to put him on his head, and instantly felt that he was brilliant and immediately became red.

After all, he is a person who has read books. Many people regard his words as "quotations" and "gold sentences", and some even call for a separate place for him to study and study.

We are speechless... What do these low-key masters like real books think?

If his life is the first tragedy, then the current popularity is the second tragedy.

Everyone thinks that he is actually looking at a rare animal, "street psychiatric tramp" reading the Four Books and Five Classics? Can you tell the truth? Must be onlookers! So the situation on the Internet appeared:

Immediately being watched by the crowd, everyone had thought that his wandering itself was a tragedy. For him, the best result was to live alone, because only he alone can fully match his ideas. He may also yearn for a normal family and a normal life, but his habit of not giving up determines everything. And people don't care about these, just thinking about how to be curious.

What's more terrifying? Many people have seen the huge network traffic effect brought by this kind of "funny hunting", and began to approach him consciously and use him to drive various traffic.

Open various short video accounts, such as Douyin:

There are also various quick accounts:

Instantly hit the Internet. Lu Xun wrote about human blood steamed buns, and everyone's curiosity was greatly satisfied.

Now, this scene is happening again, everyone is around him, desperately eating his human blood buns, even if he repeatedly issued a statement saying don’t come again, don’t hype me anymore, I need to be quiet, there are still people Come.

He almost begged everyone not to come in a pleading tone and gave him a quiet life, but it was useless for people who like to eat human blood buns.

No one cares how he feels, people just want to eat the steamed buns they want.

Some people even played the sign of marrying him and gained a new wave of traffic.

Looking at everyone's happy smiling faces, have you ever thought that these smiles are the satisfied expressions of the devil after eating human blood buns?

Internet celebrities are constantly looking for him to take photos and take videos, because he can bring traffic for himself, this wave of human blood buns must be eaten, and if you don't eat it, you will lose.

Many other "net celebrities" also came after hearing the news and desperately rubbed traffic.

The so-called mother, the eldest sister also rushed over to rub traffic.

Even packaging ourselves as his "first love girlfriend", we are sick and vomiting.

A nationwide carnival of cannibalism is being staged. Shen Wei is just the latest example, just like the big news that Peking University’s talented people sell pork and the elite students from prestigious schools return to the countryside to raise chickens to raise chickens across the country.

He faces countless people's mobile phones every day.

Countless internet celebrities and reporters stayed for interviews, hoping to get some traffic.

If you put him in a "normal person" mode, no one will pay attention to his remarks. It is precisely because of this huge gap that he has become a kind of "demonized" human blood bun. Look at these accounts opened for him separately.

With the gradual understanding of him, many people began to resent this kind of thing.

In fact, many departments have cared about him and hoped to help him, but he himself is obsessed with his world, rejected everyone's concern, and only wants to live his own life.

Many people ask us, how long will he be popular? We don't know, the last one we got the impression of somehow became popular is Xiao Wu.

But Xiao Wu obviously has no voice now. We expect "Vagrant Master" to be popular for 1 to 2 months. After this time, not many people will care about him anymore, and people will be keen to find the next one. Fresh human blood buns that have not been eaten.

As for him, the peaceful life that he had lasted for more than 20 years was completely broken, and the follow-up is bound to return to calm again. No one knows or cares how much this will affect him.

Stop it and give him a peaceful life. This is what he wants. He is just an ordinary person who likes to read, a poor person, not as knowledgeable as everyone thinks, and not as extraordinary as everyone thinks, even Great to the point of a master, these are all hype by others against his own wishes. The devils who eat human blood steamed buns don't leave people satisfied with their blood after stirring the other side's chicken feathers every time.

This is the cruelest! Society shouldn't be like this!

Editor's note:

We clearly know that he is so different from us-although everyone may never believe in this idealism, we are still attracted by such people.

They all truly love this beautiful world. They think about the world like a philosopher. When Nietzsche cried and went crazy while holding a flogging horse, when Van Gogh laughed at the world with his cut off ears, Shen Wei chose to wander for more than XNUMX years. On the streets, pick up trash to advocate environmental protection.

He lives in his own world happily. This is an independent and free soul; his uncompromising on worldly life is a kind of invaluable persistence.

I hope that idealists like Shen Wei in our society can be treated with gentleness.