Yesterday, the table wrote that Xi'an Lizhixing Mercedes-Benz 4S store bullied customers and had no way to defend their rights. So far, Mercedes-Benz has not given a satisfactory answer to the demands of female car owners, and the contradiction has escalated again.


How influential is this matter?


A single video has more than XNUMX million views. People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and People’s Daily reported successively, and it has risen to a well-known event for the whole people.

If you understand the ins and outs of the whole thing and carefully analyze the progress of the event, you will find that this is an ordinary woman who uses her cultural knowledge and strict logical thinking ability toFight against numerous 4S stores across the country, and even pick up the entire industry's panties.


Let's start with the recording of a Mercedes-Benz executive and this female car owner.

After listening to this recording, the table felt astonished. The female car owner and her eloquence and logical thinking are simply wonderful! Do you have?


This is all a female car owner slamming a Mercedes-Benz executive!


Judging from the whole recording, what kind of attitude does this executive Liu Yuanting have? First of all, he played the emotional card, saying happy birthday to you, and shied away from being busy. It was very official and separated himself from Mercedes-Benz.


To put it bluntly, she is still treating consumers as stupid.


And how did this female car owner fight back?


First of all, you said you are in Germany, where are you, can't you answer a phone call?You have nothing to explain about this matter, and I will not understand.


Second, my money is handed to Xi'an Lizhixing, not the official Mercedes-Benz.Is it possible that someone eats food in my shop and is poisoned. I said that the farmers have spread pesticides. Should I communicate with the farmers first?


Third, what you said is that the National Three Guarantees requires that engine oil leaks require replacement of the engine, but the National Three Guarantees also stipulates that the vehicle must be equipped with a vehicle if it takes more than 5 days to repair a car.But are you worthy?


If the national three guarantees are beneficial to you, you will recognize them, and if the national three guarantees are beneficial to me, you will not recognize them.


Fourth, I pay a XNUMX thousand financial service fee. What have you and I served?


I want to sell more than a thousand bowls of noodles for more than five thousand yuan, ten yuan a bowl, I can make money, but it is very hard work, I want to say:


What is your pricing standard? Are there any arbitrary charges? How many consumers are deceived by you like me? I believe it is definitely more than me!


The words of this female car owner are completely a textbook model for communicating and refuting others!


In just a few minutes, the female car owner used negotiation skills, communication skills, empathy skills, etc.

If you listened to this recording carefully, the Mercedes-Benz executive wanted to interrupt many times and wanted to reverse, but the female car owner blocked her completely with just one sentence:My emotions have gone down, you don't want to be official again, my emotions will be provoked by you again.


The executive was speechless.

It took the female car owner only 4 o'clock to explain the whole thing, and every word and every sentence was on the point, which was very logical.


In her speech, golden sentences frequently appeared, and her metaphor could be said to be "snake hitting up to seven inches above", and people couldn't help but clap their hands and exclaim.


Moreover, in a very short period of time, she made her own logic step by step, and the last one almost hit their dead spot:


Financial service fees, credited to private accounts, no invoices, a major problem at first glance, and a large number of people, if 4S broke this matter, the consequences would be disastrous.


After the recording was exposed, netizens exclaimed that they were also recruited.

And after the matter was fermented, many car owners who had previously been scammed for financial service fees turned to 4S stores to defend their rights.

Now, this female car owner has eight points about Mercedes-Benz:

The demands for these eight points are extremely powerful and terrible.


For example, for the first point, if the 4S shop knows that the car itself is defective, but still sells it to her, it will be a shoddy car, and a fake one will pay three. Now the latest information has come out, saying that this car is missing. The oil truck is a stock truck.

For another example, the fourth point, how many consumers are cheated by this financial service fee each year? This must be very many, and to the point where it cannot be solved.


In addition, this female car owner has many points about the chaos in the entire auto sales industry. She asked to rectify the chaos and regulate the employees. It can be said that she is helping us thousands of consumers in the welfare.


Benz wanted to refund her money, but she disagreed, saying why should you refund me if you have no problem? She said very well:We do not need to be pressured by public opinion to do incorrect things, and I am willing to wait for the final result.

Now, Xi’an Administration for Industry and Commerce has formed a special team to investigate the entire incident.I believe that the entire interest chain will be presented in the investigation report.

The female car owner and her family unanimously said:The unreasonableness of this is definitely not unreasonable by myself. How many people have been charged for financial services and how they are charged, we need a satisfactory answer.

Mercedes-Benz refused to refund her 66, but lost several billions for this. Now it is not only Mercedes-Benz that has to pay the price for this, its vitality is greatly injured, and the illegal related interest chain behind the entire automobile industry must be rectified.


This is a story about bronze becoming a king in just a few days.


In the beginning, the female car owner was deceived. She had no way to defend her rights. She had no choice but to sit on the hood of a Mercedes-Benz car and cry bitterly. The matter got attention from netizens. After it got fermented, she asked the Mercedes-Benz official to apologize, change her car or refund .


Now the incident has risen to an event of public concern. In addition to helping herself defend her rights, she also has to question the chaos behind the entire industry.


Many people admired her courage and intelligence. She would definitely not be able to do it if she changed herself. Most people lost money by repairing the car, but she had to keep going. The table felt that this was the representative of contemporary young intellectual women in China.

"At this moment, she represents not only herself, but also all consumers. Everyone may be deceived in the process of consumption, and the exposure of every scam can promote the progress of rights protection. Now she is not only questioning 4S The store also represents countless consumers who may be deceived or about to be deceived are questioning the business!"


A high praise comment said:

However, it is such a person who is trying to promote the progress of the whole society,But they encountered threats, intimidation, and huge doubts.

Did not solve the problem, solve the person who raised the problem first?


After finally lighting up a small flame, will it be extinguished by this evil force? Are those who say she has ulterior motives stupid or vicious?


A beam of light shot into the entire darkness, illuminating the dirt, and then the beam of light became guilty.


Wouldn't those unscrupulous merchants who knocked down this female car owner continue to make money without conscience?


Let her give up the fight. After the limelight passes, can those 4S stores still deceive consumers to make a lot of money?


Spill all the dirty water on her, put the most stinking labels on her, put her under tremendous mental pressure, and slowly give up struggling. Can the ambitions behind those interest groups succeed?


At this point, my mood is complicated and powerless. When an event develops to the end, the person who stands out for everyone always suffers the most.


The table is just a little author. I know that this article can’t change much, but I am willing to write such an article for this female car owner. I want to tell her, please don’t be afraid and don’t panic, we will always support you behind your back , Accompany you to fight to the end!


Those who hold fire for everyone must not freeze to death in the wind and snow; those who open the way for the world must not be trapped in thorns.


I vaguely remember that Cui Yongyuan who tore through the ugly entertainment circle with his own effort.


Someone sent him a death threat message, "I have received an order to kill you. If you don't stop, you can figure it out."


That night, Cui Yongyuan had a dream, in which his father told him,Can not retreat.


他 说:"In this struggle, I may also have to pay my blood and even my life.I am fully prepared for this.You want Cui Yongyuan to kneel down and beg you and persuade you, there is no door.I will fight you all in my life!"


If the world is silent, I would be the first to speak up.


If there is no light where I am, I would be a torch.


If someone must sacrifice, then please start by yourself.


Drinking ice for ten years, it is difficult to cool blood.In the dark room for thousands of years, the light will light up.

I like to say that the only way for a society to keep improving is for everyone to try their best to shine. Because the glimmer will attract the glimmer, the glimmer will illuminate the glimmer, and then shine and shine together, which can suppress the darkness.


Therefore, when there is such a person who is shining, I hope that all of us can respond to her in our own way of shining, to respond to her, and let her know that she is not fighting alone!


Support women owners of Mercedes-Benz, women fighters who defend their rights!



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