The Andrew Labour government is fighting for the people of Victoria by launching a strong new propaganda to fight for a fair distribution of funds by the federal government – ​​no matter which party will win the federal election next month.

At the Royal Children’s Hospital, Governor Andrew and Minister of Health Ms. Jenny Mikacos launched a publicity campaign called "Our Fair Share" which began on Sunday on television, radio, print media and the Internet.

The campaign will also highlight the federal government's huge investment cuts for hospitals and schools in Victoria, even though Victoria is the fastest-growing region in the country and more than a quarter of Australian residents live in Victoria.

The federal government cut $3 million from hospitals in Victoria-these cuts are hurting patients, nurses and doctors in hospitals across Victoria.

This amount is equivalent to XNUMX hip replacement surgeries, XNUMX dialysis sessions or XNUMX chemotherapy services.

They also proposed an unfair national budget agreement that would make public schools receive less funding than private schools, resulting in a shortfall of 5 million yuan in public schools each year.

This is equivalent to the salary of XNUMX full-time teachers, simply because the federal government wants to raise the bottom line of financial reporting and cannot obtain government funds.

Compared with previous Victorian governments, the current Labour Party government has invested more in Victorian schools and hospitals – ensuring that every child has the best education and every Victorian resident has access to world-class healthcare health care.

With the federal elections getting closer, it is time for Victoria to fight for a fair share.

Governor Andrew stated

"Victorians are disgusted by the federal government's act of putting Sydney first and Victoria second. No matter who wins the election or what the election claims are, we should get our fair share from the federal government. "

      "Victorian schools and hospitals should be better supported by the federal government, and there should no longer be cuts and withdrawals of funding. "

Secretary of Health Jeanne Mikakos said

"We are the fastest growing state in the country – our hospitals can no longer afford more budget cuts by the federal government. "

      "We provide nurses and doctors with everything they need for their jobs so that we can provide the best care for all Victorians – imagine if we get a fair share of funding from the federal government, the state government will do much more. "