Shooting today
This morning,

A shooting occurred in a nightclub near the CBD in Melbourne!

One person died, three were injured,

The gunman is still at large...

In the nightclub, people partying all night, the atmosphere is high;

Outside the nightclub, after the gunfire, blood splashed on the spot...

In March, 3 people in Melbourne were killed by shooting.

Who knows that April is not stable...

Gun issues and community safety

Once again become the focus of attention.


Many people were injured in the early morning shooting

According to foreign media reports, at around 3 am today, something happened in front of a nightclub in Prahran, Melbourne.Many people were injured in the shooting, and the gunman was at large.

This nightclub is called Love Machine and is located in the famousChapel StNearby, there is a lot of traffic on weekends.

According to the security inside the nightclub, Love Machine was holding an event last night. The music inside was very loud. When the shooting happened,The guests in the store did not notice anything, so there was no panic.

According to The Age, the shooting caused4 injured, Has been rushed to hospital.

Two of the four injured are nightclub security guards, one is a customer, and the identity of the other has not been confirmed.

A security guardHe was shot in the face and died in the hospital.

The unidentified male was seriously injured,Not out of danger.

The other two male wounded were in stable condition and no major problems.

Police and forensic doctors are still exploring the scene.

A few pieces on siteClothes and bullet shellsScattered on the floor in front of the nightclub,

Not far from the groundBloodstains are clearly visible.

Edie, a resident who lives nearby, said that she didn't hear anything at night and didn't know that the shooting happened until she watched the news this morning, and called on the authorities to adopt stricter gun laws.

"I think they should be stricter on gun laws", she told reporters at the scene.

"It's very scary. The shooting happened at our door. It may happen to any of us."

The Age said the person who shot the gun was sitting in a carStolen black Porsche CayenneGo up, leave the scene after firing, without stopping.

It is understood that there have beenIllegal motorcycle gangsters blackmail nightclubs, The police investigation may proceed in this direction.

Currently, the section of Malvern Rd between Chapel St and Surrey Rd is blocked, and the police remind people to avoid the area.

The gunman is still at large and his identity is unknown.

Anyone with relevant information can call+1800 333Contact Crime Stoppers.


Melbourne shootings happen frequently, March becomes "death month"

In the early hours of yesterday morning, there was also a shooting in the north of Melbourne.

According to reports from Herald Sun, at about 2 o'clock in the morning yesterday, a car parked on Argyle St in Fawkner, north of Melbourne.The white pickup truck was shot several times.

Subsequently, the police blocked the road and established a security zone. Investigators are currently investigating the incident.

It is believed that,The gunmen had planned to set fire to the car, But did not succeed, and then fled.

No one was injured in the accident.

Two consecutive days of shootings remind people of last monthShooting frequentlyTerrible record.

According to the records of the Coroners Court of Victoria,

March of this year is the past ten years

Melbourne has the highest number of shooting deaths

"Month of Death"

In less than two weeks, it happened one after another4 shootings, Resulting in5 dead.

3 person died at Kensington Boxing Stadium on March 1
At around 3pm on March 1 (Friday), a large number of spectators gathered in the Melbourne Pavilion.

They are watching a seven-round boxing match, the Oceania Championship organized by the World Boxing Association.

(Source: Network)


boom! boom! boom!

There were multiple gunshots!

The scene was chaotic!

(Source: 7 News)

People fled one after another, and several cars almost ran into each other to avoid the gunfight.

(Source: 9 News)

Ben Togiai, a 30-year-old man from Craigieburn

Shot in the head and died on the spot!

Two other men were seriously injured.

(Source: The Age)

When the police announced the suspect’s name, they described it as a

Execution-style murder!

People worry that this killing might triggerA bloody war between rival gangs in the Middle East.

The three men involved are from Pascoe Vale (3-year-old Abdullah El Nasher, 27-year-old Ali El Nasher and 28-year-old Mikhael Myko).

The police were looking for the fourth man, but his identity has not yet been determined.

(Image source: Herald Sun)

3 person died in Dandenong on March 3
On the evening of March 3 (Sunday), a car hit a pole on Dawn Ave in Dandenong, and the 3-year-old driver Mitat Rasimi died instantly.

Strangely, a gunshot wound was found on the deceased!

(Image source: Herald Sun)

The police suspected that the car accident was just a blindfold and that shooting was the real cause of death of the victim.

Two people died in Meadow Heights on March 3
"Help me! Call the police! I was shot! I was shot!"

On the evening of March 3 (Monday), a call for help came from the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

(Image source: Herald Sun)

When emergency personnel arrived,

Two men have been shot dead!

When they were discovered, they were only 500 meters apart.

(Source: 9 News)

(Source: The Age)

Police said the two men were both in their 30s and had gunshot wounds on their bodies.

(Image source: Herald Sun)

Witness Sam Mohamad, who lives between Huntly Court and Morris Court, said,

He ran out of the house after hearing gunfire and screaming.

(Two streets have been blocked. Source: Herald Sun)

"I saw a wounded man sitting in a wheelbarrow,

Pushed by another man.

He was crying for help'Help me call the police, help me! '"

(Image source: Herald Sun)

"I immediately ran in and called the police.

But when I got out of the phone,

The shopping cart has been pushed to the other side of the road,

The man pushing the cart is gone. "

"A man is running towards Rokewood Reserve."

(Source: The Age)

(Image source: Herald Sun)

3 person died in Springvale on March 10
At midnight on March 3, the Victorian Emergency Services Department received a report of a shooting near Springvale Rd in Springvale in the southeast.

The police rushed to the scene immediately and found that the man who was shot was dead and his identity has not been officially confirmed.

The crime scene was located at the entrance of a Thai massage shop (Springvale Authentic Thai Massage) on Springvale Rd.

It is understood that there are many Chinese living near this area, including international students.

The shooting location was from the Clayton campus of Monash University

Just a few kilometers!

According to on-site investigations, the police believe that in this case, the gunman and the victim knew each other.

Victoria Police spokesman Alex Day said, "From the current investigation, the police do not believe that this case is related to other shootings that occurred in Melbourne before this month."

The police found a dark coat at the scene


The problem of gun possession is serious. Is Australia still safe?

The shooting incidents in Melbourne have caused a series ofPrivate possession of gunsOnce again became the focus of attention of the police and the public.

At one time, Australia was often used as the most successful example of gun control.

Nowadays, it not only makes people wonder, how much has Australia's gun control system, which is known as "the most stringent in the world", implemented?

Australia began to implement the "National Arms Agreement" in 1996, prohibiting people from privately holding automatic and semi-automatic assault rifles:

"Anyone in Australia is not allowed to carry short firearms, automatic or semi-automatic assault rifles. Those who own guns must register with their real names and obtain a firearms license."

The government also paid back about 64 assault weapons from existing gun owners.

Various states and territories have also implemented private gun repurchase, and the number of guns recovered has reached 100 million.

The effect of the implementation of the National Arms Agreement is very obvious, and the number of shootings in Australia has been reduced by 50%:

In 1996, every 10 people had54%May be shot;

In 2014, the proportion dropped to15%May be shot,Down by up to 72%.

In 1996, a total of311FromMurder, where98FromRelated to guns.

In 2014, it happened in AustraliaFrom 238Murders, onlyFrom 35Related to guns.

However, research by scholars in recent years has shown that the number of illegal guns in Australia is gradually recovering.

A 2016 report showed that Australia hasNearly 26Illegal guns, but some experts said this data is a conservative estimate.

The total number of illegal guns in Australia may exceed60 million

In 2017, in order to re-stabilize the gun control situation, the Australian government implemented a policy from July 7 to September 1.

"Handing in a private gun, forget the past"Firearms amnesty, hope to take thisReduce the number of unregistered weapons on the street.

In just three months, it was successfully recycledNearly a thirdOf illegal weapons!

A total of 57000 illegal firearms,

Including about 2500 semi-automatic and fully automatic rifles

However, this "forget the past" approach seems to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause.

The frequent shootings in March and April have caused panic throughout the city.

People are worried that guns will spread in the community and be used by some as a tool of protection or intimidation.

Once a bad judgment is made on the impulse, the consequences will be disastrous...

Today's Conclusion

Hope the government can really implement

"Zero tolerance" attitude towards gun crimes and violence,

Give all residents a safe living environment.

Editor: Cheryl

Material source: The Age, Herald Sun, 9 news, etc.