According to The Times, a two-year-old girl recently found a used condom in the main dining area of ​​a McDonald’s branch in southern Perth and “sucked” it. McDonald’s apologized for this.

The girl’s mother, a woman who asked not to be named, told 10daily's reporter Antoinette Lattouf that she and her husband took their daughter to this McDonald’s in Warnbro for dinner at around 6pm on Friday evening. At that time, she was ordering food for her family at the counter, when she suddenly found her daughter holding the condom in her mouth. The mother said that the black condom looked like someone had used it, but they did not find the packaging around.

(Picture source: "Times")

She suspected that her daughter had been found in the chair. She said: "I'm really angry and sick... I can't sleep at all now. I feel very guilty about taking her there."

After leaving McDonald's to consult with a local doctor, the family was told that they needed to bring condoms to the hospital for testing.

However, the mother said that when they returned to the restaurant, the staff refused to hand over the condoms. She angrily asked, "What if there is a sexually transmitted disease on it that has been transmitted to my daughter? We have to wait two months to get her blood test!"

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A McDonald’s spokesperson said they are investigating the incident. It is understood that a restaurant employee has taken the condom to the hospital for testing.

The spokesperson said: "We are very sorry for this matter, and we will definitely deal with it seriously. We have always put cleanliness and safety as our top priority, and the staff on duty will check every corner of the restaurant every 30 minutes."