Earlier this morning, news of the fire at Notre Dame de Paris hit the world,

According to the French Le Monde, after the fire

Notre Dame Cathedral

The first photo inside the building was exposed.

Let us look back on this sad day for all mankind!

The fire blazed into the sky and the spire collapsed.

This 850-year-old building was almost engulfed by flames.

Are the treasures of human culture and art destroyed like this? Don't do it!

Live video exposure:

The firefighters are fighting the fire. The fire department believes that

The fire may be related to the ongoing renovation of Notre Dame Cathedral.

They said it was a terrible disaster.

According to French media reports, the location of the fire was on the top tower of Notre Dame de Paris.

The roof and beams burned, and the spire collapsed before 20 o'clock.

On the evening of the 15th, Macron delivered a speech in the square in front of the church saying,

"Although this battle has not yet been fully won,

But the worst has been avoided. "

Macron said,

"We will rebuild Notre Dame de Paris".

According to the French "Le Monde", after the Notre Dame Cathedral fire,

The first photo inside the building was exposed.

Notre Dame de Paris was commissioned by King Louis VII,

I hope it will become a symbol of political, economic, intellectual and cultural power in Paris and abroad.

This city has become the center of power in France,

A religious monument is needed to match its new status.

King at the eastern end of Îledela Cité, one of the two islands of the Seine

The selected medieval cathedral was demolished to its foundation, so a new cathedral can be built.

It is said that this is the first stone of a large building 130 meters long and 48 meters wide.

It is said to have been laid in 1163 in the presence of Pope Alexander III,

But it took another 200 years to complete and experienced the following frequent revisions for centuries.

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