Last week, Phuket Airport stated that it has included Mai Khao Beach in a restricted area and prohibits tourists from taking photos. Once violated, it will be deemed as "deliberately interfering with pilots", with a hefty fine and death penalty for the lighter.

Kaeothaithiam said that this rule will take effect soon. The main reason why Mai Khao Beach attracts so many tourists is that it is located at the end of runway 09 of Phuket International Airport, so it is also called the selfie runway. Over the years, there have been countless tourists. Take pictures here.

Kaeothaithiam believes that this is increasingly becoming a serious problem as tourists increase. However, local residents believe that the regulation is undermining the development of tourism here. Kaeothaithiam said: “It’s actually very dangerous for tourists to take photos with airplanes. Because the distance is too close, the camera’s flash will affect the pilots and even endanger the safety of tourists and nearby residents.”

In addition, the huge noise of the aircraft can also damage the hearing of tourists. It is reported that in addition to flashing lights, laser pointers and drones can also interfere with the flight of aircraft.