According to the "Daily Mail" report, a woman tried to smuggle goods stolen from Big W in a stroller in a shopping mall and was caught on the spot.

On Thursday, at a Big W in Gungahli, Australia, two women scuffled with security guards at the mall. The surrounding crowd watched in shock. An eyewitness, Rachel, recorded the video. She said the two women are becoming more aggressive.

Rachel said: "I saw one of the women hit the security guard on the head."

The video shows a woman wearing a cotton jacket and black jeans pushing a stroller with a yellow blanket on the roof. After realizing that the woman had intent to steal, security guards stopped her at the exit of the store. She tried to get around them, but someone tore off the blanket, revealing what she had stolen in the stroller.

(Image source: "Daily Mail")

In the video, someone can be heard yelling: "Grab her! Grab her!"

Rachel also said that the woman verbally abused her when the staff stopped her. She recalled: "The security guard was obviously in self-defense, and one of the women was shouting:'Take your damn hand away from my stroller!' "

Another woman in a black shirt jumped out when the staff was engaged in a tug-of-war with the stroller. She waved her arms at a staff member's head and shouted.

(Image source: "Daily Mail")

The woman pushing the stroller gave up and continued to pull with the staff. She let go of the stroller, pulled the staff’s hair instead, and then slammed her to the ground.

Then the two women pushed the empty strollers to the exit. Security personnel could only pick up the goods scattered around in shock.

(Image source: "Daily Mail")

The Big W party confirmed the incident: "We are assisting the police in investigating this matter, and we will provide support to our staff."