A photo of a kangaroo dressed up as a ballerina at the Russian Circus angered Australian conservationists.

(Image source: Yahoo News)

Last week, this shocking photo was uploaded to the Instagram homepage of Lis Help Animals, an animal rights organization, and it quickly fermented. In this undated photo, the kangaroo is wearing a pink tutu skirt and ballet slippers, with an apron around his neck and a wooden pole attached to it. Behind it is a ballerina, and in the background you can see a large audience sitting under the stage.

The netizen who uploaded the photo said angrily: “This is the Russian circus, and the kangaroos are dancing ballet. You read that right. This is another way to pretend to be an exquisite ballet to use foreign animals in an open manner. To please animal cruelty. Russia has more than 7000 million circus audiences."

(Photo source: Internet)

After this photo was shared on the Australian Animal Rights/Vegetarian Facebook page, netizens were furious and expressed their concerns in the comments.

"Kangaroos should not dance ballet in a circus! They are wild animals! They should live in the wild! This is abuse!"

"This is ridiculous! Animals are not used to please the audience! This kangaroo should live with its companions in our Australian jungle!"

Some netizens were confused about how the kangaroo was transported to Russia: "How can they get our native animals and do this to them? It's disgusting."

It is not clear when and where this photo was taken, but this photo is very similar to a video of a 2014 Russian State Circus performance on YouTube.