The regret caused by a fire is unforgettable.
On April 4th local time, a fire affected the hearts of the world. Located in the center of Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral, a magnificent building with a history of 15 years, was finally extinguished after nearly 850 hours of fire. Fire causedThe wooden beam roof of the church was completely destroyed, and the spire collapsed as a historical sign. This is an indelible loss for France and the world.

Damaged area of ​​Notre Dame Cathedral after the disaster. Source: BBC

Less than 24 hours after the disaster, all walks of life quickly initiated donations to assist in the reconstruction project. Currently,The total amount of large donations from companies has exceeded 7 million euros.

Reuters reported that as of noon on the 16th Eastern time, a number of private companies have generously contributed to the reconstruction of the cathedral, with donations totaling more than 7 million euros.

The donation list includes:
1. Moet ‧ Hennessy-Louis Vuitton Group (LVMH)

The family of French billionaire Bernard Arnault and its Moet Hennessy-Louis Vuitton Group (LVMH) stated that they will donate 2 million euros to help rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral.

2. Kering Group

Francois Henri Pinault, the head of the French Kering Group, donated 1 million euros through his Artemis holding company.

3. L'Oréal Group

The French cosmetics group L'OREAL, the Bettencourt Meyer family and the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation donated a total of 2 million euros.

4. Total

The French oil company TOTAL (one of the six largest oil companies in the world) donated 1 million euros.

5. FIMALAC, France

Marc Ladreit de Lacharriere, the head of the French company FIMALAC, pledged to donate 1,000 million euros.

6. Wanxi Group

The French VINCI construction group promoted skills contribution activities and called on all French construction companies to participate in the reconstruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

7. Bouygue Construction Group

The brothers Martin Bouygues and Olivier of the Bouygues construction group pledged to donate 1,000 million euros and said they are ready to join the "skills sponsorshi" event promoted by Wanxi.

8. JCDecaux Group

The French-based multinational company, outdoor advertising group JCDecaux Group, pledged to donate 2,000 million euros.

9. Societe Generale

Société Générale (one of the Big Three in the French banking industry) promised to provide 1,000 million euros in funding.

10. Apple Inc.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., tweeted that Apple would donate money to assist in the reconstruction work, but did not specify the amount.

11. European Central Bank

The European Central Bank said it will donate 900 million euros. In addition, CAP GEMINI donated 100 million euros.

12. City of Paris

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, said the city will donate 5,000 million euros.

13.Valerie Pequeres

The chairman of the parliament of the Ile-De-France Authority (Ile-De-France Authority) in Paris, Valerie Pecresse, donated 1,000 million euros.

At the same time, the Auvergne-Rhone Alps (AUVERGNE-RHONE ALPES) government donated 200 million euros.

Although the donations of entrepreneurs are admirable, it is a pity that the tragedy caused by the fire is very deep, leaving many irreparable regrets.

Some people say that as long as the main frame is still there, the cultural relics are still there, Notre Dame is still there!After the fire, we finally saw the wreckage inside.

Some people were surprised to find that the fire burned the most on the roof, devouring 2/3 of the roof, But the windows on the two wings of the church are almost intact.

While people were surprised, details about the construction of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris were also exposed.

The architects in the Middle Ages used a double-layer roof structure.The first floor is a wooden structure, which is the top floor in the picture above, as the outer roof, which is the floor where the fire broke out this time. The second floor is the circular vault below. This vault is made of stone!

It is precisely because of this double roof design that the worst of this fire did not happen, The most important internal structure of Notre Dame de Paris, saved!

However, the wooden structure engulfed by the fire can never be recovered by humans.. According to the official website, these wooden materials are by no means ordinary building materials. In order to make this whole roof, we used13000 oak trees 300-400 years old. Most of these trees have been felled since 1220.

On top of this wooden support structure is a 5 mm thick lead roof sheet. A total of 210 tons of lead is placed on these wooden frames, playing a real role in sheltering the wind and rain.

It can be seen that the material is so precious,

Even if France took decades to repair,

It is also difficult for us to regain the rich taste of the original history.

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