Whether in large cities or remote areas, matching skills with jobs can fully realize the potential of immigrants.

From the former Prime Minister of Australia Tan Bao to the current Morrison, when they talked about the reform of skilled immigration, they repeatedly emphasized one sentence: to ensure that the immigrants introduced by Australia"the best and brightest”!

Although the official did not give a specific standard, but "Young", "Good English", "Be able to work and pay taxes"Waiting is already an indispensable label on skilled immigrants under the New Deal.

So, when these outstanding skilled immigrants came to Australia, did they give full play to their strengths in their respective posts, as the Australian government thought?

IT talents open for rent

The scoring immigration system currently adopted by Australia evaluates applicants from various aspects such as funding, skills, English, education, and health. This system has even been recognized by the traditional immigration powers of the United States and the United Kingdom. Policy makers believe that using such a system canLeave high-skilled immigrants and screen out the so-called low-skilled immigrants who have low wages and difficulty in integrating into society.

However, the ideal is full and the reality is very skinny.

In Australia, you will find that a considerable part of low-income jobs such as taxi drivers and cleaners are all immigrants.

The Guardian近日采访了墨尔本街头的一位出租车司机,他来澳洲已经3年了。当被问到是否喜欢开出租时,他直言“NO”。

Yes, who wants to open a rental for a lifetime? Especially since he has received formal IT education, and thisGot an Australian PR. But after posting countless resumes, only one job was found for renting.

Does Australia need no IT talents? of course not. Small and medium companies in Australia are clamoring for shortages every day.

Is he not good enough? Shouldn't be, otherwise, how could he stand out from the fierce competition and get PR?

People can't help asking, why do the highly skilled talents who are clearly introduced do low-skilled jobs in the end? Has Australia's immigration system played a real role?


Causes of "Immigration Dislocation"

One of the reasons why Australia introduced a scoring immigration system in the 70s was to change the issue of racial discrimination under the White Australia policy. Today, the specialization of the middle class has replaced White Australia as the standard for measuring good immigration. But the problem is that being a middle class and having technology does not necessarily lead to a decent job or social recognition.

According to the latest report of the Population Research Institute, from 2011 to 2016, among skilled immigrants from non-English speaking countries, onlyLess than one-third are engaged in professional or management jobs.


According to a study by the Australian Council of Social Services, among this type of skilled immigrants, the income is 25% higher than that of English-speaking immigrants or native Australians. In recent years, the unemployment rate of permanent immigrants has also been generally higher. 50% higher than Australians.

What is the reason?

1. 当前的移民职业与澳洲经济的真实需求并不完全一致。

Whenever it comes to technical work, the Australian government must say its budget, and the annual list of skilled immigration occupations must be extensively negotiated with state governments, commercial organizations, social organizations and the public. And this process is more like a political need than for comprehensive consideration.

For example, accounting. How many years has it been since this occupation was taken off the list of immigration occupations? How many studies and reports claim that the supply of accounting has exceeded demand? But it has stayed as stable as Mount Tai, after all, there are too many benefits involved.

Of course, the accounting quotas in recent years have indeed not been as large as in previous years, and the scores have also remained high. But this is not an issue of accounting as a profession. The scores of all 189 nominated professions tend to be higher.


2. 社会中存在一定的歧视。

Of course, this phenomenon may not be completely avoided at any time in any country.

Australian economists once did a study and they found thatEven with the same academic qualifications and work experience, immigrants with Anglo-Saxon names are more likely to get interview opportunities, while indigenous peoples from China, the Middle East and even Australia are often abandoned.

Some employers in Australia have preconceived that immigrants from traditional English-speaking countries are better. The root of this thinking lies in racial discrimination. In fact, regardless of the degree of hard work, hard-working spirit or success rate of the next generation, Asian immigrants are leading.

3. Changes in Australian immigration policy

The recent Australian governments have reformed the immigration system, the general direction isReducing the number of permanent residences and increasing temporary residence visas, shifting from independent skilled immigrants dominating to state duties, especially in remote areas.

Currently, workers holding a temporary residence visa account for about 11% of the Australian workforce. Many of them use thisSemi-permanent residenceThey have stayed in Australia for many years, but they cannot enjoy certain basic rights, such as Medicare and various benefits, and of course they cannot be naturalized.

In order to meet the requirements for permanent residence, many temporary immigrants dare not complain even if they encounter unfair treatment. Because once they annoy the employer, theyLost a job opportunity, and may lose the PR that is about to be acquired.

Of course, new immigrants like to get together in big cities, although there are more job opportunities in their counterparts and there are also more applicants, which brings greater competition. This also makes it difficult for some new immigrants to obtain professional job opportunities.

不过这个问题并不是澳洲独有的,比如另一个以打分移民知名的国家 – 加拿大也有类似问题。



Critics who were dissatisfied with the immigration policy of the Liberal Party once said that Australia is necessaryFurther tighten immigration and accept only "correct immigrants"(right kind of migrant)。

There is nothing wrong with wanting the right immigration, but they ignore one fact:Many problems arise not because Australia has accepted the so-called "wrong immigrants", but Australia's attitude towards immigrants, including the attitude of the government, the attitude of the employer, the attitude of the public, etc..

So, if you want to really play the role of Australia's immigration system, should Australian society also reflect on itself?

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