April 4 is Easter in the West. Easter is an important holiday in the Christian calendar. It is the first Sunday after the full moon every year on the vernal equinox.

Christians believe that Easter is a symbol of rebirth and hope, to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion between 30 and 33 AD.

At this time, most people in Western countries are enjoying their holiday life...

And on these days, Sri Lanka, an island country located in the Indian Ocean,

But there was a serial bombing that shocked the world.

According to the "Daily Mail" report,

This bombing has caused more than 156 deaths,

More than 400 people were injured...

And the local media,

The number of people killed in this serial bombing

It has been updated to 160 people, including 35 foreigners.

After the explosion, the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka has immediately activated an emergency plan to notify local Chinese-funded enterprises, overseas Chinese and domestic groups visiting Sri Lanka to pay attention to safety.

According to the latest news,

Four Chinese citizens were hospitalized with moderate or mild injuries in the explosion.

The injured person is currently in stable condition.

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Sunday (21st) local time,

There were 6 bomb attacks in Sri Lanka.

The location of the incident included,

Shangri-La Hotel (Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo),

Cinnamon Grand Hotel (Cinnamon Grand, Colombo),

The Kingsbury Hotel (The Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo),

St Anthony's Shrine (Colombo),

St Sebastian's Church (Negombo),

Zion Church (Zion Church, Batticaloa) and other places.

Two of the churches are holding Easter ceremonies...

But when the church activity was in the middle, there was a huge explosion suddenly!

The believers in the church can't escape, and almost no one can escape!

The roof of the church was blown through, and the floor was covered with bloody debris and blasted chairs.

None of the survivors can accept the fact that their loved ones died,

Were greatly shocked mentally,

My relatives are in sight,

Suddenly blown to pieces,

I couldn't speak at all...

Sri Lankan President Maitri Palasirisena gave a televised speech,

Call on the people to remain calm. Sirisena said,

All security staff have arranged to participate in the incident investigation.

The Sri Lankan police urged citizens to stay indoors and not to gather at the explosion site or stay near the Lanka National Hospital where the injured were admitted.

Sri Lanka's local tourist groups temporarily adopted the strategy of "exit but not in".

Tourists from Shanghai Pudong Airport reported that they had originally booked a trip to Colombo, Sri Lanka today.

The hotel is one of the hotels where the explosion occurred, the Kingsbury Colombo.

I have been told not to go to Colombo for the time being.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office issued an announcement,

Make travel recommendations for British tourists.

Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country. More than 7% of the population are Buddhists. Hindus account for approximately 12.6%, Muslims account for approximately 9.7%, and Christians account for only 7.4%.

There is no organization or individual responsible for this incident, but what people are puzzled is that

Why terroristsThis time

Choose to aim the gun at a Christian?

Earlier, there was an ethnic conflict between the Muslim community and the Sinhalese in the Kandy region of central Sri Lanka.

President Sirisena had declared a state of emergency throughout the country.

In order to prevent the spread of ethnic conflicts, many foreign social media platforms including Facebook were temporarily blocked.

"Passed by death."

"Legal Daily" reporter Li Yazhoujun happened to be in Colombo,

He photographed the Kingsbury Hotel after the explosion and said that several Chinese were dining at the time.

I hope all Chinese citizens in Sri Lanka are safe!

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"We were not born in a peaceful age, but a peaceful country..."

Remember the civil war in Syria two years ago?

The streets are full of blood...

The second largest city in Syria, the economic center-Aleppo.

After the internal war,

Aleppo has become a dead city.

A father is disheveled

Holding daughter

On the way to escape

Cover your face and cry

When a father held two 9-month-old children who had died

He felt that he was a failure as a father

Didn't protect their children

His eyes were red and his tears were already drained

I can no longer wake up the sleeping children...

I can only say to their bodies,

Goodbye baby, don't be born in such a country in the next life

Countless pictures that make people unable to breathe

The shots of countless reporters in exchange for their lives

Tell us over and over again

How cruel terrorist attacks and wars can be

How lucky we are

The following sets of photos,

Through the comparison before and after the war,

Come and feel the peace of the past and the devastation now...

Syrian Civil War broke out for 6 years

The number of refugees exceeds 500 million

Groups of shocking images

Shocked people’s three views time and time again,

Also shocked the world

Remember that 3-year-old refugee?

Do you remember the father who carried the child out of the ruins?

Such a picture

Seems to have been in the near past

Really happened in our country

But now,

It happens everywhere in every corner of the world

Can human beings have no war?

Can the country be free from terrorist attacks?

Can we have no tears?

When we are proud of the strength of our motherland,

Please do not forget,

There are still many countries in this world that are in the midst of terrorist attacks and wars.

Today, we are not born in an age of peace,

It is a peaceful country!

Let's do it and cherish it!