Recently, there is a video with more than 9 million views, and everyone must have seen it.

A woman in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province spent 66 yuan on a new Mercedes-Benz, but she found out before the car went outEngine oil leakage.

Within 15 days, after many negotiations, the solution of this 4S shop changed from refund and car exchange to free engine exchange. The female car owner did not accept it, so she sat on the roof of the store and asked for an explanation.

"I bought a car for 66 and didn't drive for one kilometer. I was asked to change the engine. I was forced to accept that it was a three packI didn't open this door!You tell me three packs?"

"I call 110 people but don’t answer, I call the Industry and Commerce Bureau but don’t answer, I hope to give me a chance to get me caught. "

"I am a culturally educated person, but this incident has caused a great humiliation to my decades of education! I am too reasonable to be bullied by you."

Yesterday, the rights protection incident of the female Mercedes-Benz car owners continued to ferment. The Xi’an 4S store involved in the huge public opinion on the Internet.Still did not give a positive answer, still "circling".

And unexpectedly broke the news again, ZengForced to pay 1.5 yuan service fee, The so-called service fee, what exactly is served, the female car owner has no idea...

Many netizens said that the female car owner is not only rational and well-founded, but also has a clear heart.

Said deeplyDifficulties of being a civilized consumer.....

"I bought a problematic new car in the United States,

The response from the 4S shop made me flattered"


City Lord received the news from readers,A Chinese netizen in the United States also encountered almost the same experience as a female car owner in Xi'an.

At the end of last year, he wasA 4S store in the Bay Area, I bought a new car that is almost the same grade as Mercedes-Benz (in order to avoid advertising suspicion, the brand is not exposed~). resultOnly one day after driving out, I found out that the engine was malfunctioning!

They were ready to find 4S theory, but unexpectedly, the seller not only sincerely apologized,He even offered to offer them free upgrades to more expensive, higher-grade new cars!

And upgrade the interior for free!

Roughly speaking, at least $6000 more expensive than before!

(Readers broke the news)

Finally, even the car owner felt embarrassed...

But today’s such a pleasant shopping experience,

In fact, it was the lessons learned by American society.....

Because of selling "problem cars"

The entire automobile industry in the United States was completely collapsed!

Back in time to America in the 70s.

Perhaps we can also see that the New York Times at the time reported such a news:

A car owner who was rushed by the 4S shop, holding a gun, entered the 4S shop, and asked not to change the car, so he shot. Finally, the 4S shop alarmed the police and other relevant departments, and finally agreed to change the car, but found There is no bullet in the gun...

Of course, this kind of plot is purely fictitious, but it is quite reasonable.

Because American consumers have also experienced the "similar" long and arduous process of defending their rights...

In 1970, Professor George Akerlof, an economist at UCB, University of California, Berkeley, published an article entitled "Lemon Market: Qualitative Uncertainty and Market Mechanism"

("The Market for Lemons: Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism"), to satirizeIn the US market, there is a problem of asymmetry of information between consumer buyers and manufacturers and sellers.

He also predicted:

When this information asymmetry continues for a period of time,There will be an economic phenomenon that the quality of the goods in the market will continue to decline, and eventually the market will be full of inferior products and the market will collapse.

But at the time, "Made in America" ​​was in its heyday,No one believes this advanced prediction...

At that time, most of the energy of many local car manufacturers and 4S shops in the United States was not to improve product quality or thinking about how to promote new cars, butPassionate about litigation with customers.


Because there are always customers coming to the door,

The engine broke down after the new car hadn’t been driven and a replacement was required.

After driving for a few months, there was a problem with the brakes. After repairing it once, the car was not repaired and I asked for a replacement.


And so on

At that time, there was no similar "three guarantees" after-sales service clause.These manufacturers and distributors rely on strong financial resources to hire the most professional team of lawyers in the United States.. "

Responsibilities can be shirked, if you can change the car, you can’t change, and you can pay less if you can.

At that time, the Internet was not so developed, and there was no twitter and Weibo. Personal power was obviously limited, so many complaintsI can only be suppressed to know~

This kind of depression has problems over time,Americans are increasingly distrusting local car brands.Japanese cars that regard after-sales service as their "golden industry" immediately won the hearts of the old Americans.

Especially in the 70s, coupled with the outbreak of the oil crisis, Japanese cars with low energy consumption flocked in. Japanese cars gradually replaced domestic products and became the first choice of American consumers. Japanese car companies headed by Toyota,It now accounts for nearly 40% of the US auto market's sales every year.

So far, we have seen Japanese cars running all over the streets in the United States.

The U.S. Department of Commerce suddenly realized thatnot good!Play off!

The Detroit Big Three's successive losses and failures, Auto workers are unemployed one after another, and social security problems have emerged...

It’s just the car after-sales service.Will lead to the entire US car market,Such a big earthquake happened.

Detroit Motor City, once famous in the world,Become a "ghost town" overnight"Even today, there is still no recovery.

The "Three Guarantees" policy of the United States:

A law saved an industry

So in this case,

The U.S. Department of Commerce in 1986The one that broke the boat was released,Laws specifically protecting the rights and interests of automobile consumers:"Lemon Law"!

You must be very new to this name.

Lemon is a kind of fruit that looks delicious but very sour. PeoplePut the problematic new car, The image is calledLemon CarThe law that protects the rights and interests of automobile consumers is also called "Lemon Law."

Not like this:

It looks like this:

In real life, there are indeed many"Problem new car" was carefully faked by sellersPut it under the eyes of our consumers.

In the case of female car owners defending their rights in Xi'an, it was because the seller had more favorable information than the buyer, that they concealed the truth of the product, and then provided untrue information to increase their own welfare.

In the first few years of the implementation of this lemon law, American auto companies suffered huge losses.

Under tremendous pressure from the U.S. Department of Commerce,Forcing automakers to continuously improve product quality and service quality.

In the end, it not only saved the consumers, but also saved the American auto industry!

If you fail to repair 3 times, you will refund the money, consumers have the final say

In the United States, the lemon laws of the federal states are slightly different, but the purpose is to protect the rights of consumers to the greatest extent, and the quality veto power is also in the hands of consumers.

Take California as an example, whether consumers buy or rent a car, receive18 months or 18000 miles after the car(Whichever comes first),Can be returned if the following standards are met :

-The number of vehicle repairs reaches 2 severity levels

-The number of vehicle repairs reaches 4 ordinary repairs,

-Vehicle maintenance time reaches 30 days

The car owner does not need to go to court, and the car company unconditionally returns!

There are 3 ways for lemon car owners to defend their rights, the most common and commonly used is,If the consumer is still not satisfied, he can still protect his rights through arbitration and litigation.

In general, lemon car ownersThere is no need to go to court to spend energy, time, and expense.You only need to send the previous car repair receipts to the consumer associations under each state, and you can request a replacement or refund. (It should be noted that every time the car owner sends the car to the dealer’s repair shop to repair the car, he must keep the repair documents that record the repair cost items, parts costs, labor costs, and number of days off, and record the delivery date And the pick-up date as evidence for subsequent rights protection.)

(Associations that specialize in protecting the rights of "problem car" owners in the United States provide "no worry" services)

Car companies will also be very active in cooperating with car owners returning or changing cars, because once they enter the litigation process, the US Consumer Association and the US Department of Commerce will strictly investigate and deal with car quality problems, and evenThe boycott will be notified, which has a great negative impact on car companies.

Perfunctory lemon car owners, double the punishment!

With lemon law protection,99% of casesNo legal proceedings have been taken. Consumers have already settled the issue in the first step of communicating with car companies or dealers.

Of course there are very few cases,Make consumers unsatisfied, Facts have proved that these car companies or dealers have also paid an extra price:

According to Section 1794(c) of the Civil Code of the California Lemon Law, if the owner of a lemon can prove that the car company intentionally violated the California lemon law, thenAllow them to recover "civil fines."

California Lemon Law allows civil fines up to2 times the actual loss. Actual damage can include all expenses paid by consumers for the vehicle, and sometimes the amount of civil fines may be a large expense.

Recently, a couple in California bought a small car and found some unusual noises in the engine when driving. After several repairs, the dealer believed that the problem was that the couple did not change the oil regularly. The final jury verdict on the dealerRefund the owner of all car models and a civil fine of $6000.


Another car owner, at a used car dealerBought an old car, Informed that the car was in good condition at the time of purchase, but later found out that the car was in condition while drivingNot as good as bragging, And the odometer has been rolled once, and the final case was finedPay the owner 3 times the purchase amount!

A car owner in California is drivingBroke the brake pads at 14,000 miles. Car companies believe that the wear of brake pads is caused by the driver's driving habits and refuses to replace the brake pads for them.

As a result, the jury verdicts the car companyReturn all the owner's car models, plus a civil fine of 5.8 USD.

Regardless of new or old cars, even leased cars

The lemon law in the United States is not only for new cars sold, but also for saleSecond-hand cars and leased cars are also protected.

As long as the purchased or leased car has problems during the warranty period, you can apply for Lemon Law protection. Some states also implement a mandatory 30-day warranty system for sold second-hand cars.

With the lesson of blood and the hard-core surveillance of the lemon law, the current US automobile industry no longer dares to neglect customers.

This is naturally understandable. The readers at the beginning of the article experienced the unexpected compensation, but the seller was afraid of getting involved in lawsuits.Spending a small amount of money to avoid catastrophes.

But it is undeniable that this lawMore inclined to consumers, So that the rights of American consumers have been protected to the greatest extent!

Now, the service of 4S stores in the United States is also remarkable.

Sino-US after-sales service

The difference is still big

In the recent "China-US After-sales Service Comparison Report", through a series of data, we can see the gap:

中国 的New car production and salesalthoughHas thrown the United States out several streets"

butFrom the degree of development of the aftermarketLook, the gap between China and the US marketNot to be underestimated.

my country carAverage vehicle age is 4.6 years, While the United States11.6 years, Longer vehicle age means higher maintenance number of vehicles and auto parts consumption.

Not just the after-sales service gap in the automotive industry,

After living for a long time, you will find that the United StatesIt's a paradise for returns!

No invoice can be returned!

There is no reason to return!

You can even refund what you have eaten or used!

So after Christmas, returning the Christmas tree is also possible in the United States...

Although, this approach is not encouraged.

But for some consumers who are hesitant to touch their wallets, the return policy does eliminate their worries!

A sound legal environment, a long-established social trust mechanism, the practice of unconditional return and exchange services, and sufficient market competition have all enabled American consumers to enjoy "God" treatment.

Hope that one day, in any case, we can be courteous and courteous.

No need to bite the bullet and let go of dignity,

Only by putting on an embarrassing face can you get what you should get.


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