Let me tell a story first. When I was young, there was a peach blossom tree in my neighbor’s yard. I could see it every time I passed by. Sometimes I wondered why my own home didn’t have it, but I never thought that it would be better if someone else’s home didn’t. , Because I can see it every time I pass by, this is one of my childhood memories. Today’s Notre Dame fire in Paris, I suddenly remembered the peach trees in my neighbor’s house. Some people said that your own sheep’s nest was burned and you still care about other people’s cow sheds. I think nationalism is a good thing, but it cannot be restricted by narrow nationalism. Our pattern and vision, anything in this world that carries beauty and hope, should be cherished and respected. I saw a girl named Muzhi in my circle of friends who was right: Just like when Mr. Hawking passed away, some people ridiculed him. I have never met Hawking, and I haven’t read a few of his books, but I really treat him. I admire my knowledge and vision. His death is a pity for all mankind; I have never been to Notre Dame de Paris, or even France, but it does not prevent me from hearing the five words "Notre Dame de Paris" outlined in my mind. Beautiful solemn picture. Any kind of beautiful culture is worthy of being commemorated and valued, and worthy of being treated well. There should always be only condemned people and crimes, and no guilty architectural art. The destruction of every work of art is the loss of the entire mankind, and we will not be able to appreciate their beauty even in a lifetime. This regret cannot be remedied. If you have no regrets for the cultural treasures of all mankind, then you will not be qualified to mention the Old Summer Palace.

Notre Dame in the Fire Picture/Network

Although I read the abridged version of the children's book "Notre Dame de Paris" in elementary school, I was too young to read such a book.

The real concept of Notre Dame de Paris is that after middle school, the teacher showed us the following video in the music class.

Bruno Pelletier sang in his loud voice:

"The cathedral supports this age of faith

The world has entered a new era

Humans try to reach the height of the stars

Carve out your own deeds

On stained glass and stones

One brick and one stone, day after day

Century after century, love never fades

The tower built by humans is rising higher and higher

The poet and the bard sing a love song

Promise to bring to all humans

A better tomorrow

The age of faith is over

Groups of barbarians gathered in various gates

Pagans and spoilers flooded in

The world is near the end

Foretells the two thousand years of today"


This is the first song of the entire opera. It reveals the tragedy about fate that I will talk about next, so it carries words like "destiny" and "belief in a cloud."

But Luc Plamondon, who wrote the lyrics, would never think that when he wrote these words, he said that, twenty years later, today, the cathedral will lose such a big fire.

The French sang a hymn on the Seine.

Notre Dame de Paris might not have been so famous in the world.

Had it not been for Hugo to see the "ΑΝΑΓΚΗ" engraved on the wall of Notre-Dame Cathedral, and did not write the world masterpiece about fate, Parisians might still have deep feelings for this unparalleled ancient building with a history of XNUMX years, but Worldwide, it will not be so famous.

For example, the Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany, the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, and St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, the Catholic headquarters, are not inferior to Notre Dame in the historical sense, but not many people know them in China.

Quasimodo's story made it a treasure for all mankind. Countless tourists have to go to Paris when they go to Europe. When they arrive in Paris, they have to go to Notre Dame Cathedral in addition to seeing the Tower.

A view of Paris from the height of the clock tower. Photo/Dandanzan

Even people who have never been to Paris know Notre Dame—because Hua Chenyu sang it. Even children who haven't heard of Hugo know the Oddity of the Clock Tower-because there are choices in the game.


Just like telling the story of Tokyo, you will always get the Tokyo Tower, so just telling the story of Paris can't get around Notre Dame.

It is precisely because Notre Dame de Paris carries so many follow-up creations and the thoughts of countless people around the world from various angles, so it is the heritage of all mankind, so this is located in the center of Paris and was built in 1163. It took more than 180 years to build the Gothic building, and it can still be preserved after XNUMX years of ups and downs, and it can be visited by people from all over the world.

As said in "Love at Sunset":

So today, the Notre Dame Cathedral fired. Many people on Chinese social media expressed shock and distress. I think there is nothing wrong with it.

But there are actually many people shouting hello? ? ?

With so many likes, it feels like it is gradually becoming a mainstream voice?

I cannot understand.

If it is to cherish the memory of the Old Summer Palace, I can fully understand it. After all, it is the "Park of Ten Thousand Gardens".

But I can’t understand just how narrow-minded nationalist it is to say that “burning deserves it”.

Regardless of how many foreign tourists there are in Notre Dame de Paris every year, how many treasures there are, and how many fond memories of mankind around the world are carried.

I have understood that these people are nationalists, but they cannot accept that the ancient material civilization and wealth belong to all mankind, so this path does not make sense.

I didn't punish my heart, and said something like "I haven't seen so many people love Yuanmingyuan at ordinary times, so why are they ridiculing them all now".

Notre Dame Cathedral in the Fire Picture/Network

Let’s just talk about what you said, “The way of heaven is reincarnation”. Your logic is that the French burned the Old Summer Palace very happily at the time, so this time Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire. We should not regret it, and we should have fun together.

But the question is, is it the current group of French who burned the Old Summer Palace?

Obviously not, and it is not even now a country. France was still under the dictatorship of the monarchy in 1860, and Napoleon III was their emperor. After that, France experienced several revolutions, overthrowing and establishing three republics and a puppet government.

If you really want to go up, it may be equivalent to the Qing Dynasty in China.

Can the cruel and disgusting things done by the Chinese rulers in the Qing government count towards us now?

If an accident happens to a certain historical site in China, the media in Nepal and Myanmar start to say, "You Emperor Qianlong once invaded us for personal honor." Wouldn't it be ridiculous?

Not to mention that France was still in the Capet dynasty when Notre Dame was built, and modern France has not yet appeared.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Besides, even if you think that the French at that time are also French.

The decisions made by the military and the government cannot be influenced by ordinary French.Did you say that ordinary French people applauded the passing of Yuanmingyuan?

At least the Hugo who wrote "Notre Dame de Paris" wrote such a long letter that angrily reprimanded the French captain:

To Butler:

One day, two robbers from Europe broke into the Old Summer Palace. One robber ransacked property, another robber was setting fire.

It seems that after victory, you can start stealing. They looted the Old Summer Palace on a large scale, and the loot was divided equally between the two victors.

We can see that this whole incident is also related to Ergin's name, and this name reminds people of the Parthenon.

What they did to the Parthenon in the past, and how they do to the Old Summer Palace, the only difference is that they did it more thoroughly and more beautifully, so that they disappeared.

If we add up the treasures of all the cathedrals in Europe, it may not be worth this magnificent and magnificent museum in the East.

The rescued crucifixion crown of thorns photo/network

There are not only art treasures, but also a lot of gold and silver products. Great achievements! Great harvest! Two victors, one full of pockets, which is visible, the other full of trunks.

Arm in arm, they returned to Europe grinning. This is the story of these two bandits.

We Europeans are civilized people, and Chinese are barbarians in our eyes. This is what civilization does to barbarism.

The two robbers who will be sanctioned by history, one is called France and the other is called English. However, I want to protest, thank you for giving me such an opportunity to protest.

People kneel down and sing hymns, praying for the fire to be extinguished. Photo/Internet

The crimes of those who rule others are not the fault of those who rule; the government can sometimes be a robber, and the people will never be a robber.

France swallowed half of the stolen goods of this victory. Today, the empire naively thought that he was the real owner and displayed the magnificent and ruined Old Summer Palace.

I hope that one day the liberated and clean France will return this spoil to the plundered China, and that will be the real owner.

Now, I confirm that there was a theft and there were two thieves.

Sir, the above is all my praise for the expedition to China.

Victor Hugo

On November 1861, 11 in Gaochengju

At that time, it was still an empire, and it was still an era of conquests and territories.

More than a hundred years have passed, how can people be more narrow-minded than people more than a hundred years ago?

Take another ten thousand steps, even if you still hate the French very much.

Inside Notre Dame de Paris Picture/Network

You can swear at the French, after all, if it wasn't for the firefighting, if it wasn't for the French's mistakes, such a historical treasure would not fall into the fire.

In this sense, the French, including the Paris Fire Department, deserve to be nailed to the pillar of shame in history.

But as far as the Chinese are stupid, Notre Dame is innocent.

What a cruel person is to see such a magnificent historical heritage, the towers are dumped in the raging fire, and they can gloat and say "it burned really well".

Please don't applaud the fire that started in Notre-Dame Cathedral, it is disgusting.

You are Chinese, but don’t forget that you are still alone above the Chinese.

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