alert! Someone pretended to be a food delivery man and sneaked into a Melbourne apartment to steal. The police released surveillance video!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

The police are hunting down two thieves who sneaked into the Docklands apartment and theft. They are suspected of posing as Uber Eats food delivery guys.

At present, the police have released the surveillance video.

The video shows that at about 3:4 pm on March 4, two men with backpacks followed a car through a safety barrier and entered the private parking lot of the Rakaia apartment building.

Then they went to the fourth floor of the parking lot and used an angle grinder to cut the chains of the two bicycles connected to the railing.

Surveillance video showed two men riding on bicycles as they left the building.

Anyone who can provide relevant information, please call the fight crime hotline 1800 333 000, or visit the a lead report.

In fact, in order to steal goods or money, the thieves do everything except pretending to be a food delivery man.

Pretending to be santa

In January of this year, the Sydney police released a surveillance video, publicly searching for a man they called "badass Santa".

That night, a woman called the police, claiming that her Mercedes-Benz C63 sedan, which was parked in an underground parking lot in Zetland, the Chinese district, had disappeared.

The police rushed to the scene and called up the surveillance system to take a look. They found a man dressed in Santa Claus clothes sneaking into the parking lot while it was still at night.

Stole the luxury car!

He thought he was wearing Santa’s clothes and the police would not be able to catch it...

Pretending to be a policeman

If it is said that pretending to be Santa Claus is to hide the real appearance, then the following two swaggering and stealing are obviously to be funny...

Earlier, when a male clerk was working in a Chinese supermarket in Sydney, two men entered the store.

First, he claimed to be a policeman, then showed his ID and asked the clerk to hand over all his belongings.

Disputes and physical conflicts broke out between the two parties. The clerk was hit in the face and then robbed of the gold chain.

The two men found the situation unfavorable and hurried to escape. Passers-by stopped the police who happened to be patrolling nearby and reported the incident.

It didn't take long for the two to be arrested.

Of course, in addition to pretending to be others, Australian thieves will also steal like this, such as:

Drill dog hole

Now the dog door has become a "secret weapon" for thieves!

Tristan, who lives in the south of Caulfied, once encountered a thief who crawled in like this!

One night, Tristan was finally ready to go to bed! But as soon as he lay down, the alarm went off...

He was shocked, and immediately went downstairs to turn on the light, and found that his cash and personal belongings had been looted!

An hour ago, they were all here!

Then he discovered that the dog door seemed to be abnormal...

Tristan said that before the alarm went off, he didn't feel any abnormality at all. He suspected that the thief had completed his theft within 1 minute!

Afterwards, Tristan became particularly vigilant! It not only installed surveillance lights and cameras, but also locked its own dog into the house after dark to act as a "bodyguard."

Here to remind everyone:

There are many thieves, and they need to be cautious in their daily life. Be sure to lock the door and be careful with anyone who is wearing suspicious clothes. Don't give them a chance! If you encounter a dangerous situation, call the police immediately.

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