After six years of cuts and chaos, Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party continue to ignore Australia’s immigrant and multicultural communities.

For those who want to contribute to our society and regard Australia as their home, Scott Morrison’s deceptive budget for the election is meaningless.

In budgetNo moneyTo improve visa processing time, the Liberal Party still wants to privatize Australia’s visa processing system.

LongerVisa processing time means people have to wait longer to reunite with family members. Before finally settling in Australia, people can only shelve their life plans.

Spouse visaThe trial time is now as high as a record28Months.

As of January 2018, 1, there are more than 31 bridging visa holders waiting for their visas in Australia.

At the same time, during the Liberal Party’s administration, since July 2014, 7, the number of asylum-seekers in Australia by air has reached a staggering 1 – this also includes Scott Morrison's period as Minister of Immigration.

In budgetNo moneyUsed to clear the backlog of naturalization caused by the Liberal Party. They are making it harder for immigrants and multicultural Australians to become citizens.

From the recent report of the Auditor General, we learned thatThe number of citizens with a backlog of naturalization reached244,000 people-In the past four years, the backlog of citizenship applications for naturalization has soared by XNUMX%.

When Peter Dutton proposed unfair citizenship regulations and college-level English tests, the citizenship application was frozen. Last year, this law was rejected by Congress-but it is outrageous that the Liberal Party did not allocate a cent in the budget to help clear the backlog of naturalization applications.

Why does this government want to prevent people from swearing allegiance to Australia?

Finally, the budgetdetermineThe Liberal Party's unfair temporary sponsored parent visa - Violated them2016Promises made before the election.

The absurdly high cost of the Liberal Party means that if you want to obtain this visa for a pair of parents and let them live in Australia for ten years, the family has to payA fee of 40,000 Australian dollars.

What's more, the Liberal Party restricts visas to only one parent for one family-forcing Australians to choose which pair of parents to reunite in Australia.

Can you imagine something like this? A family is required to make the choice: should grandparents or grandparents visit their grandchildren?

The ruthless cuts and chaos of Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party mean that immigrants and multicultural communities have to wait longer to immigrate to Australia, have to wait longer to become Australian citizens, and have to wait longer to reunite with their families in Australia.

The Liberal Party has disappointed Australia’s immigrant and multicultural communities.