Is there gold everywhere in Hainan, making Lu Wenrong soar in a year?

Where did his 3.75 million yuan of funds come from?

Is opening Taoist Temples and Buddhist Temples a profitable business in China?

Two months ago, Chinese student Lu Wanzhen was kidnapped by kidnappers in Canada and jumped out of a car three days later and escaped. But this is far from the most exciting drama.

It was discovered that the rich second generation lived in an apartment bought in full for CAD 52.82 and drove a Ferrari 488 GTB, Lamborghini Huracan, Rolls-Royce Wraith, and Range Rover Velar. He was wearing a Gucci jacket when he was kidnapped. , Givenchy white shoes.

Claiming to "have a whole set of apartment buildings in the best part of Shanghai", the family started a company to do big business.

When foreign media reported that he was kidnapped, the prefix given to him was also "Chinese students driving Lamborghini"...

His classmates usually laugh at it, but now they find:His family's big business is to start Taoism in Hainan.

Lu Wanzhen’s father Lu Wenrong has the most legendary story of making a fortune in China:A year after he was destitute and impoverished, he took 3.75 million yuan to invest in Hainan, Baowen Bifeng opened the Taoist Temple Yuchan Palace, and the self-appointed abbot received more than XNUMX million tickets every year.

Is there gold everywhere in Hainan, making Lu Wenrong soar in a year? Where did his 3.75 million yuan of funds come from? Is opening Taoist Temples and Buddhist Temples a profitable business in China?

On May 5, Canadian students were kidnappedLu Wanzhen's father Lu WenrongAccepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from the "Emergency Call" of the Beijing News.

Lu Wenrong said that the Canadian police had dispatched aboutMore than 200 police, To rescue Lu Wanzhen together. During the kidnapping, Lu Wanzhen only ate one meal and could only use his body to urinate and defecate. He felt that being alive was better than dead. And for the first time responded to Lu Wanzhen's luxury car showing off his wealth.


About luxury cars show off wealth

Talking about the luxury cars that everyone talked about before showing off their wealth. Lu Wanzhen’s father, Lu Wanrong, said that although luxury cars feel very luxurious in China,But in Canada, renting a luxury car only costs a few hundred dollars a month, Not as everyone imagined.

The keys of many luxury cars posted in Lu Wanzhen’s INS were actually once a classmate’s birthday.Everyone drove the rented luxury car together to shoot.

Lu Wanzhen's Ferrari is also rented.

Afterwards, Lu Wanzhen also discovered that this Ferrari from second-hand Lease was actually aAccident car, The other party is also a Chinese student.

Lu Wanzhen was also deceived.

On the day before the kidnapping, Lu Wanzhen negotiated with the owner of the sublet to resolve the matter.

When asked about Lu WanzhenIs the kidnapping case related to renting a luxury car?When, its father means ↓


In the three days of being tied up, Lu Wanzhen was better than dead

During Lu Wanzhen’s abduction, the kidnapper only gave himHad a meal, Do not let him go to the toilet. Lu Wanzhen can onlyUrine and defecate on myself.

In addition, the kidnapper not only handcuffed him, but also handcuffed him with a seal on his mouth! He even tied him up with wire.

Lu Wanzhen’s father described his son’s mood at the time. He said that Lu Wanzhen had thought that death would be better than this.


Lu Wanzhen didn't escape by himself

Forced by high pressure, the kidnappers will be Lu WanzhenThe car was dropped while the vehicle was driving, Please don't Lu Wanzhen, who was posted on the Internet, escape by himself.

Although he was thrown down while the car was driving, fortunately, there was a lot of snow on the roadside. Lu Wanzhen onlySuffered skin and flesh wounds.

Lu Wanzhen’s father also stated that, Lu Wanzhen’s heartache was far more serious than his skin trauma.


The kidnappers never asked for a ransom

Regarding the ransom, Lu Wanzhen’s father said that when the kidnapping case occurred, the Canadian police dispatched more than 200 police forces. Under such high pressure, criminals had no chance to call him for ransom.I have never received a call from a kidnapper.


Children have poor independence and poor risk awareness

Lu Wanzhen’s father said that his child’s independence is very poor and his risk awareness is also very poor.

Lu Wanzhen also told his father that when the kidnapping happened, he stillThought it was making a movie.


Is Lu Wenrong's family rich because of his identity as the head of the Taoist Church?

Lu Wenrong is currently the president of the Hainan Taoist Association, leading the restoration of the Taoist temple Yuchan Palace. A reporter from the Beijing News inquired on the official website of Yuchan Palace and found that Yuchan Palace is located at Wenbifeng Mountain in Ding'an County, Hainan Province. It was rebuilt on November 2002, 11 under the leadership of President Lu Wenrong. It was completed on April 20, 2006 and was built around Wenbi Peak. More than building palaces.

Some media have published articles claiming that Lu Wenrong sits on the family business and has spent huge sums of money to build Taoist temples in Hainan. In response to this question, Lu Wenrong responded to the Beijing News reporter: "(The cost of building a gymnasium) is about 5000 million, plus the cost of land, it is about 6000 million.The land bought in 1993 does not require bidding, auction or listing, and the highway is not accessible. This place is deserted, so it is very cheap. When it was bought, it only cost a few thousand yuan per acre. "

Lu Wenrong said that because he had been to Africa, he thought African elephant tortoises and boa constrictors were very interesting, and he wanted to open a tropical reptile zoo. But later in the process of operation, some people told him that Wenbifeng was very agile, and he led the construction of the Taoist Temple of Yuchan Palace.

According to the introduction by the director of the Bureau of Religious Affairs of Hainan Province, Lu Wenrong once stated that "children show off their wealth and have money at home" have nothing to do with public office.

Lu Wenrong also responded to his Taoist identity in the interview. He belongs to the "marriage or nasty" faction, and it is naturally possible to marry a wife and have children.

As for why Lu Wanzhen was tied up, it is still a mystery, and the truth will be revealed when the suspect is tried in the future.

Currently, Lu Wanzhen, who originally studied in Toronto, has returned to China.