Attention! Attention!

Australian supermarkets have recently had great sales promotion,

Woolworths just announced a crazy promotion:

More than 1000 products are sold at half price!

Only one day tomorrow!

Start at 0 o'clock!

This time the promotion covers a comprehensive range of products, including but not limited to:

Makeup etc.Skin care products,

Daily necessities such as shampoo, etc.,

Frozen foods also include drinks, soups, alcohol,

Daily necessities such as cleaning products,

Electrical products, etc.


Focus on half price sale!

50% Off!

All at half price!One day only!

Deadline: 23:59 tomorrow night

Woolworths official website

Also gives a big banner,

And cover the countdown!

Because there are many types of discount products,

You can see specific products tomorrow

Although not all products are sold at half price, but in each category, there are several products with amazing discounts, such as 7% off.

Tomorrow is only one day sale, you can log on to the official website to check the latest information:

Keep in mind that the last time the Woolworths sale was so slow, you must rush to buy it in advance, or you will be sold out! Tell friends quickly~