A few days ago, the female corpse found in a park near Mexico University

Let everyone's hearts be covered with a heavy haze...

The police stated:

In this terrible violence

The victim was the assailant manExtreme violence

But at the same time

This young victim is online

Suffered countless attacks and abuse

And mockery...

This phenomenon has caused great concern...

A picture also caused widespread discussion

"I taught my daughter for twenty years

Let her knowHow to protect yourself

But you haven't taught your son for a second

Don't hurt others"


"Why don't you harm others, but you are harmed! You must have a problem!"

At 9:15 in the morning last Saturday, the siren broke the calm of the morning.

A dog walker found a female body in the famous Royal Park in Parkville, Melbourne.

The victim, Courtey Herron, 25, was a Greek-Australian.

The police arrested the suspect in the murder of Courtney, the man named Henry Hammond, 27 years old, was a homeless man on the streets of Melbourne.

The police stated that this was a terrible violent incident, and the deceased was subjected to a terrible violent attack.

The lawyer said,The murderer suffers from a variety of mental illnesses, including ADHD, "uncertain delusions", and "uncertain autism." When he appeared in court, he wore thick dark circles under his eyes, did not wear shoes, and even smiled at everyone.

According to the latest report from the Herald Sun, the deceased had attended the same party with the murderer before his death.

After this incident

Just like many cases of female victimization in the past

People came to where she was killed

Present flowers

Some of these flowers came from her relatives and friends during her lifetime, and some came from nearby residents.

However, the kindness she gained from losing her life is not worth the slander or even abuse.

"This is what everyone expected."

"I dare you to say that she must have been spotted in a mini skirt"

"The trash bum was killed by another trash bum"

Some people even say that she is"Deserve it!


Just because she is a homeless person, she has experienced many mental illness problems and became addicted to drugs. She doesn't have a fixed home, she often makes do with her friend's sofa overnight, and often sleeps in the park where the incident occurred.

We often hear similar theories about the guilt of victims.

When the girl was raped by a trailing man late at night, someone said:

"Flies don't bite seamless eggs, who told you to go out in the middle of the night?"

When the woman encountered the subway salty pig hand, someone said:

"I blame you for being so beautiful and wearing so little, isn't it just a show?"

When the girl was blocked in the alley and violated, someone said:

"Girls must pay attention to safety! Travel in groups!"

Even into one sentence

"Why don't you harm others, but you are harmed! You must have a problem!"

However, yesterday a vicious murder case in a certain city in China was silent.

Three young women, walking in groups during the day, shopping in a not remote commercial street, were suddenly attacked by men.

The live video was extremely tragic, and the murderer did not hesitate to stabbed him with one knife.The knife hit the key, and aimed at the main artery to kill her.

(The link to the murder video is too scary. Please think twice before watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLoXCoiNMBw)

The reason for the murder was suspected to be because "I couldn't find a wife and wanted to drag a beautiful woman to die together."

Every time a similar murder occurs, everyone is always saying that girls should pay attention to their own safety!

But the young girl who was victimized this time,She did not violate any of the "safety prohibitions"-a few people go out during the day, people around are not remote, and the long clothes and trousers are not exposed.

Some netizens commented:"I have never seen a girl who does not pay attention to her safety"

How to "pay attention to safety"

To avoid the bright spears and dark arrows in all directions

Can you stop the black hands that drag people into the abyss?

"Female friends, this is not your fault, it is the men's behavior that should be blamed"

One of Victoria's most senior police officers, Luke Cornelius, recently delivered a speech on the case of the Mexican woman's corpse, calling on people to reflect on the man's behavior rather than condemn the victimized woman.

"I want to say that the key point is that this is about men's behavior, not women's behavior.

"Violence against women is absolutely related to the behavior of men."

He said that changing the attitude of some men depends on society.

In fact, blaming the victim is a very common psychology, which stems from people's self-protection. It is called "notarized world hypothesis" in psychology. People tend to think that the world is fair, with good for good and evil for evil, in other words:

"XX was killed because he/she made a mistake, and as long as I did not make a mistake, I was safe."

However, the murderer who should be condemned was ignored, consciously or unconsciously. The recent frequent incidents of men murdering women in Australia and China have caused people to reflect:

"I taught my daughter for twenty years

Let her know how to protect herself

But you haven't taught your son for a second

Don't hurt others"

Gender should not be viewed in opposition. But we should think deeply about what is more important after the incident than calling on vulnerable groups to protect themselves?


There are frequent murders against women in Melbourne, what else can we do besides "pay attention to safety"

In just 12 months, four women have died in Melbourne.

This city has become accustomed to mourning the vigil for women killed by men.

Bunches of flowers are presented at their memorial, and we are even familiar with the feeling of sadness.

The case of the female corpse of the University of Mexico prompted Marise Payne, the Federal Minister of Women’s Affairs, to promise more measures to protect women.

She said: “This appalling murder of women reminds us again that women’s safety is something we all must pay attention to.”

Last June, the young comedian Eurydice Dixon was raped and killed by a man. The next morning, passers-by on Princes Park Drive found her body. Although an ambulance was called in time, she was not rescued.

Seven months later, Aiia Maasarwe was killed by a man not far from her university dormitory. Her body was found by workers near a busy shopping mall.

In April this year, Natalina Angok fell in an alley in Melbourne's Chinatown and died by her boyfriend. The next morning, people found her body.

Victoria Police Commissioner David Clayton once said that people who walk around these places at night are advised to be careful, pay attention to the surrounding environment and be responsible for their own safety.

His remarks aroused a lot of opposition, because similar remarks, everyone has been tired of listening.

Some netizens commented:

"Each of us

It might happen to be there"

After the incident, Victorian Premier Andrews said:

"It has nothing to do with women's behavior, and it has nothing to do with where they were at the time, but it should be related to men's behavior."

Former Victorian homicide policeman Charlie Bezina said:"Everyone has the right to carry out normal behaviors...Anyone can go anywhere, they have the right to stay anywhere. They don't need to be said by others:'You can't go here, don't go there'."

How to discover potential murderers of mental disorders in time, how to make criminals lose the courage to commit crimes, and of course how to educate your children so that they don't hurt others, this is what we should discuss.



Every time I encounter such a shocking social case, I often see voices accusing the victim in the comments, but the body can’t speak, no matter how much she can do anything to the victim, she can only remain silent. Who benefits from it? It's hard to have.

Even the editor himself often goes to the park for a run. The girl who has had a tragedy today, what happened to her, may happen to me, and it may happen to anyone. The cold ground she lay on may belong to you, or it may belong to me.

In fact, very few of all tragedies are the problem of the victim. The only way to truly reduce this tragedy is to put more effort into preventing and severely punishing the perpetrators, which is the most practical and effective plan.

Maybe this is the reason why Victoria has increased so much police force?