AustraliaSome strange things often happen in Zhouzhou, and some people even expose their bodies in public. I don’t know what the real psychology of these people is, but many people passing by say directly:

So spicy!

No, in the past two days, there has been a video going viral on the Internet. A man walked naked in Sydney Railway Station. He did not shy away from the eyes of others. He did his own way...

(Source look at Australia)

This video was shot in the busiest Town Hall train station in Sydney. It can be seen that the man is naked. Regardless of whether he will feel cold or not, why does he do this?

Being naked in public will make people around you feel ashamed and uneasy, but this little brother does not seem to see any such emotions. According to the "monsters" at the scene,

This man looked natural,

As if you and other pedestrians in clothes

There is no difference.

From his face, there was no weird or uneasy expression at all, as if he had just done a very ordinary thing.

For such a wild style, the Australian media were shocked:

When he appeared, many people watched and took pictures from afar, and many of them were women...

There were also people who passed by without a second glance, and others were shocked and stood opposite the man and stared blankly.

As you can see from the news pictures, the managers of the railway station did not even step forward to stop...

Why does this man want to do this? This may be a mystery. Even the media are embarrassed. There is a picture like this in the news:

It can be seen that everyone is confused about this man's behavior. Is it because he is too confident about his figure... Now the media has not described the man's behavior more.

In addition to this kind of person who walks into the train station naked for unknown reasons, there is another kind of person who is naked in the train station. Feel it...

At 5 pm on May 17, at Turramurra train station, a 2-year-old girl encountered such a sex maniac.

This is a white man of about 30 years old. He saw the girl alone, he even opened his pants, exposed his genitals, and walked towards the girl with his crotch.

The girl was frightened and immediately ran away. The man was still chasing after him and was finally stopped by the train station security.

Subsequently, the man broke free of the security and fled the scene. The police have launched a wanted for this man.
Some people in Australia like to be naked,

Some people...

In Australia, there seem to be some similar groups of people, and the media has reported many cases. For example, the following pair of men and women are naked and applaud for love.

This happened in Melbourne in January this year. On the street of Bourke St, at the gate of Myer, a pair of Australian men and women came to a live broadcast version. Screen Australian media instantly!

It's really no one else,

Just covered a tattered sheet...

This happened at night, Myer was closed, and the sun was only the afterglow of the setting sun.

The streets are far less crowded than during the day, but they are not empty.

A lot of pedestrians passed by just beside the "battlefield" of the two, some even took a peek...

Several workers are disassembling Myer's Christmas window; the little brother who is sitting in a chair is helpless...just don't know if the mobile phone in his hand is used for sneak shots.

But the two of them seemed to be completely immersed in their own world, and didn't care about the eyes of others.

Some people who couldn't stand it called the police, and they were shocked when they arrived!

Even if the police arrived and stood on the side, neither of them stopped exercising!

It was not until the police yelled and put his foot on the little brother's ass that he reluctantly got up.

Putting up the pants carelessly...

The lady who has been lying on the ground also began to tidy up her clothes...

After entering the mainstream media, the report looked like this:

Some netizens posted this scene to the Australian forum website Reddit, and the comments were bright.

Australian netizens started to ridicule wildly: Someone will ask you in the future, what things can kill time in Melbourne and it is completely free.

You can recommend them to lie down in front of Myer.

There are also netizens who thought very happily about showing their power in terrorist attacks before.Cart Man, it's time for him to show his strength.

Then there are comments from netizens below: He seems to be in detention...

Someone said that these two people were not hired by Myer to speculate, right?

This is the best marketing advertisement, and every major media will leave the headlines to Myer.

According to media reports, both men and women are homeless tramps. The man is 27 years old and the woman is 36 years old. After the incident, they have been taken away by the police...

Is it to get the attention of the police?

Similar things have happened more than once in open Tuao. Let's take a look at it together.


I believe many people still remember a report by the Australian media:

On a bus in Australia, a pair of men and women who were left alone began a close contact at a negative distance.

They treated the bus as their battlefield, and squirmed frantically despite the presence of other people on the bus.

If there is no one next to them, they kissed each other affectionately... The subsequent scenes are somewhat restricted...

In the process, this woman has already noticed someone taking pictures. Not only is she not shy, she even behaves more hotly...


Except for buses and shopping malls, the "sexy" Australians can turn any place into a "battlefield", even a beach with high traffic!

In May 2017, the weather was not so warm anymore, but some netizens saw this scene on Bronte Beach in eastern Sydney:

This posture, this action...

Do you understand in seconds? !


Also in 2017, there was also a couple applauding in public at Flinders Station in the heart of Melbourne.

This couple is a bit different from the previous ones, these are two men...

They not only enjoy the fun of applauding love in public, but also want to show off to others...

After some xx, I started to wear clothes...

In addition to the above nudity, there are many different routes of "naked" in Australia. After reading it, it may subvert your understanding of the word "naked"!

01 "Public Nude"

Students from the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Sydney, in the graduation season of each year, will meet on the farm——Undress.

This is a tradition of the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Sydney. Fresh graduates will take a set of nude photos every year and all the proceeds from the sale will be takenDonate to charities and farmers.

In the past, they would choose some beautiful places to make the photos look more beautiful, but the style of the photos last year was slightly different.

Australia experienced a once-in-a-century experience in 2018In the severe drought, countless farmers went bankrupt, some even committed suicide, and many still struggled to lose money...

Therefore, the portraits of the graduates of the veterinary department are specially selected for someA place where the drought is very serious.

In the photo, except for the attractive beauty, the originally lush farm has become desolate and barren...

The lamb that the students are holding may have lost their mother...or it took a lot of hard work until today...

It should have been carefree to eat the forage and the sturdy cows, with thin stature and prominent bones...

The photo was taken for the students by Marilu Garozzo, a well-known photographer. Her latest theme highlighted the bleakness of the farm... The color scheme and background all wanted people to feel the suffering of farmers.

Therefore, this photo has no harvest, no greenery, only dry land, withered trees...

All the proceeds from the photo shoot will also be donated to these suffering farmers. The students hope to do their best to help them solve some financial difficulties.

Not only that, the students of the University of Sydney have also spontaneously raised funds and are expected to raise1 million Australian dollars, Used to buy daily necessities, also for donation.

Perhaps it is to express that life is still full of hope after the catastrophe. At the end of the photo, a few happy photos appeared.

Especially in the following picture, emerald green leaves finally appeared, and sunlight spilled onto the ground through the branches, which seemed to indicate that suffering will eventually pass, and life will always be full of hope and dreams!

Sometimes, nudity and vulgarity are completely indifferent. Although both men and women are completely nude in the photos, only some accessories or animals are used to cover the key parts, but it makes people see beauty and hope!

In addition to this kind of public welfare nature, Australians' understanding of "nudity" is not limited to the above. Under the free and liberating nature, there are many times that being naked is just for expressing emotions.

02 "Pressure relief naked"

Every September, the University of Mexico has a tradition, that is the Prosh Week streaking festival! As a world-class institution of higher learning, the University of Melbourne is known for its rigorous teaching. Unexpectedly, the students here are so unrestrained.

On this day of the year, many students from the University of Mexico take off their clothes, both men and women, whizzing past the campus.

They may pass through the library;

May appear in the student service center with the most people;

The original intention of this streaking festival was to ease the pressure on students to study. September of each year happens to be the mid-term stage of the second semester of the second half of the year. Many students are tortured by assignments and tests.

So this streaking activity to relieve stress came into being, and it has now become a tradition at the University of Melbourne.

In September, the weather in Melbourne has not warmed up. At this time, taking off your clothes and running around outside is not only exciting, but also very cold...

Most of the above-mentioned nude activities are for charity, or to relieve stress, but there is also a type of nude activity in Australia, in order to bring beauty to life and awaken people's ideas.

03 "Artistic Naked"

In 2001, the controversial photographer Spencer Tunick gathered 4500 men, women and children on the banks of the Yarra River in Melbourne to shoot a group of fruit photos!

(A blockbuster of 2001 naked people shot by Spencer Tunick in 4500)

There is no restriction on skin color, gender, body shape, as long as you are over 18 years old! In the two-day shooting time, no professional Pose or facial expressions are needed, just nothing.

Just as long as youTake it off! Light! Light! That's it!

(A blockbuster of 2001 naked people shot by Spencer Tunick in 4500)

A total of 4500 people, naked, no shyness, no concealment, both men and women, confident, free, and open walking by the river, finally posing like this!

They were packed everywhere from Flinders Street to the banks of the Yarra River.

These people showed a different kind of beauty in the camera of the ghostly Spencer Tunick!

Tunick recalled that shooting experience. It was a rainy day and it was cold in the morning, but everyone still cooperated with the shooting very well. This spirit moved me very much!

Then, in 2005, Tunick took another nude photo shoot again in Sydney, this time on a larger scale, with 5000 people participating.

The site was chosen at the entrance of the most famous Sydney Opera House in Australia!

Does it look particularly shocking?

However, neither of the above two is the largest. In Tunick’s 25 years of photography experience, the largest one was in Mexico’s Central City, where 18000 people took part in the shooting naked.

This kind of scene has risen to a sacred art~

No one will feel embarrassed or embarrassed because of being naked. This is an art!

As mentioned above, Tunick has been arrested 5 times in total, and he has been dissatisfied with his black fans all over the world. Many people think that he is a clown who is sensational.

But more people support him. This is not obscenity, let alone pornography, but an art, an artistic presentation that transcends human differences and highlights human nature.

It’s worth mentioning that there is no compensation for participating in Tunick’s filming, and everyone is completely voluntary.After that everyone will receive a beautifully made nude blockbuster.

Although they are volunteers, everyone involved in the filming said that this is a moment worth remembering and remembering in a lifetime, a kind of natural liberation and self-sublimation, and this is also the meaning of this "naked".

Everyone is an independent individual, regardless of beauty or ugliness, regardless of skin color, regardless of gender, is unique, everyone has his own unique side, and everyone is irreplaceable.

These volunteers are not only involved in the shooting, but also the source of inspiration and creativity...

This is Tunick's artistic philosophy!

After 17 years, 2018January.

This photographer is making a comeback,

An invitation to shoot a thousand nude photos was launched again!

The shooting location was originally Chapel St, Melbourne, but the shooting location was changed to the top-floor parking lot of a Woolworths supermarket, and the number of people needed was reduced to 500.

For the first time, Woolworths rejected this request, giving the reason for fear of affecting ordinary consumers' shopping. But unable to match the pressure of public opinion, he finally agreed to Tunick's talents here.

At that time, the outdoor temperature in Melbourne was less than 10 degrees. In order to take this group of photos, these 500 volunteers also paid a lot.

This is Australia's liberated nature. People often take off their clothes not for pornography, but have different ideas, for environmental protection, to help others, and even for art.

After reading this article, we can specifically name it——

"Australian Naked"

Our Tuao people

I seem to like to express myself with nudity

I don’t know everyone,

What is your opinion on the above?