When it comes to Australians, everyone's first reaction is: enthusiasm, optimism, cheerful personality, and very willing to help others! It's such a well-known Australian who has been deeply hurt...

The "Peng Yu case" was actually staged in Australia!


According to Dailymail, an Australian man spent two full hours helping a 19-year-old girl repair a broken car and send her away.She was bitten by the woman, accused of indecency and imprisoned for two weeks!

Daily Mail: A kind Samaritan who helped a woman fix a car was framed for sexual harassment and spent two weeks in the highest security prison

It happened next to a gas station in southern Sydney. A girl who was only 19 years old.Hit the car on a pillar at the gas station, causing the vehicle to break down.

When she was at a loss, a 36-year-old man stopped and reached out to her.

For two full hours, the man sat on the ground with her, ignoring that the dust on the ground would dirty clothes, and insisted on fixing the car for her.

Even after the car was repaired, the man drove his car along with the girl for a while to make sure that her car was able to drive normally, and then drove away.

But I never imagined that the man’s kind deeds did not get thanks, but was bitten back, and staged a "farmer and snake" story!

After the girl left the place, she immediately chose to call the police! And crying to the police in tears that he had been molested by the man!

According to her, before the man followed her away, he had offered to trade sex in exchange for car repair services. After she refused, she continued to drive and follow her.

And after she was forced to stop because of a car breakdown

The man also tried to forcibly enter her car!

The police, who heard the girl crying, immediately felt the seriousness of the matter, and quickly found the man the girl said.

Early next morning

In the man's house

Arrest him who knows nothing about it!

Subsequently, the judge faced the court and charged the man with two crimes of indecent assault, inciting someone to commit indecent behavior, stalking or intimidation, and a series of serious crimes with intent to cause personal injury. And imprison him in the silverwater prison in Sydney!

Facing the judge's accusation, the man tried to apply for bail but was refused. Upon learning the result, he couldn't help shouting on the spot:

"Gosh! I didn't do anything!"

After a long process of producing evidence and appearing in court, the court finally acquitted the man based on the monitoring of the gas station at that time!

And the woman who framed him

Also got a due trial for false accusations!

But even so, this hapless man has already suffered indelible damage in this tug-of-war.

During the trial he was not only unemployed because of this

Even the marriage broke down because of this unreasonable crime!

"Justice will occasionally be late, but it will never be absent"

But can belated justice really be considered justice?

How can the harm this man received can be changed by a judgment?

As soon as this news was released, it was shared more than XNUMX times on social networks!Netizens have expressed grievances for this uncle, and encouraged him to live anew, not to lose faith in kindness!

Netizens leave a message:

"This poor man, I hope that woman can go to jail for what she did."

"So he helped the girl, did nothing wrong but went to jail. He deserves fair compensation from the girl and the government."

"Sue her and her family!"

"Obviously the police are negligent this time. I hope they can have an internal investigation and this poor man should be compensated."

When encountering difficulties

Someone happened to lend a helping hand to himself,

No thanks,

Instead, he took a bite after receiving help

And successfully ruined a person's life

How cruel to do such a thing!

May everyone in this world treat others with sincerity

And everyone's kindness can be rewarded!