Tragedy! 37-year-old father took 3 babies to Canada to travel to Canada and died tragically, Chinese executive of Marriott Hotel died. Beware of this killer

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
She couldn’t think of the fact that her husband and children would bedo not

After the weather cleared, more and more families began to arrange outings.


When going out, safety comes first. Many people will choose reliable hotels. This is also the choice of 37-year-old William Ganjui when he traveled to Montreal, Canada.MarriottThe reason for its hotels-world-renowned hotel chains, sounds reassuring.


This time I traveled, William was aloneWith 3 children alone. "Where are you going, dad?" scenes make people feel cute and funny even after thinking about it.


However, William’s wife never thought that the husbandIt turned out to be a goodbye.


The bad news came-William and his two-year-old son were in the hotel poolDrownDied.


The accident occurred on the evening of April 2016, 4.


William and his three children arrived at the Marriott Residence Inn in downtown Montreal.


There is a swimming pool in the hotel, which delights children who like to play in the water. At 6 o'clock in the afternoon, the children took their father to go swimming.


How can the child's small request be refused?


William took his three children to the pool.



I don't know if it is because the weather is still cold, the swimming pool is very empty that day, only William's family is in.


He carried his 2-year-old son into the shallow water. The two daughters, 4 and 8 years old, had not been in the water at this time and were playing outside.


For some reason, William who was in the shallow water suddenly slipped into the deep water!


We don’t know whether William can swim, but when his feet suddenly fall out of reach and the son in his arms is struggling because of choking,


William has obviously lost his position.




William called out his two daughters in despair. Seeing their father and younger brother struggling in the water, they were shocked.


In panic, the two girls picked up the swimming ring near the pool and threw them at the father in the water.


They still remember the last moment when Dad sank to the bottom-he hung his brother's arm on the buoy.


However, how can a 2-year-old child know how to respond in that situation?


Soon, he couldn't hold on anymore and slid to the bottom of the water.

The two sisters tried their best to get out the younger brother who had lost consciousness who was sliding to the bottom of the pool.


At this time, other guests of the hotel also discovered what was happening here, hurriedly dialed 911 and started shouting for people.


When William was salvaged, he had no breath...

The 2-year-old son was quickly sent to the hospital, however, inAfter a few days of rescue, he died unfortunately.


Recently, William's wife took the Marriott Hotel to court, accusing the hotel of responsibility for their deaths.


Because the pool area is unsafe and improperly supervised,Lack of video surveillance or emergency alerts.


She seeks compensation of 390 million US dollars. William, a former programmer, is the only source of income for the family.


The lawsuit stated that if the hotel provided a lifeguard or monitored the swimming pool when the accident happened... then the father and son are likely to be rescued in time.


The lawsuit further stated that shortly after the death, the hotel swimming pool was equipped with a full-time lifeguard and monitored by camera.


Marriott International did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Chinese mother and daughter both drowned

10Min kills


Drowning in swimming pools happens from time to time. Last June, a tragedy occurred in Toronto, Canada.


A Chinese mother and daughter were playing in the swimming pool of the Blue Mountain Resort. Unfortunately, they were drowned. They were sent to the hospital for first aid, but their lives were not saved.



Mother Tiffany is only 34 years old, and daughter Chloe is 5 years old this year and has just graduated from kindergarten.


Father (Yiting Gong transliteration), was on the verge of emotional breakdown at the scene. This time, the whole family came to the resort with their parents. The original plan was to stay for two days.


That day, the wife and daughter went to the swimming pool by themselves, but at10 minutes laterWhen he arrived at the swimming pool, he found that the resort staff was rescuing his wife...


Later, the two were rushed to a local hospital and died.


However, the swimming pool is clearly marked-Unsupervised, Children under 12 years old are not allowed to enter without adult supervision.

Chinese senior woman drowns in American hotel

Family sued five-star hotel pool for "killing"


In 2017, a bizarre Chinese death also occurred at the Hilton Hotel in Tucson, Arizona.


On the evening of March 3, Ms. Hu, a senior woman from a foreign company in Suzhou, drowned after she plunged into the water in a hotel swimming pool.


When her husband, Mr. Bi, went to the United States to deal with his funeral, he discovered that there had been many drowning cases in the swimming pool.



According to the deceased’s husband, “the wife’sGood swimming skillsAnd be careful,Never go deep into the poolArea. "


The lawyer pointed out that it was the design problems of the hotel swimming pool, the unclear logo, and the hotel’s failure to pay attention to the improvement of the swimming pool that had already happened, which led to the tragedy of Ms. Hu.


At the time of the incident, Ms. Hu was only 35 years old, with a successful career and a happy family, butEverything was destroyed by an accident, Leaving behind two young sons and a sad husband and parents.


Tragedies are staged frequently, at the cost of life.




Summer is coming, and more and more families may have plans to travel. Here is a warm reminder,


If you feel dangerous while swimming, you mustCall for help. Regardless of whether you are familiar with watercraft or have received training, it is critical that more people provide timely help.


When a child is drowning, parents must first calm down.


If the drowning person is near the water, use the method of reaching out to rescue;


If you are farther away, you can use a stick, throw a lifebuoy, rope or other floating objects;



Swimming rescue is the last resort!!!


First of all, to make sure that you have the ability to swim, you need training and very good swimming skills.


The drowning person will grab everything that can be grabbed due to panic, which may make swimming rescue very dangerous, and there are often tragedies in which both people are killed instead of saving.

Finally, CPR must be done in time after saving people ashoreCPR


At the end of the day, when going out to play, please be safe!

There are not twice in life, let us live this life well. Being responsible for yourself is also responsible for your family.

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