"Happy families are similar to each other,

Unhappy families are different. "


This is the simplest truth,

But the truth is the ups and downs of life.

Chinese student Wang Lijuan may never have thought about it.

The one I loved deeply,

Cruelly killed his own life.


Or because of the pressure of study, Chinese students brutally killed their wives!

Wang Guoluo, currently the first local Chinese city councillor in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA,

Used to be aProsecutor.

I have experienced strong winds and waves, and cracked many major and important cases.

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But for him, the one about "The bloody murder and humiliation of Chinese students"But it still impressed him and his memory is still fresh.


It is reallyThat's horrible!

In Wang Guoluo’s words, “This completely falls belowThe bottom line of human behavior! This is what I have experiencedCruel and most impressiveChinese criminal case. "


The murderer committed the crimeToo cruel.

5 headshots,

Use a kitchen knife to chop off the nose, cheeks and hands!

Such a frantic approach,


2 person relationship,

Was actuallyCouple.

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After 27 years,

When recalling this case, Wang Guoluo still felt unable to believe it.

It goes back to20s.

Wang Lijuan, who graduated from the University of Science and Technology Beijing (transliteration), was a top student of that era.

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After she taught at Dalian University of Technology for 4 years,

In 1987, Lijuan gave up his stable job,

Go to Indiana Purdue University to study for a master's degree,

After graduation, Lijuan with excellent grades is ready to continue his studies.PhD study.

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During this period, Lijuan returned to Beijing to study TOEFL and improve his English.

In the TOEFL training class, she met Wu Weimin, who was 3 years younger than him.

2 people hit it off and fell in love quickly,

Li Juan's independence attracted Wu Weimin, and Wu Weimin's considerate care also made Li Juan feel at ease.

In 1988, in the summer before Ph.D., Li Juan returned to China and married Wu Weimin.

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But she didn’t know that this “lifetime commitment” pushed her forwardThe abyss...

She couldn't even imagine how strong the "love" was at that time, and how deep the "hate" would be afterwards!

After the two got married, Wu Weimin passedSpouse visaWith LijuanGo to America to live.

After coming to the United States, Wu Weimin applied for a master's degree in chemistry.

2 people started togetherStudy abroad.

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However, with the transition from "wind, flowers, snow and moon" to "chai, rice, oil and salt",

The sweet two-person world of Rizal’s fantasy,

SomedayWas woken up by Wu Weimin's slap.

Wu Weimin'sGrumpy temperGradually revealed,

I don’t even talk about a small thing, evenHands-on!

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Lijuan was fed up with such a life and finally chose to divorce in July 1991.

Three years of married life, I can't bear to look back,

Li Juan, who seems to be liberated, devotes himself to the doctoral research,


The current husband Wu Weimin finds her and proposesRemarryAt the request of

Lijuan immediately refused!

However, Li Juan’s refusal did not make Wu Weimin give up.

He often finds cuckoo,Both hard and soft.

Sometimes I knelt down and begged for mercy, whispered,

But sometimes I get irritated by Lijuan’s refusal and treat herHarassment, threats!

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Li Juan’s friend Linda Paquay said,

"Lijuan is very very

Afraid of Wu Weimin.

Mention him, the state of the whole person changes..."

She recalled that Li Juan once confided to her that she had received Wu Weimin’sThreatening letter.

The letter said: "If Li Juan does not remarry, he willKill her, her family and friends.

Regarding this, Li Juan felt terrified and she called the police many times.

And with hard work, obtained a protection order from the court:

Wu Weimin is forbidden to contact or approach Lijuan!

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Who ever thought that this protection order would eventuallyCan't stop the tragedy from happening.

1992 year 3 month 7 day,

The 31-year-old Lijuan left the school laboratory at around 11 p.m.Lost audio.

Family and friends searched the places she often went to, made countless calls, andAlways unable to contact.

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She disappeared with Lijuan and her car.

The case attracted the attention of the police,

Since Li Juan's body was not found, the police in charge of the case characterized the case as:

Kidnapping and stealing a car!

And they also locked the suspect in Li Juan’s ex-husband,Wu Weimin.

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At around 4 a.m. 11 days later,

The police station in Maniwaki, a small city in southern Canada, received an alarm.

There was a car accident on the highway and the driver was trapped.

When the police arrived, they discovered that it was a US license plate that overturned after hitting a telephone pole.

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After checking, it was discovered that

This accident car was missing for many daysLijuanCar,

And the driver is not someone else, it isLi Juan's ex-husband Wu Weimin!

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On the same day,

Canadian police found a dead body in the woods not far from the accident.

This is aFresh female body.

But the body hasincomplete, Even beingBullet holes and knife woundsMadeBeyond recognition.

The old policemen who have been battle-tested cannot look directly at...

Following an in-depth investigation, the police determined that

ThisIt's the corpse of the missing Razak for many days.

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Records taken by customs cameras show that

On the night of March 3, the third day of the disappearance of Li Juan,

Wu Weimin drove Li Juan’s car with Li Juan’s body,

Drove 1500 kilometers,

IntoCanada without the death penalty...

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Wu Weimin after being arrested,Does not cooperate with the trial.

I also kept silent about the cause of the killing,

Even apply for bail for various reasons many times...

The police officer in charge of the case recalled,

This tragedy still comes to mind from time to time for decades,

They can't understand,

Why is Wu Weimin so cruel?

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It is reported that the forensic doctor found on Li Juan’s head

will get 5 fatal gunshot wounds!

After 5 headshots, Wu Weimin, who was still puzzled, picked it up again.kitchen knife.

crazyCut off the nose of the dead.

Dig out the flesh on both sides of the cheek.

And thenChop off his hands.

Then drove another 15 hours to finish throwing the body...

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Rizal’s FamilyUnable to accept her tragic death, Very sad,

And the school where Lijuan is located feels even more regretful for losing such a rising star.

Until now, named after "Wang Lijuan""Commemorating Wang Lijuan Scholarship", Still running,

I would like to thank Li Juan for his outstanding achievements in his career.

However, the murderer did not seem to get the end he deserved.

due toThe location of the traffic accident and the body was found in Canada.

The suspect was also arrested in Canada,

The United States and Canada decided after consultations,

The case was tried in the Quebec Court of Canada,

This also means,

Murder Wu Weimin will not be sentenced to death.

Soon, the court ruled,

Wu WeiminConvicted of first-degree murder!

Later, the Canadian prison informed the Indian courts,

2012 years,

Wu Weimin was released on parole after 20 years in detention.

Was immediately sent back to China...

In this way, Wu Weimin disappeared in China with a black spot,

And Lijuan could never open his eyes again to see this cruel and real world.

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According to Canadanews.com, a classmate who knew Wu Weimin said,

Wu Weimin became emotionally out of control,

Because ofStudying pressure is too great!

This allowed him to do irrational things.

However, in the eyes of today's brother,

high pressure,

It is definitely not an excuse to do or even kill!

And with such cruel methods,

Kill the person you once loved the most,

This is irrelevant and irrational.

Nor is it a reason for "decompression" to prevaricate!

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Netizens comment: You never know the bottom line of human sin!

The news of Li Juan’s death and the cruelty of the murderer Wu Weimin were immediately widely reported.

Caused a lot of disturbance in the local area.

People have lamented the murderer’s inhumanity,

"You never know

Man, the bottom line of sin! ”

Some netizens worry that Wu Weimin will continue to do evil after returning to China?

Netizens: Girls should leave immediately if they find that their boyfriend is violent...

Netizen: This story tells us that the death penalty cannot be abolished!

Netizen: The devil is in the world

Netizen: You never know the bottom line of human sin

Netizen: Will there be another murder and humiliation after returning to China?

Netizen: Such a cruel murderer is at ease

Netizen: He was 50 years old when he returned to China, and 57 years old this year. He has been lurking for 7 years.

Netizen: Educational background, quality and ability are not necessarily proportional. People with major personality defects should be monitored by society before they happen.


Violent incidents happen frequently, and every man with domestic violence actually has a trace to follow!

In recent years, like thisTragedies of the evolution of domestic violence happen frequently.

The 24-year-old British Chinese student Xixi Bi (Xixi Bi, transliteration) has unlimited prospects and beautiful youth.

However, her life came to an abrupt end on August 2016, 8.

According to the investigation, she wasBeaten to death!

sufferVicious, repeated, long-lasting attacks!

And it was no one else who killed her, but the British boyfriend who was obsessed with her!

However, after Pisixi’s boyfriend Matthew was detained by the police and charged with murder,

Matthews only admitted to manslaughter and denied murder!

Matthews told the police:

He went crazy becauseSome other man sent a message to Xixi!

Even claiming to haveAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder,Can't control yourself!

The investigation found that this Matthews showed serious violent tendencies in his usual life.

And it's trueJealousy + Control Frenzy!

He canBeat West from time to timeWest, Sixi was therefore unable to complete her studies,

Sixi’s friends often seeXixi has bruises on her body and face.

But every time Sixi decides to leave, her boyfriend’s painful begging for mercy will make her feel soft again.

But as everyone knows, she paid the price of her life because of the forgiveness before...


In September 2017, anotherChinese female studentsXiao Li wasFound dead in an apartment.

Soon, his boyfriend Brian was locked as a suspect.

In fact, Brian has always been aPeople who have a strong desire for control, a particularly bad temper, and a very unstable personality.

Brian would get angry because of a little thing,CorrectXiao Li practices mental abuse!

Xiao Li wanted to leave him many times,

But becauseFear of the other's excessive behavior, AlwaysDare not act rashly.

Unexpectedly, this kind of "worry" cost me my life.

Many people said,There are only 0 and countless domestic violence.

When "hands-on" becomes a kind of brain circuit to solve problems,

Especially in family relations, once the problem is solved with "violence",

Violence will become the "belief" of the perpetrator.

The psychologist concluded,Every scumbag of domestic violence has a trace :

Cranky, paranoid, and controlling!

If a man occupies 3 of the above 2,

Then this man hasDanger sign.

There is always a dark side to this world, with vivid examples of Pixixi, Xiao Li, and Li Juan,

Are warning all girls who are not innocent in the world,

Don't get carried away by love, you have toFace the evil in the world.

You have to understand the full picture of human nature earlier,

Stay away from dangerous people and protect yourself.

Today's Conclusion

The premise of love is respect!

Don’t compromise for "love",

Let yourself sink into it,

Even pay the price of life.

Foreign country,

Couples are more dependent on each other,

But girls must keep their eyes open,

Once there is any tendency to violence,

Call the police immediately to apply for asylum,

And improve safety awareness,

In case of tragedy.

Hope Li Juan, Bi Xixi, Xiao Li, etc.

The example of young girls can give

One piece of advice for everyone,

Protect yourself!

For this news,

what is your viewpoint?

Welcome to leave a message and tell today!

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