The annual Easter holiday is coming again. After tired of the busyness of urban life, the green grass and the unbridled sea blue, it's time to go out for a walk.

Let us get out of the city and reclaim the tranquility that belongs to Melbourne.

Experience the back and forth of life in the redwood forest

The Warburton Sequoia Forest is located in the Yarra Mountains in northeast Melbourne. There are 1450 California sequoia trees flying across the sky. There is dense light and shadow. The thick cedar bark on the ground makes a creaking noise when stepping on the foot. .

Among the towering red cedars, there are scattered many art works composed of red cedar branches. It is also the base camp for the art of branch weaving. Initiated by local artist David Digapony, various giant works of art were made from naturally-falling redwood branches. As the branches fell, they were added one branch at a time and slowly assembled into pieces, hesitating the natural characteristics of the branches. These works of art will slowly decay and eventually disappear in the dust. So you will see completed works in the woods, semi-finished products that are slowly taking shape, and art works that are slowly turning into spring mud. This is exactly the cycle of nature, and it is also a portrayal of life.

A peaceful town with the same sea and sky

Foodies in Melbourne should have heard of Venus Bay, which is a place full of delicious clams. On the other side of Venus Bay, there is another unknown but beautiful town – Inverloch.

Inverloch is located on the flood plain at the mouth of the Tarwin River. The white and fine sandy beach stretches for dozens of kilometers, and the calm and calm sea surface reflects the splendor of different shades.

In Inverloch, you can experience the dynamic surfing beach and feel the fun of sports. You can also go to Bunurong Marine and Coastal Park to explore the beauty of land and sea. You can also sit quietly at the beach of Anderson Inlet and experience the calm sea and calmness. Heart like water.

The magic work in the cave

Hidden in the snow-capped mountains of Melbourne is Buchan Cave. Four hundred million years ago, an underground river passed through the limestone in the Buchan area and slowly sharpened out the strange wonders in the cave over the years. Both caves have their own characteristics. Royal Cave has a natural calcite pool comparable to the red infinity pool, and in Fairy Cave, you can see exquisite stalactites and stalagmites.

A professional guide will go deep into the cave with you, explore the geological changes between the stalactites, and experience the bizarre underground world. The temperature in the cave is kept at 17 degrees Celsius throughout the year, allowing you to experience a different scenery in a comfortable environment.

There are not only wonderful underground caves here. On the ground, kangaroos, wombats, and more than 60 kinds of birds also make homes. Wild animals and beautiful scenery will bring you a perfect journey.


Get out of the city, feel the nature, experience a different kind of Melbourne in this small holiday, experience a journey from the heart, in the mountains, in the forest, on the seaside, different scenery has a different feeling, picking up on different things Melbourne.