The past two weeks

It can be said to be in the history of civil aviation

Dark hour

Flight accidents happen one after another

AeroflotFire broke out and 41 people died

Mexican airlinerCrashed, 13 people died

Bangladesh airlinerOut of the runway,

The fuselage broke into three pieces...

This is not over yet, just a few days ago,

Qantas airliner flying to SydneySomething happened too...

XNUMX meters high in the sky,

Aircraft engine suddenlyExplosion and fire.

Hundreds of travelers have experienced

Unforgettable moments of fright...


Passengers experience a moment of shock

May 5, rideQantas QF26More than 350 passengers flying from Tokyo to Sydney experienced a shocking moment at an altitude of XNUMX meters.

At that time, this Boeing+747The plane took off from Tokyo in the early morning and was heading to Sydney as planned.Just after the plane flew smoothly for 5 hours, suddenly,The side engine of the plane suddenly made a huge explosion.

Accompanied by the explosion, andDazzling spark.

At this moment, the plane is flying, and there is a vast sea on all sides.There is no land for an emergency landing!

For a while, in the cabinCries and screams mixed together, Cut through the quiet night sky.

A passenger recalled that just after the airplane engine exploded, the fuselageThere was a violent shaking immediately, And then flying head-downSlide into the air.

"I was sitting next to the window when the accident happened. At that time, I heard a huge explosion, and looked out along the sound. It turned out that the airplane was on fire, and white sparks appeared from time to time."

He said that after the explosion, the airplane engineStopped immediately, The fuselage began to shake, and even the passengers who were sleeping at the moment were awakened.

Another passenger said that after the explosion, the plane instantlyFell from an altitude of 7000 meters to about XNUMX meters, And there is a continuing downward trend.

"We don't even know what happened. After the first explosion, there were several violent shaking."


Emergency landing in Cairns

When the passengers were in shock, the captain of QF26 made a decisive decision.The burning engine was shut down.

He asked the passengers on the plane to fasten their seat belts, and then use theThe remaining three engines are still running, Continue flying.

Passengers said that the captain broadcasted to remind passengers that the plane appearedEngine failureAnd said that the aircraft is about toTurn direction, Make an emergency landing at Cairns Airport.

In the end, after two hours of thrilling flight, at 5 o’clock in the morning, the plane landed smoothly on the ground of Cairns Airport.All were safe, no one was injured or killed.

Another passenger said that the captainNot afraid of danger, urgently announced an emergency landing at the nearest airportHis actions were very wise, he was frightened when the engine exploded, and he took a long breath of relief until the plane finally landed.

After the accident, Qantas issued a statement saying that there was an accident with the aircraft engine"There was no explosion"The captain turned off the damaged engine only because this was a standard procedure.

Qantas Safety Commissioner Debbie Slade said that although it caused panic among passengers,There is no safety risk to the accidental aircraft.

Our plane from Tokyo to Sydney suffered an engine failure. The captain shut down the damaged engine according to standard procedures and made an emergency landing in Cairns.

Although some passengers may have heard the explosion, there is absolutely no safety risk to our aircraft.This kind of aircraft is specially designed so that it can still fly normally even with only three engines.


The dark week of the airliner

Thanks to the decisiveness of the Qantas captain, the accidental plane was able to make a safe landing.In the other recent air crashes, passengers were not so lucky...

Just over a week ago, a Russian Airlines passenger plane caught fire after an emergency landing at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport.

At about 5:5 on May 18th, the passenger plane departed from Sheremetyevo Airport to the Russian city of Murmansk.Who knowsNot long after takeoff, the plane broke down.

The plane circled in the air and tried to land. Who knew that due to bad weather, the plane’sThe first emergency landing was unsuccessful.

And when the captain made the second attempt, the aircraft’sThe landing gear collapsed and damaged the engine, The flame quickly burst out from behind the fuselage, engulfing the entire plane in an instant...

Sadly, at this critical juncture of life and death, a passenger insistedI'm stuck in the aisle to take my luggage, His huge bodyBlocking the way of life-saving for the rear passengers...

In the end, only three of the passengers in the back row escaped from the fire, leaving41 killed, Including 2 children and 1 crew member.

May 5, from Las Vegas, USA

A small passenger plane flying to Mexico,

Lost contact with the ground during the flight.

Later, the plane was found

Crashed in northern Mexico.

On boardAll 13 people were killed...

Also on May 5, the Bangladesh Airlines passenger plane

When landing at Yangon Airport in Myanmar,Sudden heavy rain.

The plane taxied off the runway and collided,

Caused three Chinese citizens

13 passengers and 5 crew members were injured...

On May 5, when a passenger plane in Myanmar landed,

The landing gear cannot be opened,

The captain can only fly the plane

Hovering over the airport until the fuel runs out,

最后Make a thrilling landing with your nose on the ground...


Plane crash, please follow the instructions to escape

As we all know, the aircraft isThe vehicle with the lowest accident rate, Every day, there are tens of thousands of planes flying over us.

In a low-pressure environment at an altitude of XNUMX meters,

Inevitably feel nervous, if at this moment

What happens to the plane suddenly?

我们 该 怎么 办?

For most people, follow the instructions of the crew,Fasten your seat belt and escape from the safety exit in an orderly manner after the plane makes an emergency landing, Is a normal thing.

However, some people do not forget to spend precious time to escape when escaping from the dead.Take your own luggage.

For example, the passenger in the Aeroflot accident, when the stewardess kicked open the cabin door and pulled the passenger’s collar into the escape route; when the flight attendant insisted on saving people, but he was swallowed by the fire, he wanted something outside of himself,Forcibly blocked the escape route, leaving other people in the fire.

Even after being exposed by the media,No guilt, It only cares whether the airline refunds his ticket money.

In the event of an aircraft accident,

Every second is delayed,

It may be the difference between life and death.

Of course, I hope you will never meetFlight accidentThis is the case.

But once a critical situation really arises, for the safety of yourself and others, please be sure toFollow the instructions of the crew and make an orderly escape!

Today's Conclusion

No casualties in Qantas plane accident

It can be said to be a blessing in misfortune

Hope this person is panic

The dark week ends quickly,

Let the friends regain

The confidence to fly on a civil airliner!