Ahmed Dawood Seedat, 37, confessed to the murder of 32-year-old Faima Yusuf, his wife, the mother of his two children.

A long-plannedmurder!

AhmedDawood Seedat finally admitted,

While my two children are sleeping in the house,

He put his wife in his home

Cruelly killed!

The cause of death is still unclear until now,

Because he said for a while that he was usingThe tire rod stabbed his wife to death;

Said again laterHis wife was strangled to death by him!

What is certain is that

Her wife must have sufferedInhuman torture...

And the reason for this tragedy may be

He is in love with his sister-in-law!

现年37岁的会计师艾哈迈德·道伍德·西达特(AhmedDawood Seedat)在西澳大利亚最高法院面临判决听证会,此前他于2018年8月31日承认谋杀32岁的法希马·优素福(Faima Yusuf)。

Yusuf probably never thought that he would die tragically at the hands of his husband, and it wasPre-murder!

Prosecutor Nicholas Cogin said:

For several weeks, he has been plotting to murder his wife!

The police discovered that when Yusuf was still alive, Seedat had been searching for keywords on the Internet including:Bury a person who is still alive; bury a cat; and cremate the body

And after his wife was killed, he thought about it earlyRhetoric, Explain to neighbors that his wife Yusuf is going to the UK for eye surgery;

Find someone to pretend to be a police officer and call Yusuf's father at InterContinental.

But he said to his sister-in-law:His wife left him!

He even hired a contractor and asked him to dig a big hole in his yard. He said he wanted to build a swimming pool for his two children!

However, cleverness was mistaken by cleverness. The contractor found Yusuf's body in a hole he dug and called the police.

Yusuf’s body was scarred,Bruises and tears on the scalp, sand in her mouth, But not in her airway.

The prosecutor Mr. Cogin said,She was probably killed by Seedat's continued brutality, but it is not clear if she was alive when she was buried.

Through investigation, the police also found:

Seedat has been emphasizing to Yusuf's sister that it is her sister who wants to leave him! But all signs indicate that this is nothing!

In fact, Seedat said this because he had a bad heart for his sister-in-law!

He has been sending some to his sister-in-lawAmbiguous SMS, And he searched the Internet again after his wife died. The content of this search is:

My sister is dead, can my brother-in-law marry my sister-in-law? Muslim

Defense lawyer Bernard Standish admitted that the client had premeditated murder and said his client was ashamed.

He said: "Every day he thinks of everything he has done."

The court heard Seedat also facing fraud charges, accusing him of stealing 570 million Australian dollars. Judge Bruno Fiannaca will sentence Seedat on May 5 for murder.

Conclusion: emmm, search engines are really not used to teach you to kill! Also, girls have to keep their eyes open when they get married!