There are still four days left before the 2019 federal election in Australia. The competition between the two big parties here: the Labor Party and the Liberal Party has entered a fierce stage.

This year, it seems that there will be no more dark horses. At least in the Chinese circle, apart from these two parties, I rarely see other parties discussed.

However, the Chinese circle built on WeChat, in Australia’s local circle with English as the main language,

A third party that the Chinese don’t pay much attention to,

It is rising rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It is United Australia Party, the Chinese name is the Australian United Party.

How fast is the rise of this party? On the Western’s largest self-media Youtube platform, this political party posted a video,

The average playback volume has reached400 millionlevel.

The other two big parties familiar to Chinese people, the Liberal Party and the Labour Party, have an average of only a few hundred views of their YouTube homepage videos.

If you let outsiders watch,I thought that the Australian coalition party was the ruling party, while the Labor Party and the Liberal Party were small parties that were unknown.

You know, 400 million broadcasts are already a large proportion of Australia’s 2500 million population.

Approximately 5 in 1 Australians knows about or has watched the propaganda video of this political party.

But when you ask the Chinese around you, have they heard of the Australian United Party in this election, and how much they know about this party, the answer is often to shake their heads.

This is why I am writing this article today.A professional anti-China political party has gained such a high degree of attention in Australia and has risen so quickly.

But the Chinese knew nothing,This in itself is a very magical reality.

01- The silent majority

Before Trump came to power, many Americans felt that in the 2016 election, Hillary definitely won. When asking the reason, they would say: "The people around me all support Hillary, and there is no support for Trump. ."

Later, when the results of the general election came out, these people were all stupid and completely unable to figure out why so many people suddenly appeared to support Trump.

In fact, it’s not that no one supports Trump.It's that those people were sprayed too hard by Democratic voters and chose not to speak up on social networking sites.

It is the same in Australia.

To be honest, many Australians are very racially discriminatory. They hate immigrants, and some even hate immigrants very much. These people usually do not express it. After all, where is the diversified attitude of the ruling party and where is the Australian law? , Racial discrimination in public can cause trouble.

Imagine if a party suddenly jumped out in front of everyone,Shouting to give Australians priority and drive out immigrants will surely attract the votes and approval of those who are usually silent.

This party used to be a one-nation party, but now this party has become the Australian United Party. Their slogan is very similar to Trump's, to make Australia great.

Like Trump, he firmly grasped the psychology of many whites.

However, it is also anti-immigration. Why did the One Nation Party not develop and grow, but the Australian United Party could rise quickly?

Because the One Nation Party is stupid, when they are anti-immigration,Accidentally provoked the Muslim community.

Muslims are very united outside. No one dare to criticize them. If you don’t believe me, think about it. Have you heard about reports in the news that someone said to Muslims: "Go back to your country?" Look at Europe now.

Therefore, the One Nation Party is very miserable now. The last general election was able to get 4 seats. This time they almost lost their share.

But the Australian United Party is much smarter,They learned Trump's campaign philosophy at the time to the extreme - and aimed at China.

How Trump did it at the time, he opened his mouth and shut his mouth, it was China, and there was basically no good talk.

Here is the Australian United Party,

They also copied it. Didn’t I say that they uploaded a lot of promotional videos on YouTube?

The videos here are basically anti-immigration, and they are all related to China. And they are all negative.

I just pick one: it was uploaded a few weeks ago, the content is very simple,

An old grandmother stood in front of the camera with a sad face, saying that the Chinese now control Australia’s dairy products. They emptied all Australian dairy products and sold them to China.

Finally she sent out a soul torture to the Australians:What about our Australian babies! ? Please prohibit the Chinese from being involved in Australian dairy products! Protect Australian children!

You see how familiar they are with the psychology of white Australians——

In the news, there are a lot of Chinese people snatching milk. White people dare not to spit out anger. Other parties have turned one eye and closed one eye. This party actually proposed it! I feel so happy! stand by! like!

People who think this way are by no means a minority.We can’t write 10W+ from the media for a long time, others anti-China videoBut more than 40 plays easily,Swipe the screen in the Australian circle of friends!

Another video, also this grandmother, said that the Chinese bought a house in Australia and raised the housing price in Australia. As a result, the locals could not afford to buy a house.

How to do? Invest in us, we will prohibit Chinese investment!

This video poked the white man’s G point again,

They originally had two impressions of Chinese people because of the news from the Australian media: grabbing milk and buying a house, but nothing happened. Now this political party has specifically stepped up to speak for them, not to mention how happy they are, forward and forward.

This video has 80 views.

And the effect of doing this is obvious, they have also caught the trick,

Just spray China.

It's not good to spray other races, but it's okay to spray Chinese people. After spraying them, not only will they not make trouble, they will also reflect on themselves in minutes.

Such a political party has undoubtedly won the support of the silent majority in Australia. Their support rate and exposure have been increasing.

02- Earn money from the Chinese on the front foot, but against China on the back foot

The leader of the One Nation Party is Hanson, who is behind the Australian United Party? Who can play such a professional operation?

To be honest, the boss of the Australian Coalition Party should be hated by the Chinese more than Hanson.

why? Because he used Chinese money to oppose the Chinese.

This man is the former richest man in Australia, Clive Palmer.

Seeing this, I have to say that rich people can really do whatever they want. The reason why the One Nation Party is not working this year has a lot to do with lack of money. Some time ago, it had to sell ass to the United States for 2000 million US dollars.

But the Australian Coalition Party supported the sponsor's father, all kinds of campaign propaganda, random smashing, and the ads were bought and bought in full.

Therefore, the pressure on the Chinese is a little bit heavy. After all, the former Australia's richest man has invested heavily in anti-China campaign propaganda...

Well, back to Clive Palmer himself, he has many connections with China. When he was a child, he lived in China and met Mao Zedong and Pu Yi, the last emperor of China.

When I returned to Australia, I took the university entrance exam but dropped out in the middle. After leaving school, I got my first pot of money by working as a real estate agency. After earning enough A$4000 million, I quit the real estate industry and turned to the resources industry.

Since the mid-1980s, he founded a number of companies, including the current mineralogy company,Mainly benefit from selling mineral resources to China. And make a fortune.

In 2006, the SINO iron ore project he cooperated with China made him the fifth richest man in Australia.

In 2009, he acquired the Waratah Coal Mine in Brisbane, at an estimated price of less than US$1 million.

In 2010, he reached an agreement with China Power Corporation,China purchased 20 million tons of coal from Waratah Coal Mine (worth US$3000 billion, or A$600 billion) each year for 694 years. This transaction made him the richest man in Australia.

Until this time, this man was still a Chinese iron fan, and his relationship with China was as good as honey.

So what happened to make his attitude change 180°?

Here is a mention of Hong Kong companies, CITIC Pacific.

CITIC Pacific was once a pivotal infrastructure construction and property investor in Hong Kong. It was founded in 1990 and belongs to the CITIC Group, a financial mixed-industry group founded by "red capitalist" Rong Yiren.

The current chairman and managing director is Chang Zhenming, and the previous chairman is Rong Zhijian. Its business in China and overseas covers finance, resources and energy, manufacturing, engineering contracting, real estate and other fields. At present, China CITIC Group Co., Ltd. holds 58%.

2006/4, CITIC Pacific signed an agreement with Mineralogy to acquire all the shares of Sino-Iron and Balmoral Iron.

2007/1, SinoIron, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Pacific Co., Ltd. registered in Australia, and China Metallurgical Science and Industry Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "China Metallurgical Group") signed the "General Contract for Western Australia SINO Iron Ore Project" for US$11.06 billion (Hereinafter referred to as "EPC Contract"), the two parties will develop an iron ore mine in Australia, and the first batch of iron ore will be shipped in early 2009.

2007/8, CITIC Pacific announced the sale of a 20% interest in the Australian magnetite project to China Metallurgical Group; in addition, the two parties entered into a supplementary agreement to increase the project contract price from US$11.06 billion to US$17.5 billion.

2007/8, The start of the project was postponed due to the failure of environmental review and construction permits.

2008In April 4, the project officially started.

2008/8According to Rong Zhijian, Chairman of CITIC Pacific, the capital expenditure of the Western Australia iron ore project in 2007 was approximately US$35 billion. It is estimated that the entire project will require approximately US$38 billion and that it is expected to produce approximately 2010 million tons of iron ore in 2,760.

2008/10, CITIC Pacific announced that in order to hedge the exchange rate risk of the Australian iron ore project, the group has signed a number of cumulative leveraged foreign exchange trading contracts. However, due to the sharp drop in the Australian dollar, the relevant contracts have recorded a loss of approximately 8 million Hong Kong dollars. The book loss at the end of this year will be as high as HK$147 billion.

2009/3, CITIC Pacific stated that the original production date of the Western Australia iron ore project is this year, and it is now expected to be postponed to the third or fourth quarter of 2010.

2011/7, CITIC Pacific announced that the overall system commissioning of the Western Australia iron ore project will be postponed to the end of 2011. It is expected that the commissioning and export of concentrate powder will be postponed from the originally planned end of 2011 to the first half of 2012.

2012/4, CITIC Pacific announced that it will exercise the subscription rights to obtain the mining rights for an additional 10 billion tons of magnetite located in Western Australia at a consideration of US$2 million. After exercising the first subscription right this time, the company will obtain a total of 30 billion tons of magnetite mining rights.

2012/8, CITIC Pacific said that the trial operation of the Western Australia iron ore project has been postponed from the end of this month to November.

2012/11, Mineralogy, the seller of the Western Australian iron ore project, proposed that CITIC Pacific breached the contract and planned to unilaterally terminate the mining rights and mineral lease agreements.

2013/2, CITIC Pacific Chairman Chang Zhenming stated that CITIC Pacific has invested US$91 billion in the Western Australia iron ore project, of which US$68 billion is the construction cost.

2013/12, The first batch of fine ore concentrate produced by the Western Australia Iron Ore Project was shipped to China.

2014/2, CITIC Pacific’s application to the Australian court to prevent Clive Palmer from operating the port was rejected. Clive Palmer then applied to the Australian court through the Mineralogy company under his control to wind up the China-Australia iron ore mine.

2015, Mineralogy sued CITIC for a claim of 100 billion Australian dollars (US$71 billion), claiming that CITIC was exporting iron ore from the Sino-Australian joint venture Sino-Australian iron ore project in Western Australia, but failed to pay the concession at the agreed level usage fee.

2016/5, The last of the six production lines of the China-Australia iron ore project entered commissioning. Last year, a total of 6 million wet tons of iron ore were exported, which is more than half of the original planned 1100 million tons/year of the China-Australia iron ore project.

2017/2/15, CITIC shares announced that the company has made provision for impairment of the China-Australia iron ore project, and the after-tax amount is expected to be between 8 million and 10 billion US dollars.

2017/10, The Supreme Court of Western Australia ruled on the patent case of the CITIC Pacific China-Australia Iron Ore Project (SINO), the largest overseas "greenfield investment" project by Chinese companies to date.

西澳法院称中信需向Clive Palmer的Mineralogy公司赔偿2亿澳元(约合人民币10亿元),此外还要在未来30年每年向Mineralogy支付2亿澳元(约合人民币10亿元)特许使用费,合计下来,中信将损失300多亿人民币。

2018/10/22, CITIC Group sued the Western Australian mining giant Clive Palmer (Clive Palmer), accusing him of refusing to cooperate with CITIC, so that the Western Australia iron ore project that the two cooperated could not obtain more land. A few days later, the Western Australian rich also filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of Western Australia, suing CITIC for the payment of A$5 million in environmental restoration fees.

In other words, the cooperative projects that allowed him to make a lot of money in the past have all kinds of unhappiness, which makes him unable to make money from China now.

There is a saying in China that business cannot be done, but friendship exists.However, he played the role of dog biting Lu Dongbin and began to spray China in various ways and became an anti-Chinese professional.

On August 2014, 8, in a program on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Palmer accused China of trying to seize Australian ports to steal natural resources, and

Call China a "hybrid" who wants to "take over this country."

Subsequently, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy told the Associated Press that Senator Palmer's absurd comments on China were irresponsible and "full of ignorance and prejudice."

Palmer still refuses to admit his mistakes.

Did not show any concessions,

Resolutely do not apologize for his insulting remarks.

When asked if he still insisted on using the term "hybrid" to describe China, Australia's largest trading partner,

Palmer called this "accurate term."

After that, he had some more exaggerated remarks. Since it does not conform to our core values, here is only a picture:

Maybe Trump is really his idol. In 2019, he was not enough as a businessman and announced his participation in the general election to fund the Australian United Party.

This small party has also been in obscurity from the beginning, with hundreds of video views,

Relying on the anti-China, Australia-first gimmick, it jumped to millions of broadcasts:

In the Chinese circle, no one pays attention to all this, and there is no report in the Chinese media.

Thinking hard.


Controversial businessman Palmer: China tries to rape our country and economy