In a report released in April, Bob Birrell, a statistician from the Australian Institute of Demography, called for higher requirements for foreign students' English and financial ability, so as to control the number of international students and ensure the quality of teaching.

According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in the 2017-18 fiscal year, nearly 23.67 of the net increase in immigrant population in Australia10.5 are international students, accounting for more than 44%.Much higher than 6.885 permanent immigrants.

In the past 6 years, international students have been the group with the largest increase in the net immigrant population, increasing from 25,700 to 104,987 per year. among themIt mainly includes students from China and students from India.

Earlier, the Morrison government decided to reduce the quota for permanent immigrants from 19 a year to 16. In this regard, Birrell believes that this part of the impact is not great, and foreign students are the important factor leading to Australia's population growth, especially the main factor that causes the congestion in Sydney and Melbourne.

Birell believes thatIt is better to limit the number of people by raising the entrance threshold.At the same time, he believes that the surge in the number of international students has affected the employment of some Sydney and Melbourne residents, because they have taken away jobs from low-skilled, low-income local job seekers. Now international students have become a new bottom. Working group.

along withWorking Holiday VisaAfter opening to China, more and more young people choose to use this visa to experience life in Australia. Many people said that in Australia, working holiday visas can not only experience the beauty of Australia, but also earn a lot of income.

Is there any profession that has a good income and has not invested so much in medicine? At this time, these occupations that have nothing to do with academic qualifications, but whose income is still very good.

How profitable is fruit picking in Australia? It’s not an exaggeration to say that as long as you work hard and work on the farm,It’s okay to earn 200+ Australian dollars a day.The hourly salary of a regular farm is generally above 20 Australian dollars, and there are overtime and subsidies at every turn...

According to Australian regulations, farm pickingThe hourly salary is at least $22.13 or more(The legal minimum hourly wage in Australia is $18.29).

Basically, after working for a few days, the salary can catch up with the salary of working in China for a month, and after working for a few months, you can take the money to go to Central Australia and work for a year.The annual salary easily breaks 50W RMB,It's worth working in the country for several years.

Australia’s wages are distributed according to “work more, earn more”, “the more you do, the more dirty you earn”. Although white-collar workers live comfortably in Australia, their wages are not popular. In Australia, any oneWork that requires manual labor, All earn more than sitting in the office, and still several times more.

Even so, many farms still cannot find enough employees. In order to allow people to pick fruit, the Australian government has even begun to subsidize them! According to Australian media reports,The government has introduced more welfare policies,Encourage the unemployed to pick fruit.

And promised: If you do this seasonal fruit picking work, if your income does not exceed 5000 Australian dollars in a round, even if the government loses! Because the government will continue to count you out of work and continue to grant you unemployment allowance.5000 Australian dollars!

Your home is too far from the orchard? No problem! The government also said that if the orchard is more than 120 kilometers away from your home, weThen subsidize you 300 Australian dollars for transportation expenses.

However, just such a good job,The unemployed young people in Sydney are still unmoved!Fruit growers advertised and recruited people, but still couldn't recruit enough labor. They could only watch their own fruits rot on the trees and hit the ground!

Many farms said that without the injection of overseas backpackers, the basic operation of the farm would be a problem!

Are young Australians lazy at the advanced stage of cancer? I would rather lead the government's relief fund than pick fruits! If you don't go, then I will go! After all, there are so many benefits of fruit picking!

Eat the fruits of the farm!When you come to the orchard, you basically don't need to buy fruit. The expensive Tasmanian cherries on the market are full here.Exercise your body, hone your will,Without going to the gym, the muscles can be trained.

it's here,You will also know friends from all over the world,Maybe English can improve. Everyday's spare time is for everyone to relax and entertain, communicate with each other, chat and talk about the world. The dependence brought by information technology is less, and the interaction between people is more fun.

The most important thing is to save money!save money!save money!Australian farms are often very remote. They have no place to spend money, and no land to spend if they want to go out and play. Everyday life is two points and one line. Apart from work, it’s just returning to the place of accommodation, and the accommodation fee is not too much. Expensive, as long as you can survive, saving money is not a problem at all.

If you don’t like fruit? It's ok! Australia's high-paying blue-collar occupations, yes! very! many!

High-paying profession-moving bricks

Everyone must be familiar with the topic of "going to Australia to move bricks". In fact, the bricks moved here refers to bricklaying. You only need to go to a technical school to study for three months, have a certain experience and basic English, not afraid of hardship.

Marry Bai Fumei and rise to the pinnacle of life! Your future is not a dream! Building a brick rose from 0.85 Australian dollars to 1.90 Australian dollars (9.5 yuan).The daily salary is 1000 Australian dollars, the weekly salary is 3, and the annual salary easily breaks through one million.

High-paying occupation-crane crane operator

The average weekly salary is 3055 Australian dollars and the average annual salary is 15,8881 Australian dollars.Approximately 79.4 yuan/year.Although it is slightly inferior to the annual salary of a million brick workers, it can still beat the crowd.

Operators of cranes, cranes and elevators are engaged in high-risk work, and they need to be under tremendous pressure during their work. They need to be proficient in relevant skills, and high salaries are reasonable.

High-paying occupation-plumber

Friends who live in Tuao know that if the water pipe is broken, they are not willing to find someone to repair it! Want to fix the water pipe without a few hundred dollars? too young too simple! Looking at this price, one can think that the salary of a plumber is certainly not low!

The current annual salary of plumbers is about 15 Australian dollars, which is equivalent to 75 yuan per year.Among the 40 people engaged in the construction industry in Australia, plumbers are the highest-paid jobs. At present, plumbers have become the most shortage of jobs in most state capitals or other regions in Australia. In some areas, with a daily salary of 1000 Australian dollars, it is difficult to find suitable plumbers.

And it's not as dangerous as the first two careers. It seems that being a "Super Mario" is also a good choice!

High-paying occupation-miner

Everyone knows that Australian miners live lavish jobs,Work for 2 months and rest for 1 month.Although the mining industry is not as good as the prospects recently, wages are still much higher than other types of work.

The hourly salary of a miner is 33 knives, which is about RMB 180.Then the annual salary is about 37 yuan.

High-paying occupation-interior decoration

Interior decoration is also a job in short supply. The current salary is over 58 Australian dollars per hour, with an average weekly salary of 2227 Australian dollars and an average annual salary of 11.58 Australian dollars.Approximately 58 yuan/year.It is not easy to decorate the domestic interior with 10 yuan.

High-paying occupation-sanitation worker

Of course, the most unexpected thing is that the hourly wages of garbage truck drivers, which are common in China's first-tier cities, are as high as 40 Australian dollars, which makes their annual salary exceed the industry's more than 7 Australian dollars (about 35 yuan). ,Reach 8.5 Australian dollars (RMB 40).

And this annual salary in China has reached the annual salary of many middle-level managers. It not only requires years of overtime work in the company, but also needs to have a certain management ability, but also needs to be appreciated by the leadership. As a result, such an annual salary in Australia only needs to be opened. rubbish truck……

Australia’s blue-collar workers have even higher wages than some white-collar workers, because they are free and equal here, and work has incomeAs long as you work hard and struggle,Even if you have no identity and no background, you can still enjoy the poetry and distance in life.

Probably, this is why Australia has become one of the most livable countries in the world.