Summary:The furthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but when I am sick, I cannot make an appointment with a doctor.

Two days ago, the Shanghai doctor was handcuffed for refusing to jump in the queue. The Medical Association responded,Hu Ge made a voice on Weibo for thisThere was a lot of trouble.

The people who eat melon have not recovered,The Canadian medical system has been pushed to the forefront again.

The reason is that a heartbreaking video went viral in Canada...

The number of views on FB has reached millions of times, with more than 6000 messages.

Waiting in line for two years, the cancer is at an advanced stage!

The woman in the video is Marilyn Inez, who is only 33 years old this year and was recently diagnosed with advanced anal cancer.

For cancer, the earlier it is discovered, the greater the hope of cure, but she finds it later

Not because of my negligence,

It's because you have to line up to see a doctor!

Inez discovered the abnormality of his body early on, but,

It took two years to make an appointment with a doctor!

During this period, she consulted three hospitals, but the other party just rushed, ignoring the risk of her condition worsening.

Refused to give her further treatment.


It lasted for three years, and when she finally got an appointment with a doctor,The confirmed anal cancer has been diagnosed as an advanced result.

Due to chemotherapy, her hair fell out, so she wrapped her head in a blue towel in the video.

In the video, she shed tears,

While accusing the medical system of homicide in Nova Scotia!

The following is a partial translation of the video content:

"Mr. Governor, do you dare to meet me? Do you dare to face me, look into my eyes, and tell me that there is no problem with the medical system in our province?


"For two full years, I couldn't get an appointment with a family doctor, so that anal cancer was not diagnosed. When I went to the emergency room for treatment, I was only turned away by the staff!


"It's okay now, they finally found out that I have stage 3 anal cancer. I have been fighting alone for three years before a doctor saw me!


"Beginning in January this year, I kept making appointments with psychiatrists. I finally received the notice today and the appointment was made. It was already the end of April!


"And my appointment is scheduled to mid-July. Mr. Governor, please tell me now, is there any problem with our province's medical system?"

What is especially distressing in the video is the 4-year-old daughter mentioned by Inez.


"What about my daughter? She is only 4 years old! I can't take care of her anymore!"

Under this heart-wrenching video, netizens commented and liked.

Many people have sympathy with the long queue for medical treatment. People and Inez asked the government to give an explanation!

In the face of public criticism, the Governor of Nova Scotia, Stephen McNeil, responded in an interview on April 4.

He said that he has asked the health department to contact Marilan and ask about her specific situation. Before the health department responded to him, he could not promise to meet with Marieland.

How slow is it?

How far is the medical queue in Nova Scotia?

Up to now, on average every family doctor,

There are 55801 patients waiting!

Canadian medical is well-known for its long waiting time.

At the end of last month, a woman with acute renal failure in New Brunswick went to the local hospital to see the emergency department.The hospital’s emergency department waited for nearly 11 hours, And finally died.

Waiting for seven or eight hours in the emergency department, the strange doctor who only allows hot water to drink the medicine, and the ambulance fee of hundreds of dollars...

More international students called directly:

More terrifying than Final is going to the hospital!

In the past, people in China often said that "seeing a doctor is difficult, but it takes a long time." In fact, in comparison,

Canada "seeing a doctor is harder and longer"!

A survey published by the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI) in 2014 showed that in Canada, whether it is general treatment or specialty treatment,

The waiting time is longer than that of Germany, Australia, the United States, France, Norway, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Sweden and SwitzerlandThese 10 developed countries will take a long time.

Not only that, more than half of people need to wait more than 2 days to see a doctor or nurse, and nearly one-third have to waitMore than 6 days.

Among those surveyed, there are25%Of people have been waiting for expert outpatient consultation for more than two months;52%Of people say it is difficult to see a doctor on weekends and at night.

A report published by the Fraser Institute in 2015 showed that in 2014, Canada had about52513Go overseasReceive non-emergency treatment.

Among them, the number of internal medicine patients seeking medical treatment is the highest.Up to 6559 people, Including colonoscopy, gastroscopy, angiography, etc.

These countries are not immune

In fact, not only Canada, queuing for doctors in many countries is also very popular.

"The New York Times" once reported that stop laughing at the British and Canadians for seeing a doctor!In the United States, long waits to see a doctor have become the norm.

The survey shows that it usually takes 29 days to see the dermatology department, at least 32 days for the cardiology department, and more than two months for the individual examination.

And this is worse than it was more than ten years ago, it took an average of six days!

Not long ago, a Chinese couple traveling in the United States took a child with a dislocated arm to a local hospital for emergency treatment. This problem can be solved in a few minutes in China.

In the United States, I waited for nearly 4 hours,

Just saw the doctor.

While waiting, his distraught father almost went to the Internet to search for methods to reset himself by himself.

And the sky-high bill afterwards made him shake his head:It costs about 11 yuan in the United States for a domestic 11800 yuan thing.

Finally, he had to sigh: It is still convenient and cheap to see a doctor in China.

In fact, complaints about the foreign medical system have long been made.

Li Bingbing, a domestic actress, once posted on Weibo that the high fever persisted while working in Australia, but the doctor could not confirm the diagnosis, and only stabilized her condition after returning to China.

Li Bingbing never forgets to sigh on Weibo: "I miss the medical staff of the motherland when I am sick abroad. "

Earlier, a lady in Australia made an appointment for a doctor,Let's just wait for 11 years! ! !

Do you think the appointment will be over? NO NO NO! You also have to wait for surgery...

*Tonsillectomy at Bunbury Hospital in Western Australia, 476 days

*Knee replacement at Flinders Medical Centre in South Australia, 384 days

*Hip replacement at Goulburn Hospital in NSW, 353 days

*Knee replacement at Western Hospital in Victoria, 326 days

* Hip replacement at Flinders Medical Centre, 360 days

When it's finally your turn, I'm afraid...

The British "Daily Mail" cited data from a medical insurance company and pointed out that

North America is the most expensive country for tourists

The per capita medical expenses are as high as 1044 pounds (about 9090 yuan), which may occupy the entire travel budget of a person.

Of course, when complaining about the medical system in their own country, the British are not at all mercy: The Daily Mail said that in the UK, it takes an average of three weeks to see a doctor.

For thousands of patients,

It is a fantasy to see a doctor in time that day.

Many netizens seem to have found their soulmates and left messages about their painful experience of seeing a doctor abroad. Today, they can finally complain about it...


Recall that in China, although medical reimbursement costs are lower, in most hospitals, blood tests, MRI, endoscopy, etc. can be arranged on the same day, and the test results are usually available in half an hour to an hour.

But even so, the frequent hospital disputes and injury cases do make all medical practitioners sad.

"The doctor's attitude is poor and the speed of seeing a doctor is slow. I only saw 30 patients in an hour, and finally it was my turn. I became impatient in 5 minutes and wanted me to leave."

"The doctor has no human touch. The last time I took my grandpa to the hospital for a B-ultrasound, I was in his 70s and had diabetes again. I went to discuss with the doctor if I could let my grandpa do it first, so I actually asked the people in line at the door to discuss it. There are many people in line, who can I discuss with you?"

"A relative in the family was hospitalized with cerebral infarction. After staying for more than 40 days, half of his body was still paralyzed. The doctor forced the patient to be discharged from the hospital and sent home to recover. The disease is not healed! At least he must get out of bed and walk. Right. And the family is so small, everyone else has to go to work, who will take care of him? Where can he stay in the hospital?"

This is a common complaint faced by medical practitioners.

One hour to watch 1 patients being scolded for being too slow... Can't jump in the line and ask him to discuss with others about being scolded... Let the patient go home to recover and be scolded...

There is no reason not to be scolded, because you are doctors.

You can't charge so much money, because you are a hospital. It is your duty to save the dead and heal the wounded. Talk about how tacky money is.

But there are always people who sing about Western freedom, democracy and so-called human rights.

Facing the doctors beaten by registered traffickers indifferently, he not only sympathized, even criticized the domestic medical system.

Yes, we admit,

The current domestic medical system is indeed not perfect,

But at least it won’t let patients line up for two years,

Being dragged into an advanced stage of cancer!

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