The Andrew Labor government welcomed the statement that the Federal Labor Party would cooperate with Victoria to build a suburban metro loop if it came to power.

The Suburban Metro Loop is the largest public transport project in Australia's history-a new underground rail network surrounds the suburbs of Melbourne, supporting the Victorian capital that will soon become the nation's largest city.

When the Labor Party government announced the suburban metro loop project, Bill Shorten and his team acted quickly-promising to invest 3 million yuan in cooperation with Victoria to carry out the planning of this important project.

Today, the Federal Labor Party announced that if it is in power, it will reach a 50/50 partnership with Victoria to build a suburban metro loop, acknowledging the importance of the project for the country.

Our vertical transportation network has been serving Victoria for the past XNUMX years-but with the development of our city and the state, this network does not have the capacity to serve our next XNUMX years. This is why we built the suburban metro loop.

The suburban metro loop will connect every major train line from the Frankston line through Melbourne Airport to the Werribee line, and twelve new metro stations will be built.

This means that Victorians no longer need to travel to the Central Business District to get where they want to go-changing the way people travel in the city-connecting our suburbs with schools, hospitals and employment.

The suburban metro loop line will reduce the congestion of the entire transportation network-transfer thousands of passengers from the existing rail line to the new rail line, reduce XNUMX vehicles from main roads-and create two for Victorians XNUMX jobs.

The design and planning of the project is currently in progress. The first phase of the project in southeast Melbourne (the section between Cheltenham and Box Hill) is expected to start at the end of 2022.

Governor Andrew stated

"The suburban Metro Circle Line will allow travelers to get where they want to go – after a real partnership with Canberra, we will be able to promote this project faster. "

"Just like the Melbourne Metro Tunnel, Northeast Link, and important suburban road upgrade projects-this promise is a real investment in a real project that Victorians vote for and need. "

"For a long time, Victoria has had enough of coming from Sydney and cannot find our state's prime minister on the map – if Bill Shorten, an authentic Victorian, becomes prime minister, all this will change. "