The breeze is just right and the sun is not dry. Now is the best time for domestic people to travel.

In the past two years, a variety show conducted a Bali program, making Bali, known as a holiday paradise, the first choice for tourism. Chinese tourists who travel to Bali every year, up toHundreds of millions of people!

Countless people punched in Bali,

Go crazy in the circle of friends.

China has almost become Bali’s

The first source country!

The blue sea and blue sky, the rippling water, the simple and enthusiastic folk customs... are many people's intuitive impressions of Bali.

However, the facts are beyond people's expectations...


A few days ago, an unexpected thing happened to a mother and daughter in Shenzhen during their trip to Bali:

On April 4th, Xiaoyang, her mother and her mother's friends, and a group of four people signed up for the tour group of Nanhu International Travel Service, and set off to go to Bali for five days.

Everything went well in the beginning, and the group had fun. But on the 23rd, it became Xiaoyang's nightmare!

According to the arrangement of the travel agency, on the morning of the 23rd, after the tour group members arrived in the South Bay area of ​​Bali, it was everyone’s free time. Passengers can freely choose entertainment under the leadership of local guides.

Driven by curiosity, Xiaoyang and his mother chose the water project, along with 4 other female group members.

At first, Xiaoyang and six women went to experience a diving activity. Later, with the encouragement of his mother, Xiaoyang took part in a jet ski.

Jetski is a one-to-one project, and each tourist will be guided by a professional coach. The instructor rides a motorboat to take the tourists, and only after they reach a relatively safe sea area that can be seen visually, do they change tourists to experience the boat.

At that time, Xiaoyang's mother and group members set off first, and Xiaoyang was the last one. Xiaoyang, who was supposed to experience in the visible and safe sea, butBeing led by the coach to a remote desert island! !

Before reaching the desert island, the coach stopped.

Began to commit misconduct against Xiao Yang on the motorboat:

Strong kiss, pick up clothes!

The language is not clear, so Xiao Yang can only resist desperately while constantly saying:

"NO! NO! NO!!"

Seeing Xiaoyang's fierce resistance, the coach not only failed to constrain, but was even more bold and bold!

He simply drove the motorboat to the shore of the desert island,

Sexual assault directly on Xiaoyang!

After half an hour of torture, the coach vented his animal desires and took Xiao Yang back to where he started.

Xiaoyang, who suffered a terrible incident, did not accuse the coach in front of everyone, but ran into the bathroom alone, kept washing his body, and told his boyfriend who was still going to school in the country.

Realizing the seriousness of the situation, her boyfriend immediately reached out to Xiaoyang's father, Mr. Yang, and told Mr. Yang the matter.

After Xiaoyang's mother knew what her daughter had suffered, she immediately went to the coach to confront her.

I thought that the other party would deny the animal behavior he had done, but the coach confessed to it, saying on the spot that he had sexually assaulted Xiao Yang.

It can be said to be extremely rampant!

At present, this person has been arrested by the local police. According to a press conference held by the Indonesian police, it was also learned that the coach is 29 years old this year, a native of Java, and is currently waiting for the next trial result.


Although the matter is basically coming to an end here, and the bad guys will eventually receive their due punishment, this incident has caused great trauma to Mr. Yang's family.

The attitude they reported to the Nanhu International Travel Service on this matter also made it difficult for Mr. Yang's family to accept:


No one specifically followed up on this matter!

The editor deeply sympathizes with Xiao Yang's experience. But I have to remind everyone that Bali is actually no longer a tourist destination! Don't just listen to the exaggerated flicker of travel agencies!

With the booming tourism industry in previous years,The Chinese have various accidents in BaliThings have been happening frequently.

For example, there have been reports that some travel companies, in order to make more money, even disregard the safety of passengers.Use old vehicles without relevant operating qualifications and beyond their service lifeCarrying passengers.

Behind natural disasters, man-made disasters

Revealing the true face of Bali!

Man-made disaster

As the popularity of Bali continues to increase, Chinese tourists flock to them, without knowing that they have already become the fat sheep to be slaughtered in the eyes of others:Arbitrary charges, robbery

According to China Overseas Chinese Network, only four months last year, the Consulate General in Denpasar has receivedFrom 3Chinese tourists encountered a case of robbing property and documents on motorcycles in Bali.

Maybe you think this number is not big, but if you put yourself in the position and think about it, you will understand. Generally, it is not a large sum of money, valuables, or loss of important documents. People will not bother the consulate.


Do you think three incidents in four months are still decimals?

Behind the scenes swallowed and cried, there is no way, how many robberies of a small amount, we can not know the specific number...

As for the Chinese face, it is even more representative in Bali"Mobile Banking"!

As long as you are a Chinese, from the moment you set foot in Bali, the cost of your journey will be clearly arranged by the locals:

Food will be expensive, accommodation will be expensive, car ride will be expensive too!

It's really not possible, an extra tip...

Without taking your pockets clean,

The locals will not give up!

Do not believe it, look!

Even when natural disasters occur, Chinese tourists are stranded in Bali. Local restaurants, hotels, and taxis will all ask for prices as long as they see Chinese people!

Natural disaster

Not only due to man-made reasons, the excessive opening of tourist attractions in recent years has also caused Bali to be countered by nature, and it is no longer the Bali we know.

Last year, Chinanews announced that Bali and Lombok, etc.,Crustal activities are active and natural disasters occur frequently.

In July and August, happened successivelyrepeatedlyEarthquakes, huge waves, and volcanic eruptions have causedHundreds of thousands of touristsStranded and trapped.


And once attracted countless people to come to the island, it is now devastated! A previous diver named Richard severely tore off the seemingly beautiful veil on Bali...

The originally blue sea,

It’s already full of plastic-based garbage...

Even if the locals actively salvage and clean up,

After a wave of waves, it will return to the original point!

Because of the garbage in many cities in Indonesia,

The only way to deal with it is to dump it into the sea! !

Do you think Bali will be as blue and clear as advertised on the Internet?

Bali has long since gone,

And you are still yearning for God.

If you really want to go, find a safe and reliable tour group, check the local consumption level online in advance, and make an emergency plan before setting off.