Urgent help!

Another Chinese student disappeared in Australia!

Lost contact for 9 months!

The family is extremely anxious,

Australian police urgently ask for help!

1. Lost connection for 9 months!

The worrying news is here again,A 23-year-old female international student has disappeared in Sydney, Australia since August last year.

According to the “Daily Telegraph” report, in August last year, a 8-year-old Chinese woman Beilin Zhang (transliteration) from Wolli Creek in Sydney disappeared in Australia. Her English name is Elaine.

When she was last monitored and photographed on the surveillance video at Kiama Railway Station, it was around 8 am on August 20, she was leaving the station.

However, she did not go home and was lost since then. The police and her family were very worried about her safety.

Zhang Beilin is an Asian appearance.The height is between 1.6 meters and 1.65 meters, with short dyed blond hair, natural hair color is black, and brown eyes.

The last time she was seenWearing a long white coat, black pants, gloves, and possibly a black handbag.

(Image source: Leader)

May is the ninth month since the Chinese female student disappeared. Her parents had trouble sleeping and eating for more than two hundred days and were distraught. With the assistance of the Australian police, they searched everywhere and found no trace of their daughter. .

Anyone who knows Zhang Beilin or has met her, please contact the police immediately to provide clues, your words are all the hope of this family!

Police contact number: 1800333 000 XNUMX

NSW Police website: nsw.crimestoppers.com.au