Last Saturday, Brisbane Customs

A flight from Taipei to Brisbane was found with some suspicious passengers.

So they immediately stopped them for search.

This search unexpectedly found some key evidence

It turns out that this group of people,

Is the phone scammer from Taiwan

According to Brisbane media reports,

The suspicious passengers searched this time were all Chinese, and strange mobile phones and cash were found during the search.

Various evidences show that these Chinese are not visiting Australia,

It's here to engage in telecommunications fraud!

Before this flight took off, Taiwan Customs had banned four passengers suspected of telecommunications fraud from boarding.

But Brisbane Customs laterI discovered that there are five passengers on this flight that are not right.

Sure enough, he came to engage in telecom fraud again.

Six more passengers flying from Taipei to Australia on Sunday were found suspected of boiler room fraud and were also detained.

After being interrogated by the customs,There will also be 20 Taiwanese who plan to come to Australia to do boiler room fraud.

In order to prevent them from entering Australia, all customs have raised border warnings, focusing on passengers from Taiwan.

The visas of these passengers have been cancelled,

Will be repatriated soon.

According to customs officials, the coolies who come to Australia to do boiler room fraud are usually foreigners with student visas or tourist visas.Selling problematic financial products to victims by calling or sending emails to defraud large sums of money.

Those who call and send emails won't get much compensation, and the money goes to the account of the mastermind behind the scenes.

Boiler room fraud originated in the United States, when employees were forced to call in a hot and stuffy broken office, so it was called "boiler room."

Queensland Regional Commander Terry Price said that Brisbane Airport staff found a well-organized fraud company. They not only defrauded innocent Australian victims, but also the employees who called.

The company promised them a high commissionIn fact, their wages are very low and the working environment is also very poor, They may even be confiscated by black-hearted bosses with their passports and even make them bear false debts, so as to make another money on them.

In recent years,

Telecom scammers from Taiwan

It's not uncommon to prevent it.

Judging from a series of telecommunication fraud cases in Taiwan in the past, from Kenya and Uganda in Africa to the present Armenia, Slovenia, Croatia and other countries.

Even Eastern Europe and Africa, and even Australia, which seem to have nothing to do with Taiwan, have unexpectedly become the gathering place for Taiwanese fraud groups.

In fact, the problem is that transnational crime is inherently difficult to handle.

If the two countries had no mutual legal assistance, it would take a lot of time to collect evidence alone.

In addition, Internet and telephone crimes can span several countries in just a few minutes, and each country has its own judicial procedures, making fraudulent groups a target.

These are one of the reasons why Taiwanese telecom fraudsters are spreading all over the world.

For us ordinary people,

There is no way to prevent this from happening,

You can only guard against being deceived,

Receive any calls from unknown sources

Please be careful and watch out for money loss

Editor: Big Devil & Derek

Article source: Brisbane Times

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